Why do most NFL teams suck this year?



Stat time (cue The Yeti): 21 out of the 32 teams are under .500 this season in the NFL with three weeks left. I don’t know the last time the NFL was this bad, but I feel I have some theories that some of you may be thinking as well as to why the NFL sucks big time. Many others around the football world may have some the reasons. Now, for the Bears, they suck because they are mismanaged and not coached very well. They are the exception to these reasons I am about to give.

I should correct myself with the word “theories” and replace it with “facts”. I truly believe these are just some of the reasons why teams are just so bad.

1. Over-saturation: Too much of a product is never a good thing. Now, I am no expert, but I do have my own business in real life. I have learned that too much of one product to sell can take a long time to sell. Having football on TV nearly every night of the week (both college and pro) is, for the lack of a better word, stupid. People are busy on some of these days and ratings have shown it. Yet, the greedy bastards in college football along with the ultimate fucker, Roger Goodell, are reasons why this won’t change.

Less is more in a business. Football on Sundays and Mondays is all they need. Sure, when I was a child, they had some games on Saturday at the end of the season. I am fine with that along with Thanksgiving games. However, I don’t need Thursday night games for the first 15 weeks of the season.

These Thursday night games tend to lower the quality of the game. We’ve seen it. Short rest, players not having enough time to recover from injuries and them not being in their normal routine during the season are all contributing factors. Less. Is. More.

2. Changing rules of the game: Well, I don’t have the stats in front of me (maybe Yeti does?), but it seems that there are more injuries in the last few years. When did this all happen? When Goodell was changing the rules of the game. From changing helmets, to how to hit players and all the way to virtually getting rid of kickoffs, he’s done it all. Want some hypocrisy? Roger Goodell makes the extra points longer and thus, gives the other team a chance to take back blocked/missed ones for safeties? What if players start getting hurt on those returns? Exactly. This guy is a greedy little fuck who could care less what happens to a player.

3. Money: The ultimate fucker loves his money. How does he make more for him and his business partners? Fining players for those illegal hits. And trust me, they say this money goes to concussion research. Well, just like a politician, he’s lying. Most, if not all of it, is going into the pockets of himself and the owners. Want more? Those Thursday night games load his bank account big time. Just last year, he moved one of the Wild Card games from broadcast television to ESPN. And fuck ESPN for doing that. They are fueling the fire that is, the NFL. This will make the NFL interested in putting more playoff games, if not, even the Super Bowl to ESPN one day. TV deals in general, fuel the NFL to continue to make money at all costs. Roger Goodell gets his salary from the owners and in addition, TV deals.

In conclusion, I am not advocating players to beat each other’s brains in. I am not trying to be Dr. Dan Bernstein of The Score, who continues to talk about injuries like concussions. It’s shitty what’s going on with that. These players are sadly, taking their own lives and there isn’t a solution to that. However, I think changing the rules of the game have lead to players changing their style and thus, leading to more injuries because of where the hits are being made. Even if the NFL were to change from tackling to two-hand touch, there will still be injuries (including concussions). Sadly, it’s part of the game.

Fuck Roger Goodell.

3 Responses to “Why do most NFL teams suck this year?”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    1) Called it. Most of the Thursday night games have sucked at the NFL level. College: Who the fuck needs the Mid American Conference on a Tuesday or Wednesday night? Saturdays and that’s it.

    2) Right on, and this is why the refs are ham-handing so many calls this season.How far has the NFL rulebook gone when refs can’t even decide what constitutes a catch?

    Let me add a couple here:

    4) Football players in the year 2015 are supposed to have these superhuman physiques and be able to read and learn play books that are as thick as a telephone book, but they get hurt more often and fuck up so much that it wouldn’t surprise me to see a year by year increase of penalties per game. Matter of fact, penalties are the one thing I can’t find inbox scores. The skill sets aren’t there because they don’t really hone them in college, especially the defensive side of the ball. It’s even worse because the meathead players got a lot of offseason workouts dropped in the last collective bargaining agreement. That means a lot less working with the coaches, and a lot less snaps and reps in practice.

    The result? A fucking mob of undisciplined players who barely have a handle of what’s going on and can’t keep health to save their souls.

    LaMarr Houston in the New England game last year. Enough said.

    5) Coaches. Especially the Bears. Lovie’s mission was supposedly to “beat the Packers.” He went oh for his last five against the Packers, all of them losses within a touchdown. Two of this to determine playoff berths or Super Bowls. And he went 0-5 because of some of the stupidest play calling know to man.

    Trestman and now Fox. How many times in the last three years have the Bears been beaten by some junior or journeyman QB? Why are the Bears not fighting the Packers for the NFC North? Because the Bears have shit themselves in the last few minutes of the fourth quarter, that’s why. No real game-planning, no real development of personnel, no in-game or half-time adjustments…dafuck???

    6) Owners. The Bears are trying to stay above the Lions for last place in the NFC North. Both teams owned by 90 year old bags. WTF? Why do we have women who are merely waiting for God as owners of NFL teams? What the hell do they know about the modern game of football?

    Some of the most reprehensible people on the planet are NFL owners. Jed York and Dan Snyder have turned the 49ers and the Redskins into dumpster fires. Jimmy Haslem in Cleveland. Fuuuck.

  2. genrebuster Says:

    Excellent post…the last line especially.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    I was referring to Fro’s thread….but DVX made some great points, too.


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