Fuck you Cristobal Huet.


How easy is it to blow a four goal lead with about 15 minutes to go in a hockey game? Unless you are Blackhawks goalie Cristobal Huet, you can’t.

I spent my Saturday night flip flopping between three games at once (Blackhawks, Bulls and Illini). The Blackhawks took a 5-1 lead into the 3rd period and all seemed well. Then, Cristobal Huet realized that he was Cristobal Huet and shit all over the lead and the game as the Wild won in a shootout 6-5.

In a span of a minute and a half, he gave up three goals. THREE. Good thing the Illini were winning the game in the final minute so I didn’t have to see it except for the highlights. But how fucking pathetic. When I tuned in with about 12 or 13 minutes to go, it puzzled me morethat Quennville refused to put Niemi in to try to put out the fire. I understand that he had to start the next night but still. Huet out there pretty much meant that they were going to lose that game. Everytime he takes the net, a real fan should have zero confidence in him. For the exception of one or two games last  year, he sucked complete horse cock. This year, he played well for a span of about a month to month and a half. Saturday night, he returned to being garbage. It was good while it lasted.

Despite Antti Niemi’s shitty game last night, he still should be the starting goalie. If Huet is starting come playoff time, the chances for a dissapointment are higher than with Niemi.

31 Responses to “Fuck you Cristobal Huet.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    and fuck you, too McCaskey…HA HA HA HA!!!


  2. genrebuster Says:

    Sorry to change the subject but I wanted everybody to see this, it’s also posted in the thread “A Final Say on the Bears Season”

  3. robert Says:

    sorry to change the subject but what do you all think of the new cubs assistant gm Greg Maddux…maybe he can lure his brother here to be pitching coach

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Damn! I hadn’t heard about Maddux, just saw the story…this could be an excellent hiring for the Cubs!

  5. robert Says:

    anything thats get rid of moe hendry would be a good deal

  6. Fork Says:

    Just to be clear, you were switching from game-to-game, meaning you weren’t watching the systemic breakdown of the Blackhawks, with all their defensive zone turnovers, and you decide to hang this one on Huet alone?

    Please, move away from the sport of hockey.

  7. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Anybody think that McGuire admitting that he did steroids was a big deal?

    I don’t. It was obvious whether he used them or not. We all knew what the hell was going on. If we should be pissed off at anybody, it should be that fucking hack Selig for sitting on his hands all those years and not doing a damn thing about it. And to once again sit on his hands a few years later when Bonds started to look like a super human.

  8. Fro Dog Says:


    There have been numerous times all year including that game Saturday where Huet dropped down too early that led to goals. I saw the replays of all the goals and with the exception of the tying goal, bad defense was not a factor. And don’t get me wrong, Niemi was out of position on Sunday a few times and has a couple bad games of his own all year. I still think he should get the most playing time.

    The defense has played well for the most part all year around. There are numerous times in which players like Seabrook or Hjalmarsson saved Huet’s ass by throwing their body out to stop a puck from going into a wide open net.

    I have an opinion and you have yours. You can’t just assume that you are always right when it comes to this debate. Everytime I have disagreed with you or someone else, I would at least give my feedback in a respectful way. I am not always right on certain things but that doesn’t mean I still can’t have an opinion.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    I’m glad McGuire “fessed up. And Matt, I agree with you on Selig: that asshole is to blame for this. I’ve wanted Selig to be removed for years…

    I wonder what it will take for Bonds to talk…

  10. robert Says:

    Matt I agree with you I dont care that Mark Mcgwire confessed to using steroids….I dont care that sammy sosa is turning white and I dont care that barry bonds head grew bigger than a damn bowling ball

  11. genrebuster Says:

    Of those three I’d pick Mark McGwire to play on my team.

  12. robert Says:

    It is time to let Pete Rose in the Hall of fame if Mcgwire can do steroids and break a record and hug the family of the man whose record he broke a man who played the game correctly should be allowed in the hall of fame…he bet on baseball 20 years ago it has been long enough…you do not have to let the man manage or go anywhere near a field just let the man take his place in the hall….if you say he gambled and doesnt belong then throw Ty Cobb out that guy went into the stands and beat a man in a wheelchair…Throw Babe Ruth out he was a drunk and a womanizer…throw Gaylord Perry out he threw spitball after spitball…Throw goose gossage out for impersonating a closer in 1988

  13. genrebuster Says:

    I completely agree with robert.

    Question: Does anybody here agree with the statement “Bud Selig is a fucking hypocrite”?

    I’d like to see him banned from baseball for a few years, effective immediately.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    “Throw goose gossage out for impersonating a closer in 1988”


  15. robert Says:

    Everyone talks about Mark Mcgwire should he or should he not be allowed in the Hall of Fame…Lets face it with his defense…and his batting average he is a juiced up Dave Kingman…the better question is should Tony Larussa be allowed in the Hall of fame since he coached so many juiced players and did not no about it

  16. robert Says:

    if this doesnt prove he has lost all sanity nothing will


  17. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Louser Piniella is delusional.

    I read online last night that he told reporters “I think we have a good team this year” in an interview.

    You heard it from me first and I said this last year around this time: This team will not win the division this year nor the wild card. Print it.

    I am not a genius. I am not an expert. However. I know reality.

  18. robert Says:

    Matt if this team finishes above fourth place I would be shocked

  19. Irish Yeti Says:

    About 99.9% of the managers or coaches out there are going to say they like their team or that they’re pretty good. Even Pissburgh’s manager probably says that. “Yea, I think we have a good squad. We have some new faces, but I think they’ll contribute nicely. We have some good, young players.” They’ll say that shit even if they feel they’ll be lucky to 60 games. I don’t know why you guys have to take what Lou’s saying as gospel. No matter what he thinks about this team and the way Hendry’s put it together, he won’t throw Hendry under the bus. It’s not common for people to do that. So, when Piniella endorses this team, it doesn’t mean he’s old and delusional, it just means he’s saying the same things other managers are saying.

  20. robert Says:

    the reason I called him a lunatic is casue he said Mcgwire belonged in the hall of fame…If Mcgwire didnt take roids he would have put up dave kingman like numbers

  21. Irish Yeti Says:

    He hit 49 HRs in his rookie season, which was like 87 (right?) and he said he started with the roids in 89.. I *might* have been able to put up similar numbers, but I’m not saying it was a guarantee. I don’t have an issue with him being in the hall. There are plenty of people throughout the long 100+ history baseball who have cheated in ways to get an edge. Personally, I think this steroid thing is partially blown up b/c of the fact that the media is huge these days.

    The steroid era stretches back farther than we probably know. Hell, even Dawson played in the steroid era but no one suspects him.. If everyone is going to guilty by association, he should be too.

  22. robert Says:

    Dawson did not play in the steriod era dawson played from the late 70s to 96 the steroid era was 98 and on he may have played more in the cocaine era….Mcgwire would have had Dave Kingman numbers his battin average was .263…you take away his rookie season and his 3 big y ears in the steroid era he only averaged about 36 hrs a year….not hall of fame material

  23. Irish Yeti Says:

    How is the steroid era from 98 and on? The only one who’s come out as consistently correct was Canseco. He definitely didn’t say it started in 98

  24. genrebuster Says:

    uhhhh…pardon my skepticicsm…but how do we know that Canseco has been “consistently correct”? Just asking, not trying to be antagonistic.

  25. Nemo Says:

    UnFuck Huet!

    Yeti, what a fucking idiot you are! Equating Dawson (who has never been associated or suspected of cheating) with McGwire-who was long suspected (and accused) of cheating before finally admitting it. Yeah, exactly the same. Just as guilty.

    There is a very serious conversation to be had about what is “cheating” in the past 100+ years and what is not. But that conversation is not to be had with the likes of Yeti.

  26. Fork Says:

    Canseco hasn’t been “consistently correct”, he’s been 100% correct. Every name he named has thus far shown up dirty.

    And the Steroid Era began in 1988 or so – I remember Canseco in the ALCS, with Red Sox fans chanting “Steroids”, and Canseco flexing in the outfield.

    If there hadn’t been a strike in 1994, Matt Williams would have been the one hugging the Maris family instead of McGwire in 1998.

  27. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    At first, everyone thought Canseco was a nut job. Well. It has turned out that everything so far has been right.

    What McGuire said earlier in the week that he was using steroids to heal himself is a pile of shit. He should have admitted that he wanted to get an edge. He admitted it but he also lied (once again) in that interview.

    I wonder what excuse Sosa will have if he ever admits it. I am going to guess he will admit it someday then say it was because of his skin problem?

  28. genrebuster Says:

    The steroid issue could have been dealt with more effectively and sooner. I’d like to see Selig shown the door, at the very least. Others should follow as he is not entirely to blame. Nobody wanted to show their ass and the legal profession has profited from it all to a great extent, I do believe.

    Pete Rose in the hall? Yes, I’d vote for him (what he did on the field as a player).

    Canseco? I think it’s possible to be a nutjob AND to be right.

  29. ksmc2000 Says:


    Huet drives me nuts also. He can be lights out in some games, but take a shit in games like the Stars and Wild. It’s going to be an interesting eight game road trip coming up. I hope they can come out of it as well as they did on the circus trip.

  30. genrebuster Says:

    …was listening to the post game talk after the Hurricanes game last night…general sentiment was that the Blackhawks are “for real”, even if there are some questions around the goaltending….they’ve only given up 107 goals and have scored 161 (+54)….cue Yeti

    I had a feeling when Paul Maurice was rehired that the Hurricanes would stink.

  31. Fro Dog Says:


    I appreciate you throwing that stat out there. It was very nice of you to do the job that Irish Yeti would have done.

    By the way, I thought the Hurricanes would contend again this year. They have dropped very quickly.


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