Open thread.


For you fake wrestling fans, a new article is up at Falls Count Anywhere.

Some things to talk discuss here:

1. Bulls continue to slide. Joakim Noah may be out for the season thanks to ThomASS and his way of handling players. Foot problem? No problem! Just rest up for two days and go right back out there to play against the Pistons. Now I know why everyone else is hurt.

Enjoy watching your team exit the first round Jerry Reinsdorf. Don’t worry about the coach you allowed Gar/John to hire so he can ruin everyone else’s career. Don’t hold anyone accountable. Don’t fire anyone (because they are your friends!). Just sit there and continue collecting your cash. You. Fucking. Hack.

2. Two weeks from now, the Bears will be on the clock in the draft. What position should they go for first?

Anything else you want to talk about, you can as well.

26 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Chucky, you have anything to do with that poor goat? Act of rage from Sat. night?

  2. chucky Says:

    Wasn’t me Pie! But I happen to know that some guy named Vito Corleone had something to do with it.

  3. DVXPrime Says:

    And now, something from Grantland about The Sport That Shall Not be Named, aka dvxprime’s “Plan B”:

  4. DVXPrime Says:

    1) Reisendorf is the living, breathing example of everything that’s wrong with Chicago major league/pro sports. Ever since he refused to extend a new contract to MJ after the second three-peat, he’s never been about anything but the bottom line. From the Wrigleys to the Tribune Co, to Old Man Wirtz and Ginny McCluskey, the owners of the teams in this town don’t care about putting trophies in the case if it means having to spend more money than they feel like spending. Cheap bastard.

    2) OL/TE/LB/OL/DB. Word on the street is that this fraft is pretty thin for OLs this year. That being said, let’s hope we can draft a couple and school ’em up.

  5. Yeti Says:

    TE? Why?

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Why not? Just in case Bennett doesn’t pan out? Or maybe just to have an extra tight end? The Patriots have two and are pretty good. I’d say if they find one worth drafting and they are up next, go for it.

    Also, DVX, the Blackhawks these days, are actually trying to win and they spend the cash properly. I am sure you knew that but you were remembering the previous regime.

    I told you too, that I refuse to watch the soccer team in the city until they change their name to the “Chicago Fire and Passion”. Although it’s been brought to my attention that they have a game this Sunday.

  7. Yeti Says:

    The Knicks were up 15 on the Bulls and lost. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO GOOD TEAMS, EXCEPT WHEN IT DOES

  8. chucky Says:

    Hey statdork, you have any numbers on just how many times that has happened to the Knicks? I wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s less than the Bulls.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Oh Yeti. My dear Yeti. Let me give you some insight on this. The Knicks are a terrible defensive team. Even though they have a better record, they aren’t going anywhere either. When it gets to the playoffs, it’s all about defense and, you guessed it, making free throws. Carmelo had a chance to win it at the buzzer against the Bulls but just missed. Before that, the Bulls did themselves no good by missing seven of them. They also had a nine point lead in the final minutes before it promptly evaporated.

    But that’s alright. You’re right. I’m wrong.

  10. Yeti Says:

    So, NBA teams go on runs/streaks? YOU DON’T SAY!

  11. chucky Says:

    Yeti…Do you ever plan on contributing something worthwhile to this site or are you going to sit there and be a goddamned jackass? If it’s the latter just get the fuck out of here. Your comments are fucking useless. Almost as useless as you are.

  12. chucky Says:

    And thanks for answering my question, dipshit.

  13. DVXPrime Says:

    Something I found on the interwebs on free agency:

    …and to answer Yeti: it would be nice to have another TE who can catch passes and help with blocking if need be. Those are two areas the Bears offense has struggled with the last three seasons.

  14. genrebuster Says:

    chucky, no point reasoning with Yeti. He has very little to offer, other than excuses for all the fucking hacks who continue to be paid handsomely when they do a shitty job. He’s here to stir the pot and nothing more; I don’t expect anything of substance from him to be posted HERE. You see, he’s lost in the world of stats…but winning goes way beyond who has the most points at the end of a game. It has much to do with management and ownership, too…and the culture in the clubhouse and on the field.

    Do you honestly believe that Yeti understands that? Or agrees with it? He’s a bean counter, at best.

    Like the Cubs, I’ll happily eat crow if/when Yeti proves me wrong. Until then: BAAAAAAAAAH

  15. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:


  16. chucky Says:

    Matt….not one that wears a Cubs uniform.

    Genre….you’re right about that dumb bastard Yeti. You’ll notice that the dipshit hasn’t answered any of the questions I’ve asked him. Obviously, common fucking courtesy is something that is also completely lost on him. Probably because there is no stat to measure courtesy.

  17. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Speaking of stats, Yeti will come back and defend Fujikawa because he got a W.

  18. chucky Says:

    Probably means he’s serviceable.

  19. DVXPrime Says:

    Starlin Castro delivered the game-winning hit in the 9th to beat the Giants 4-3. Carlos Villanueva hurled 7.1 scoreless innings, while DeJesus, Castro and Navarro each hit solo home runs.

    Glass half empty time: Three solo homers, but how many base runners did Cub batters strand today? Cub relievers, WTF was up with the other 1.2 innings? I swear, there’s gonna be a civil war in that clubhouse between the starting pitchers and the relief staff if this keeps up.

    Tyler Durden: “After about a month, I didn’t miss TV…”

  20. ambrose Says:

    Alec Ogletree or DJ Fluker I’d be happy with. I guess I’d be okay with Arthur Brown too. Just not not NOT Manti Teo.

  21. ambrose Says:

    As a Dodger fan (Yes, I like the Bears, Dodgers, and Lakers. I’m from Idaho, I can do that). I salute the Cubs today. Also, if Carlos Marmol happens to nail Carlos Quentin in the head next time the Cubs face the Padres, I will bow down to him.

  22. ambrose Says:

    And DVX, I feel your pain on the stranded runners thing. The only reason the Dodgers have won 6 this year is their pitching. If Matt Kemp had driven in half of the runners he’s stranded this year they’d be undefeated. Even in their most recent win against the padres, the went 0-for with risp. All three of their runs were from HRs.

  23. DVXPrime Says:

    Carlos Boozer (19 points and 12 rebounds) and Nazr Mohammed (16 & 13) turned in double-doubles for the Bulls, but it wasn’t enough in a 97-88 loss to the host Toronto Raptors on Friday. Nate Robinson added 17 off the bench for Chicago (43-36), which will visit the Miami Heat at noon on Sunday.

    No Derrick Rose, everybody is either hurt or tired. I’ve watched the Bulls on ESPN pull of road wins against the Celtics and the Knicks, then found out that they blew a double-digit halftime lead and lost at home to the Bobcats on New Years Eve.

    My TV burned out over a month ago, so any NBA playoff games for me will require a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. That being said, I’m not sure I want to spend $25 for wings and ale to watch the Bulls lose in 5. Without Rose getting some more help, this team is an inconsistent mob with free throw shooting issues. And we’re too high in the conference pecking order to hope we can find help in the draft.

  24. genrebuster Says:

    EXACTLY. “Probably because there is no stat to measure courtesy.” – chucky

    I have zero tolerance for douchebags at this time. They are PATHETIC.

  25. Fro Dog Says:

    DVX. – That site, you can watch any sporting event online for free. That way, you won’t have to waste money in the mean time. You’ll have to get through some advertisements but after, you’ll be good.

    Also, what another PATHETIC showing by the Bulls Friday night. Apparently, the whole “playing down to their competition” thing is a fact. They have lost the Raptors twice and the Pistons in the last five days.

    Good thing, the Bulls season will only be extended an extra 10-14 days after they are promptly eliminated in the first round.

  26. Kathrin Says:

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    Your writing style is witty, keep it up!


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