Reasons why the Bulls continue to lose.


Well, the Bulls had yet, another double-digit lead and looked unstoppable in the early stages of Game 4 against the Nets. Then, with an 11-point lead with under two minutes to go in the first half, the Nets go on an 8-0 run to get within three. The second half arrives and the rest is history. The Bulls refused to play defense and they couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives. Here’s what happened in this game to get the Nets going:

1. Nate Robinson thinks he’s awesome and decides to start a fight with another PATHETIC excuse for an NBA player in C.J. Watson. For some odd reason, the Nets wake up and don’t look back after this.

2. A shitload of turnovers.

3. A bunch of missed free throws.

4. Oh yeah. Tom Thibodeau is a dumbass for continuing to let Joakim Noah play when he clearly, is hurt and is hurting the team more than he is helping.

Game 5 is Monday.

2 Responses to “Reasons why the Bulls continue to lose.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Now expect some goddamned jackass like Yeti to tell you how wrong you are, even though you’re right.

  2. DVXPrime Says:

    NBA Gamecast is not the same as having an actual working TV in your living room (and I know you told me about that site, Fro Dog…sorry), but here goes:

    Aside from the missed free throws and turnovers, BOTH teams took WAAAY too many three pointers. I think both teams made combined about four through three OTs.

    Deron Williams choked his ass off. 30 points through regulation, and only two points through the extra sessions. Nice return on those Russian petrodollars, bro.

    My proof that there is a God? Hinrich, Boozer, and Gibson playing from the fourth quarter through three OTs, and only Gibson fouls out near the end of OT III.

    Noah got hot in the fourth quarter through the OTs: he was 1-7 in regulation, but 6-7 the rest of the way. Will there be anyhting left of that foot after the playoffs?

    The Bulls blew a 4 point lead in the first OT, then a five point lead in the second OT. The again, it’s better than if they decided to just throw in the towel after being down 14 in the fourth.

    It was nice to “see” Robinson and Boozer actually step up their games today. It’s nice to know they can do that when the defense takes the day off.

    Bulls 142, Nets 134 after 3OT.

    Not that I see either of these teams in the NBA finals…

    Fuck New York Basketball.

    Go Bulls.


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