A final say on the Bears season.


The regular season is finally over. Four of the seven wins this season by our beloved Chicago Bears were against the Lions (twice), Rams and Browns. Only one win was off of a playoff team (Vikings). It would be hard to say that this team is far away from the playoffs. A 9-7 record can get a team into the playoffs and any team can win on a certain day. If the Bears can just get into the playoffs, all bets are off. Unfortunately, they need to fix a lot of positions and there isn’t much room to work with. The Bears do not have a 1st or 2nd round draft picks and I doubt they would try to trade to get more draft picks.

I said last week that the win over the Vikings probably saved Lovie’s job. And that pisses me off. I never root against my teams but I think if they lost that game, it would have been better. The question still remains on Angelo and Turner. Angelo and Turner must go in my opinion. I cannot take another season of bubble screens, draw plays on 3rd and long and Devin Hester as a wide receiver while players like Devin Aromashodu and Joaquin Iglesias are on the sidelines. Going back to Devin Hester, the days of him being a wide receiver should be over. I am tired of seeing him out there looking lost and not knowing how to run a route properly. He isn’t smart when it comes to plays. That is why he should have stayed as a kick/punt returner.

We will see what happens in free agency and in the draft in April with whatever picks they may have. But I am sitting here and praying that sometime in the next couple weeks, Angelo and Turner will get their pink slips.

4 Responses to “A final say on the Bears season.”

  1. Dan from Madison Says:

    Turner for sure gets his walking papers tomorrow, I don’t think Angelo will though. Nor Lovie.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    The owners stink. Fire them all. Lovie is Dusty reincarnated. BARF.

  3. ksmc2000 Says:

    I hope you are right Dan, but the way Bears upper managemet conducts business, I’m not holding my breath on Turner or anybody else getting shit-canned. From what I was hearing is that they may be looking for a defensive coordinator.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Jim McMahon (and other ’85 Bears) sound off, excellent!


    (McMahon)- McMahon, who recently sold his suburban Chicago house and moved to warmer pastures, mostly keeps up with his friends’ teams, like his former college tackle Andy Reid in Philadelphia, and ex-Bears linebacker Mike Singletary in San Francisco, and hot defensive coordinators Leslie Frazier in Minnesota and Ron Rivera in San Diego.

    “Why they don’t hire those guys here is beyond me,” he mused of his former teammates.

    For that matter, I asked, why didn’t they keep Rivera in the first place?

    “I have no idea,” he said. “I told you guys 30 years ago [sic] what an idiot that owner [Michael McCaskey] is, and maybe you guys have finally realized it.”

    McMahon was in town along with a handful of 1985 Super Bears alums doing what they do best: Making money off being themselves.

    “Until they win again, it’s pretty easy money around here,” he said, adding, “if you want to be here in this weather.”

    McMahon obviously didn’t watch the Bears’ dog and pony news conference from Tuesday, so I told him the Bears considered firing Ron Turner and a bunch of assistants “massive change.” McMahon is no fan of Michael McCaskey, so he liked that one.

    “Massive change,” he said. “The only massive change they’ll ever have is if they ever sell the team, and that ain’t going to happen. While they’re still there, they ain’t going to win.”

    HA HA HA HA HA…. bingo!


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