Bears vs. Jets Thread


Same as last week. I may not watch all of it because I’d like to do something more productive with my day off than watch this batch of losers for three hours. But I could chime in at some point.

Feel free to give your own recap in the comments.


14 Responses to “Bears vs. Jets Thread”

  1. John Says:

    I fully expect that we will be defeated tomorrow, although it would sure be hilarious if Da Bears just walk into Metlife Stadium and trounce the Jets in their own building in a game that the Jets desperately have to have but instead blow it to a team that has nothing to play for. But I’d trade every potential win we might have in the rest of this season for beating the Packers next week. I would not mind at at all if they finished 4-13 in that scenario, lose some more really close games in which Justin Fields shines, and get the potential #3 or #4 in the draft. FGB.

    After the game I’m going running.

    I honestly don’t feel comfortable with Justin Fields on an injured shoulder being made to face down the formidable Jets D. He could end up hurting something worse. Without Khalil Herbert, he doesn’t have a go-to running back that he can just rely on to take the brunt of the game for him, however good David Montgomery might be. Our running system relies on all three of them working in tandem to be successful.

  2. chucky Says:

    You can’t make this fucking shit up. Justin Fields is inactive today. OK, so far, so good. Trevor Semen will start.


    Trevor Semen injured his oblique while working out in the Meadowlands. WHAT THE FUCK?!? Now we get Nathan Peterman making only his fifth start in his career. And for the record, his career record is 1-3.

    I fucking hate this (dis)organization.

  3. chucky Says:

    And now we’re back to Trevor Semen! Goddamnit, will you stupid shit rats make up your fucking goddamn minds?

  4. John Says:

    Good idea to rest Justin Fields, I think.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Even at full strength and before the trades, the Bears were awful on defense. They gave up so many third down conversions.

    This game, same thing. Mike White is on pace for 470 passing yards.

    Let that sink in.

  6. John Says:

    Well, this game is over. Maybe Fields can be back for next week? Either way, Bears are at this point essentially guaranteed a top 10 draft pick.

  7. Skip Says:

    Try something different on defense , blitz , run stunts do something Eberflus you stupid Mother fucker and Getsy please resign you dont have a clue !!

  8. chucky Says:

    John, you have to stop with this Justin Fields starting again this year. Maybe if they had a decent enough O-line, then I can see it, just so he can get his reps in. But this line can’t stop jack-shit. Just let Siemien go out there and get murdered. Then come April or May, Poles can fuck up with his draft picks. At this point there is absolutely no upside to playing Fields at all the rest of the season. Look at it this way: The last game of the season is against the Vikings, at home. That field will be cold, frozen, and if Fields gets blasted on that field on his injured shoulder, it’ll potential affect next season too. Also, one more thing about Fields. Hampton and O’Bradovich made an interesting point this morning. Fields career record is 6-15. Why in the fuck is ANYBODY calling this guy a “Franchise Quarterback”? We may never know if Fields could be any good or not. The offensive coaching staff, along with Eber-Lose, aren’t doing this kid any favors. Just like with Mitchell Trubisky. He had some of this shittiest coaching I think I’ve ever seen.


    Prove me wrong.

  9. Skip Says:

    Chucky , I’ve been saying that for over 30 years , it will never change with the McCaskeys running the team!!!

  10. chucky Says:

    And you’ve been right for over thirty years Skip. You’ll get no argument from me, my frendt! But I think it’s even worse than just the way these cocksuckers are running this team into a ditch. I actually think that they’re influencing the coaches and their decisions. Think about it. How does Luke Getsy go from being smart in Green Bay to being a fucking moron in Chicago? How does John Fox, who took two different teams to the Super Bowl, fall flat on his face here? How did Dick Jauron go from t13-3 in his third season to 4-12 the next season? That was only winning season too, by the way. Why in the goddamned hell would anybody in their right mind hire Marc Trestman out of the CFL? He had way more success in Canada than in the United States up to that point. God forgive, but Lovie Smith was their most successful coach after Ditka, and for a looooong time this very website was dedicated to his dismissal. The only reason he last as long as he did was because Ginny had a hard on for him. She loved him, and I’ll never understand why.

    Am I crazy for believing all of this? Maybe. But I haven’t heard a convincing argument against it yet.

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    What does it matter if the Bears get a high pick or not? Look at the Jaguars and Lions. They’ve had top ten picks (just like the Bears) for many years. Are they contending? They’ve never been consistent.

    This starts with ownership and management. It’s a culture of losing. And it won’t go away until everyone in charge leaves. The McCaskey’s are still there.

  12. chucky Says:

    Fro, that was pretty much O’Bradovichs final statement on today’s post-game. The “culture” there. A culture of losing, a culture nobody seems to know how to end. I’ve said it before, a million times, and you’re probably tired of me saying it: Since Ditka left, nobody, with the possible exception of Wanny, have had absolutely no sense of urgency to win, right here, right now. Tell me how many fucking times did Lovie Smith sit on his fat fucking ass and say, “It wasn’t a must-win for us”. What is needed now is to force the fucking McCaskey family to sell the team. I thought Dan Snyder was a bad owner, but for fucks sake, despite being a raging rectum. These goddamned McCaskeys top even him. They haven’t got a goddamn clue of what in the hell they’re doing! This has to end.

  13. John Says:

    Chucky, I honestly don’t think that Jags fans think that Shad Khan knows what he’s doing either. Nor would Browns fans say so about Jimmy Haslam. Nor would Colts fans say so about Jim Irsay. Nor would Panthers fans say so about David Tepper. I don’t think that the Bears would play any better under some meddling, egotistical billionaire owner, as exist many in the NFL. If anything, I kind of think we would all end up wishing for the McCaskeys again. You think Jeff Bezos would whip this team into shape? The only reason why the Riddicks aren’t getting the same amount of hate for mismanaging the Cubs is because of 2016.

  14. Skip Says:

    Chucky , you are correct my frendt , the McCaskey clown show only hires morons like themselves , they say birdbrains of a feather flock together ! Chucky it’s time for another NFL franchise in Chicago because the Bears will never change !


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