Off to New Orleans.




Alright ladies and gentleman, yours truly will be taking off Thursday afternoon. On my way to the Big Easy, first, I will making a stop in Yeti’s neighborhood (he recommended a restaurant right off the interstate in his area). I am staying overnight in Memphis and may check out Graceland Friday morning/afternoon. I’ll get to my hotel Friday night. I will be at the Hall of Fame ceremony and then, of course, the big day on Sunday. The weather calls for really shitty storms during the entire trip so I will try my best to take it easy. I’ll return Monday night/Tuesday morning.

If you can believe it, Vegas has odds for every pay-per-view (it’s still real to me damnit!). Daniel Bryan is the favorite at 8/2 to win the title. Bray Wyatt is favored over John Cena at 3/2. The biggest margin isn’t such a surprise with Brock Lesnar being the underdog against the Undertaker.

Mr. T is predicting pain for the Hall of Fame ceremony. I suggest if you are going to bet, don’t against Mr. T.

We’ll see what happens. Enjoy the show folks. I’ll try to stay off your televisions/computers.

25 Responses to “Off to New Orleans.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Have fun, Fro Dog…but if you gamble, stay out of Harrod’s. Most depressing casino ever!

  2. jimmy d. Says:

    Fro, have a safe and fun trip.

    Mac, well…the Badgers are D-O-N-E. I got home from work today and what did I find waiting for me? Wisconsin on the cover of SI. Mother Fuckers!!! Last week, on the cover…who else, but Michigan State. Christ, why the fuck couldn’t they have put Kentucky or Connecticut on the flippin’ cover???? Douche Nozzles!!!

    Jimmy D.

  3. jimmy d. Says:

    Oh yeah, good to see that the Cubs…oh, FUCK IT!!! I’m sick of this team already!!!

  4. Pie in the Sky Says:

    It only took ’em about 18 innings to score their first run. And just two games for someone to blow their first save.

  5. jimmy d. Says:

    AND, they’re like 0 for 25 (give or take) with RISP!

  6. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Have Fun Fro! Here is my Wrestlemania Predictions.

    Pre Show: Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. Real Americans vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel. Im picking Usos because there seem to be to top legitimate tag team right now. Wow the tag title match and they make it a preshow. That says allot about the state of the WWE tag division, hasnt been worth a shit in years.

    Match 1: The Shield vs. Kane and The Outlaws. Hard to say on this one because I believe The Shield will be splitting up VERY soon. I can see Kane and Outlaws winning this due to some Shield dysfunction. I can also see The Shield winning due to some Shield dysfunction.

    Match 2: Divas Championship Invitational: I think no matter what happens in this match AJ Lee will not be leaving Champ. Im picking Tamina Snuka to win the gold.

    Match 3: André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I say this one will be either The Big Show or Rey Mysterio. Show is the obvious choice but Rey is due for a push and always likes to give his “little guys do big things” speech.

    Match 4: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt. Im going with John Cena on this one because hes the obvious “face” and he is also the only other superstar besides the Undertaker with any kind of “WM Streak” and they will need a new guy to plug that on soon.

    Match 5: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. I pick Brock Lesnar. The reason is before Brock went to try to play football and fight for real they were pushing him HARD. I read The Undertaker back then offered to let Brock break the streak. We all know the Undertakers days as a wrestler are numbered. The dude has been taking a beating for like 30 years. Brock found out that after a diverticulitis surgery you cant take a knee or kick to the stomach so his options are limited so it looks like pro wrestling will be the paycheck.

    Match 6: Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H. Daniel Bryan will win here. If he doesnt 50,000 drunk swamp people and Fro will riot!

    Match 7: Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista vs. TBD(Daniel Bryan) Picking Daniel Bryan to win the gold at Wrestlemania! Batista doesnt seem like hes really into it. Orton is a BORING champ. So its time for a change. YES!

  7. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Can someone please enlighten me about this entire 100 year celebration of the World’s Largest Urinal? Why would any franchise in sports be proud to celebrate a century of no championships, blown saves, lack of clutch hitting, lack of fundamentals and players/managers bitching about fans?

  8. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Oh yeah, Fire Rick Renteria!!

  9. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    In regards to Matt Stairs Superfans post, There is a form of nihilism that says you destroy everyone and everything and start over again. This is what has to happen with the Cubs. I grew up a Cubs fan (product of my environment) but now I really dont know where I stand. I dont go out of my way to watch them. I got rid of most of my Cubs merch. Kept a couple jerseys and caps but they stay in a closet. I have to admit when I see someone out in public and they are wearing cubs attire I feel less of them. I feel they are partially retarded. I would be embarrassed to wear even a Cubs ballcap to the gas station. On the other hand IF they ever won it all I would probably have a smile for a month. Not holding my breath…..

  10. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Pre Show: Usos. Two jobber tag teams and the RA could split up anytime now.

    Match 1: I’m thinking Kane + Outlaws only because of a dysfunctional Shield which leads to their permanent break up.

    Match 2: Who cares. But if I had to pick a winner, either Brie Bella or Tamina. I could see WWE liking the idea of having B. Bella and Bryan both as champions heading into their Apr. 11 wedding. Wouldn’t become an on-air storyline though.

    Match 3: If that Bulgarian dude w/ the Russian lady gets enrolled into this tournament, he’s the obvious winner. Zero chance Big Show wins.

    Match 4: I don’t understand why WWE would have one of their top up-and-comers job to Cena here. Bray and his family should’ve continued their feud with The Shield. Bray should win but if he doesn’t then he wins at the next PPV.

    Match 5: Undertaker isn’t ending his streak vs a part-timer. Why isn’t this Cena vs Undertaker?

    Match 6: Daniel Bryan.

    Match 7: Randy Orton has zero chance. His title run has become dry and a change is needed. Bryan should win but my gut says that Batista wins here, setting up a long-term feud Bryan vs Batista feud.

    Why isn’t there an Intercontinental match? Extra stupid booking.

  11. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Punk leaving, Hogan failing his physical, and the lack of focus on the upper midcard titles really damaged what could’ve been a damn nice card:

    Pre-Show: Langston vs Cesaro vs Swagger (Intercontinental Champoinship)

    Match 1: The Shield vs Wyatt Family (Gimmick Match) or Bray vs Reigns

    Match 2: Woman’s Invitational (Would put tag team title match but got to keep the women viewers happy I guess)

    Match 3: Andre the Giant Battle Royal

    Match 4: Punk vs HHH

    Match 5: Undertaker vs Lesnar

    Match 6: Cena vs Hogan

    Match 7: Orton vs Batista vs Bryan (WWE Championship)

  12. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Looks like the Cubs also need help getting dressed. Just move the fucking team to Alaska.

  13. chucky Says:

    Dammit! You beat me to the punch. Personally, I don’t think Alaska is far enough. Move them somewhere out near Neptune. That should be far enough.

  14. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Or stick em on Uranus.. hahaha sorry I couldnt resist

  15. dvxprime Says:

    CBSS, you have also beaten me to the punch. Dammit, when do the NBA (Bulls) and Stanley Cup (Black Hawks) playoffs start?

  16. Rick Rectumria Says:

    Someone please fire me.

  17. chucky Says:



    Actually, I thought you said it was “Ricky”.

  18. chucky Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ! I know the Cubs were going to be a shitty hitting team, but come on! Do they plan on ever hitting at all? This has to be the worst hitting team I’ve ever seen.

    Speaking of hitting, am I the only one ready to give up on Anthony Gizzo?

  19. dvxprime Says:

    Finished with Chicago baseball; they cannot help me with my mind…

  20. MadCityMac Says:

    Hey Jimmy, yeah, when I saw the SI cover all I could think was “oh fuck…” But I’m sure as hell keeping the faith until the final horn tonight. They can do it. Kaminsky keeps playing like he has, Dekker gets his head out of his ass, if they can isolate Brust for some wide-open 3s, and if the refs don’t try to fuck Bucky the way they tried to against Arizona. If they win Monday night, Madison will be fucking insane! I already have tentative plans to take Tuesday off if need be; there’ll be 100,000 people on State Street!

  21. genrebuster Says:


  22. chucky Says:

    An open letter to Tom Ricketts

    Yesterday a four foot-long piece of aluminum siding fell into section 215 from just above the sky box ramp. And you are looking for “investors” to help shoulder the load of renovating that shithole known as Wrigley Urinal. Goddamnit Tom, this is a fucking wake up call you dumb motherfucker!!!!! Get the fucking goddamned hell out of that dump and build a new, state of the art stadium. You’ll probably find more people willing to be investors if you went that route. Why are you hanging on to this fucking disaster that is a law suit waiting to happen? If that piece of aluminum actually hit a fan and injured that fan, you’ll never find an investor. Fucking get the hell out that shithole, lose the moron “rooftop owner” assholes that make your life miserable, and start over. And forget about this stupid, retarded 100 year celebration of Wrigley. What the fuck do you think you’re celebrating anyway numbnuts? The goddamned Cubs haven’t won jack fucking shit in that pisshole.


    Chucky, the killer doll, and someone you should really listen to instead of whoever is filling your empty head with fucking bullshit.

  23. genrebuster Says:

    Dear Fanboy Ricketts: What chucky said.

    Honestly, you make me SICK. It’s hard for many of us to give a crap about the Cubs anymore. In fact, I’m in Chicago NOW – staying 6 blocks from Wrigley Urinal – and have no desire to go to a game. Your actions as owner/fanboy have played a big part in this…thx for NOTHING.

    baaaaaah baaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaah

  24. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Cubs response to Chucky and Genrebuster’s complaints:

    Offense held scoreless again. I believe 0-for-7 with RISP. Jeff Samardzija has now pitched 14 innings, allowing just 2 ER. His team hasn’t scored anything in either game he has pitched.

  25. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Lesnar beat Undertaker. Gotta admit I’m shocked.


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