I’ve had enough | Dolphins 35 Bears 32


We can easily blame the referees for fucking the Bears on the final drive. And I assure you, that was a horrible non-call. But there were no guarantees the Bears would have scored. They had the previous 58 minutes to do something and didn’t.

Instead, blame the defense for being trash nearly the entire game. Even on those fourth down stops, the defense was absolute trash. A bad throw or three was the reason for those stops. Not because the defense was great. The receivers for the Dolphins were open all day game. HOW HARD IS IT TO COVER A RECEIVER? I’ve been screaming about that forever now.

The offense had the last two drives to do something and they didn’t. Fields had the game of his life and just seemed to have been let down by the offensive line once again.

I am not going to recap certain drives or plays as I’m too exhausted. Feel to add your thoughts. For what it’s worth, the almighty Lions are up next.

Have a great night everyone.

6 Responses to “I’ve had enough | Dolphins 35 Bears 32”

  1. chucky Says:

    Oh, what the hell. Lions 42-Bears 9. Expect a fucking mess.

  2. chucky Says:

    Check out this stupid bullshit from 670 The Scores resident moron, Cam Ellis. This is from his so-called Bears Grades column that he writes after every Bear game.

    “Another week, another productive loss for the Bears. There’s something to be said about how impressively innovative this Bears team is – it’s hard to think of too many other squads that, week after week, find so many unique ways to make fans not care one bit about losing.”

    All right, you dumb motherfucker, explain to us here how we don’t care about losing, that all we want to see are how “innovative” they are. You can take that innovation and stick it up your ass Ellis. There is only one reason this game is played……TO FUCKING WIN THE GODDAMN THING!!!!!!

    I’ll save you having to read this insane bullshit, but I’ll give you a brief summary of his ravings.

    Offense: A (again!)
    Seriously? Fields ran for almost 200 yards. Goddamnit, that is going to get this kid killed. They had some nice plays, I’ll grant, but this was a B effort. They did break 30 points, something that doesn’t happen too often.

    Defense: D (optimistically)
    First off Ellis, fuck your optimism. When I read a game recap, I want facts, not optimistic puffery. If you can’t do that, get a different job asshole. Miami racked up 35 fucking points. Objectively, THAT’S A FUCKING F, YOU GODDAMNED TOOL!!!!! At one point, Tua Tagovailoa had a QB rating of 155+, and ended up with 21-of-30 for 302 yards. That’s also an F for the defense, dipshit. Tyreek Hill had seven catches for 143 yards and one touchdown. How do you grade than one?

    Special teams: C
    Nobody (metaphorically speaking) makes Gill bleed his own blood. Nobody! His mortality was on display for the first time all season when his punt was blocked and returned for a touchdown in the second quarter. And while that wasn’t necessarily Gill’s fault, that’s life as a punter – you get all the credit, you take all the blame. It’s not for everyone. Otherwise, the finely tuned machine that is “Bears players who are paid to kick the ball” did fine. Cairo Santos had six points (one field goal, three extra points), and Khalil Herbert had one kick return for 30 yards. No one dropped a punt, which is currently the bar. It’s important to always remember that C’s get degrees.

    This one I copied in its entirety, because I was hoping somebody tell me just what in the fuck he’s talking about.

    What the fuck is it about the vast majority of sports writers than makes them come across as total fucking douchebags?

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    What professional would write such a thing?

    For all I care, the team gets an “F” and that’s putting it lightly. They shit themselves when it mattered the most. The defense didn’t stop anyone all game. The offense faltered on the last two drives. They lost the game.

    Stats are bullshit. WIN THE FUCKING GAME.

    Fuck this guy too.

  4. chucky Says:

    Fro, you answered your own question. Cam Ellis is no professional.

  5. John Says:

    Fro Dog, if the Bears had won ugly would you have still have given them an “F” in their performance? Most certainly? Don’t get me wrong, I was sultry all afternoon over this loss, but let’s look at it another way. Justin Fields is essentially becoming the Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bears with his performance today. In order for the Super Bowl contender Dolphins to win against Justin Fields, who has a rather average roster surrounding him and who had little help from the defense today to back him up, they had to play a nearly perfect offensive game AND get a special teams blunder in their favor AND not commit any turnovers AND get some refball in their favor on at least three separate calls (the no-call on the second potential intentional grounding, the baloney PI on Eddy Jackson, and the no-call on Chase Claypool.) Granted, Justin Fields got a potential interception throw negated by offsetting penalties, and the Dolphins left about nine points off the board from not kicking field goals. The Cowboys also had to rely on a nearly perfect offense to win last week. But when they don’t have that advantage, well, that’s the way you saw the Bears play against the Patriots a couple weeks ago. This isn’t the same Bears team that only put up 7 on the Commanders. This is an offense that we haven’t seen since, I think, 2013. I have never seen a team do this well in the rushing stats. I mean, the Bears aren’t the team to score 33, 29, 32 points in each game week to week, with over 200+ rushing yards in four straight games. They are leagues better as an offense than they have been for the past three seasons, or even for the start of this season. Chucky . . . I think there’s a plausible possibility that your projected score for the Lions game may go the reverse ways. Not saying it will, but it could. Also, not every Bears QB has to be the next Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady. As I do recall, that’s what Cutler tried to be and everyone wanted to throw him into Lake Michigan. Certainly, nobody gives Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen crap for their rushing totals. Justin Fields plays to his strengths, and when he sets NFL records doing it, I think he’s doing something right (unless they’re bad records.) The potential of this is just scary . . . that is, if Luke Getsy doesn’t get hired away and implode everything we’ve got going.

  6. Dave Says:

    Justin Fields is going to make the Lions D look stupid with minimal effort. But the Bears D will make Goff look like he did when he peaked with the Rams. Bears will probably squeak by in a potentially high scoring affair.


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