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April 7, 2014

Well, I have about 150 of them but had to pick the best of the best from this past weekend. Enjoy.


Matt Striker

Matt Striker




April 7, 2014

Ladies and gentleman, New Orleans was a time to remember. On the way down, I had to exit off to two different towns because of  at least one or two tornadoes south of St. Louis. I admit, it was a little bit scary. I have to say, Chicago is still the greatest city in the world but New Orleans is a distant second or third. I can’t forget about Memphis either on way there. I went on Beale Street and had Cajun chicken pasta. When I arrived in New Orleans, Spirits and Willie’s on Bourbon had great burgers and wings. It rained the entire weekend and it was so damn humid, but that didn’t stop more than the 75,000 people that were in town, including myself. I ate three times as much food and had a million times more fun. It was truly a blast.

During the Saturday at Spirits, I was able to meet former wrestler Matt Striker along with Josh Isenberg, Brian Gulish and Justin LaBar of the show Chair Shot Reality on Their show airs in segments on weekends on Wrestlezone. Check it out. Those are the best.

When The Undertaker was pinned, you could hear a pin drop. It was that shocking. People who bet against The Undertaker are still counting their cash. Around me, there were grownups crying, both men and women. Even a “fake” sport can still bring out true emotions in people. Not a lot of people liked it, but this is why we watch it. Wrestlemania was awesome. At least Daniel Bryan finally surpassed every road block. The roof came off the place. Your thoughts, as always, in the comments section.

And before I forget, Antonio Cesaro has, in Chucky’s words, grown on me. In fact, he’s grown on everyone now. Unbelievable.


April 5, 2014


Off to New Orleans.

April 2, 2014



Alright ladies and gentleman, yours truly will be taking off Thursday afternoon. On my way to the Big Easy, first, I will making a stop in Yeti’s neighborhood (he recommended a restaurant right off the interstate in his area). I am staying overnight in Memphis and may check out Graceland Friday morning/afternoon. I’ll get to my hotel Friday night. I will be at the Hall of Fame ceremony and then, of course, the big day on Sunday. The weather calls for really shitty storms during the entire trip so I will try my best to take it easy. I’ll return Monday night/Tuesday morning.

If you can believe it, Vegas has odds for every pay-per-view (it’s still real to me damnit!). Daniel Bryan is the favorite at 8/2 to win the title. Bray Wyatt is favored over John Cena at 3/2. The biggest margin isn’t such a surprise with Brock Lesnar being the underdog against the Undertaker.

Mr. T is predicting pain for the Hall of Fame ceremony. I suggest if you are going to bet, don’t against Mr. T.

We’ll see what happens. Enjoy the show folks. I’ll try to stay off your televisions/computers.