I was listening to part of the 1st period on the radio and Troy Murray said something along the lines of “There is still over 44 minutes of this game. Even down five goals, there is plenty of time left in this one”.

He wasn’t kidding.


22 Responses to “Unbelievable.”

  1. robert Says:

    Fro so far your team is 1-0 vs my teams this year wednesday I go for the tie lets go oilers

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    You’re a fan of Calgary too? Or maybe all of the Canadian teams?

    Well, you may go for the tie if Cristobal Huet is starting at goalie for us. He couldn’t stop a basketball if it rolled right at him.

  3. robert Says:

    Fro I am an oiler fan….calling me a flame fan is like asking If I was happy in 05 when the sox won the world series cause chicago won it…the 1-0 I meant was the bears beating the steelers

  4. MadCityMac Says:

    From what I can gather on The Score yesterday, Huet sucked badly. Great comeback! Robert, do the Oilers still play in Northlands Coliseum? I’ve always heard the ice there is always rated the best in the NHL; also, I think they have one of our former Badger players- Tom Gilbert? Without an NHL team of our own in Madison, I always try to keep track of the guys who are still in the NHL, or in the case of an old fart like Chris Chelios, with the Wolves. Christ, I can’t believe a guy only 3 years younger than me is still playing, or at least trying to!

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    My bad Robert. Carry on though. We’ll see how they do tonight.


    Huet does suck and has sucked since he signed here. This will make the stat douches pissed: In just over three games, he has given up 12 goals. And I know a couple of them were because of bad defense but still. The game the other day, he was brutal.

    I can only think of two good games that he had all last year. One was against Columbus which was also my first hockey game. He only gave up one goal and that was in the first minute of the game. The second one being the game they were eliminated by the Red Wings where he stopped like 44 shots but gave up the game winner in overtime.

    By the way, I still think Chelios is an asshole. I still remember many years ago when he said he would never play for Detroit and he ends up going there and playing more years with them than with the Blackhawks.

  6. robert Says:

    you guys get to see Khiabublin play…mike we have a junior hockey team where I live a kid started his career here went to Lincoln Nebraska and I believe is a senior at the university of wisconsin his name is mike davies …changing the subject to football as you know I am a steeler fan what is your opinion of our rookie right guard Kraig Urbik another wisconsin grad

  7. robert Says:

    Fro did you see Captain Lou Albano died

  8. MadCityMac Says:

    Robert, Davies is a good one; he’ll definately be one of the team leaders this year; alternate captain I believe. He’d probably be wearing the “C” if we didn’t have Ben Street back this year. He blew out his knee I believe in one of the early games last season and got a medical red-shirt.

    I’d give my left nut right now to have Urbik in a Packer uniform. That douche Ted Thompson (Moe Hendry’s twin brother) put together a shit offensive line; at least Mark Tauscher has been re-signed. Time to bench right tackle and noted piece of shit Alan “The Turnstyle” Barbre. By the way, what is it with Packers and former Packers (that douche in the Twin Cities) who can’t seem to have the “r” and “e” in their names, in the right place? When Faneca went to the Jets I was pissed that Thompson didn’t make a play for him.

    And Fro, Chelios was a douche when he went to the UW. That I know of, the only thing he ever got CAUGHT for was pissing in the street outside a bar called Lundeen’s that no longer exists. Dave Lundeen (and his older brother Bob) both skated for the Badgers as well, and Dave had some run-ins with the authorities as well. Some of the other players from that era lived in the same 3 flat house that my girlfriend at the time also lived in; a bunch of animals! But they managed to win 2 NCAA titles in ’81 and ’83. Proud to say that I was at the Frozen Four when they won it in ’81 in Duluth. Had the chance to go to the ’83 F.F. in Grand Forks N.D., but went to Florida with my girlfriend (the same one) and her folks. The friends that I was supposed to go with ended up getting their picture in Sports Illustrated.

  9. MadCityMac Says:

    I missed the end of that long thread from earlier; maybe last week? Thank god Billy Beane wasn’t running the A’s when I was in the organization. We had Sandy Alderson, Walt Jockety, and Karl Kiehl in the front office, and the Haas and Eisenhart families (at that time the owners of Levi Strauss) owning the team. That was fun; didn’t pay for shit, but fun!

  10. robert Says:

    thanks for letting me know about urbiak

  11. Fro Dog Says:


    Thanks for letting me know that. I just read about it. I didn’t remember much of him because he was mostly popular in the 80’s. He was indeed a legend.


    That’s pretty cool that you were a pro once in a sport. Also, seeing your college hockey team win it all a couple times would be pretty cool. As far as the offensive line goes for our teams, we are having some problems with Orlando Pace and Frank Omiyale on the left side. Cutler is going to get killed one of these days. As for the asswipe in Minnesota, I am still wishing for someone to sack him and knock his ass out.

  12. Fro Dog Says:

    This may be a reason why I can tolerate Packer fans and NOT Vikings fans:


    Talk about trailer trash.

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    Good game Robert between your Oilers and my Blackhawks. Both goalies were on top of their game despite the score being 4-3. Khabibulin made some great saves and he was getting shots at him all night long. Niemi was the victim of a few deflections that lead to a couple of those goals but he was good too.

  14. robert Says:

    yes it was a damn good game.. could have went either way ….niemi is much better than huet

  15. Fro Dog Says:

    I like your thinking Robert. I didn’t really know much about Huet when he was signed from Montreal. And about a couple months into last season, I realized why they didn’t resign him. This year, I was willing to give him another chance. After the first game of the season, I was pissed that he gave the game away and my patience has worn thin.

    The game the other day against Calgary finally convinced me that I was right all along (And I am rarely right about a lot of things). All three goals given up by him were in under one minute. The lady and I were watching the game and after that sequence of goals, she pretty much said “How awful does this guy have to be to lose his job?” I had no answer for that.

    It’s almost like I knew this guy was going to suck the minute he took the ice for this team last year. This year, 12 goals in just over three games is enough for me to want the plug pulled on this clown.

  16. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, I have to apologize- I was only in the front office with the Madison Muskies. It was once a class A affiliate with Oakland. Damn, I wish I had been good enough to play!

  17. Fro Dog Says:

    No worries Mike. I believe though we had a couple people either here or on the old site that played some semi-pro ball.

  18. robert Says:

    huet had a good postseason run with washington after he got traded there parlayed that into a huge payday

  19. genrebuster Says:

    Mike, if all goes well…there could be a few openings soon in the Cubs front office…if that happens, please apply!!! 😉


  20. robert Says:

    can one of those changes be carrie musratt I hate her

  21. MadCityMac Says:

    Even though the difference between a GM in the minors and a GM in the majors is like the difference between night and day, I don’t doubt that I could do a better job than Moe. And yes, Muskrat has to go as well- Crane Kenney’s lapdog, with the emphasis on DOG.

    Badger’s goaltender going tonight against Colo. College is a transfer from Boston U. who was, I believe, a first round pick by Phoenix? Anybody know the status of that franchise? I keep hearing they’ll be sold and moved to Canada. Also hear that the Avalanche might be sold and moved back to Quebec City and re-named the Nordiques. What’s old is new again! And Jack Skille scores for the ‘hawks the other night. That poor guy is logging a lot of miles in the last week between Chicago and Rockford.

  22. Fro Dog Says:


    That would suck if your guy Skille is really physically reporting to Rockford. I figured they would just “assign” him to Rockford but still take the flight with the team. But if not, I’d be pissed.

    I also heard about Phoenix. Supposedly, they were suppose to make the move before the season started back to Winnipeg. Not sure if they would be renamed the “Jets” or not but I think something with the owners or maybe the bankruptcy situation kept them in the desert for at least this season.


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