Idiot head coach for the Bulls doesn’t “get it”; will lose first round series because of it.


The last two games of the regular season should have been games for the Bulls to rest key players in order to make a run in the playoffs. Even though they probably won’t even get out of the first round, all I ask out the teams in any sport that I root for, is to have the best possible chance to win. If they lose simply because they were beaten by a better team, so be it. However, when they lose because of stupid decisions by the players or coaches, then that’s another thing.

ThomASS Thibodeou is an example of losing because of his stupid decisions. The last two games of the season, he thought it would be a good idea to play Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson instead of keeping them off the court until Saturday. Instead, more wear and tear were put on their bodies. The Bulls are limping into the playoffs instead of being 100% healthy. That’s just music to my ears.

What happened to Kobe Bryant was just a matter of time. Kobe was second in the NBA in minutes played (Right between Luol Deng and Joakim Noah). What happens? He tears his achilles tendon and will probably miss all of next year. The worse out of this is that his career could be over too. I use to hate this guy but as I’ve become older, I’ve respected him especially after he won his last two titles without Shaq. In short, Derrick Rose tore his ACL and won’t be the same again because he played too many minutes and played in meaningless minutes. Joakim Noah keeps having flare ups of plantar fasciitis in his foot. He probably won’t be the same again either. That leaves Luol Deng who has had his fair share of injuries in the past and who knows, he may very well be injured in this playoff series.

No Derrick Rose. Noah and Deng will probably be limping around after the first couple of games along with Taj Gibson. Well, maybe if ThomASS could be a half-assed coach, they may give the conference a run for it’s money. But he’s not. He will continue to run his players into the ground.

Regardless if Derrick Rose comes back or not (don’t bet on it), Nets in six. Fire Tom Thibodeou.

14 Responses to “Idiot head coach for the Bulls doesn’t “get it”; will lose first round series because of it.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro…I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what happened to Kobe. The minutes he was playing caught up with him. But he wanted to play those minutes. The only way he could have been taken off the floor was an injury like this, or at gunpoint. His coach should have exercised more authority, and gotten him off the court.

    But I was also thinking about how and when Kobe would come back, and contrasting it with Derrick Rose and how the Bulls have totally blown it with him. Rose has been cleared to play for two months now, and he has absolutely refused to get back out there. I understand it hurts. What did he expect? From what I hear, getting out there and playing, even if it’s only 5-10 minutes a game is the final part of his recovery, which at this point, is mainly mental. I started wondering how Kobe will react when he has recovered. I suspect he will be ready to go and will play when he’s cleared. I’m really pissed about all this. The way this has been handled, on both sides, has been as fucked up as anything I’ve ever seen. I can’t see Rose as anything but a mentally weak bum who does really want to play. He just wants his millions and fuck the rest. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s sure as hell how it looks to me. And mark my words. The Bulls will never win a title with Derrick Rose. Some people here will rip me saying this, but just wait and see. What is truly pathetic is that all of this could have been avoided.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I think they could win a title with him but only if Thibodeou is axed in a timely manner. I won’t say Rose doesn’t care but I think it’s a mental thing more than physical. Maybe he’s scared ThomASS will run him into the ground again. I don’t know what it is. Only he does. If you’re hurt, you’re hurt and at the same time, I said that the Bulls aren’t going anywhere anyway so he might as well not play.

    We’ll find out at the start of next season how he is doing. If he doesn’t play to start the regular season at the very least, then, we can start questioning him. Maybe he knows they aren’t going anywhere so he’s not going to risk further injury.

  3. jimmy d. Says:

    Hey All,

    I’m not sure if you were all familiar with how dominant our “clean up” hitter has been this year, but let me fill you in…he (Sorry Anus) hit his first homerun of the year yesterday against the Rangers. Additionally, because he is such a great performer under “pressure”, that homerun was to drive in his…wait for it….wait for it…first RBI of the season. WOW!!! Clean-up hitter getting his first homer AND first RBI THIRTEEN fucking games into the season. NICE!!!

    Jimmy D.

  4. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Kevin Gregg’s 1st appearance (9 pitches):

    0.0 IP, 1 hit, 1 walk

  5. DVXPrime Says:

    The Ricketts’ mouth-breathing continues (but at least it ain’t taxpayer-funded):


  6. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Would renovations to the United Center help the Chicago Bulls on the road?

  7. ambrose Says:

    So, who wants to bet that Kobe will be playing again before Derrick Rose?

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    After last night’s PATHETIC performance by the Bulls, I think it’s right he sits out this season as I said before the season even started. As long as Thibodeau is head coach, the Bulls don’t go anywhere anyway. Just to show how dumb of a head coach he is, he continue to listen to Joakim Noah by having him play when he should have been resting the last two months at the very least. A torn plantar fasiciitis is not something that heals over night or with surgery. Only rest can do the trick and yet, he’s out there.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Jimmy D., if you’re reading this, it seems like Erin McElroy is getting a bit more “exposure” ever since she was in our tournament of gorgeous Chicago TV personalities. Last night as well, she was in the “shoot the puck” contest during the 2nd intermission of the Blackhawks game. I had the game on in the background while doing laundry and as soon as I heard her name, I ran right back down the stairs to play it back from the start.

    She was wearing a red top with a black skirt and nylons I believe. If I find that pic, I will send it your way. It was must see TV.

  10. DVXPrime Says:

    Damn, Fro Dog…don’t you wanna share that with the rest of us?

    Seriously, the tournament was a great idea, especially since the Land of Lincoln’s input into March Madness is damn near nonexistent. Would like to see some more full body shots next year if possible.

    As for last night’s game: I caught the second half at the local Longhorn’s restaurant. Way to ruin a good t-bone dinner, Bulls. I was thinking about this yesterday, and even if the Bulls do pull this one out, they’ll probably need all seven games; after that they will be even more tired and hurt than they are now. Any confrontation with the Heat will just be four glorified scrimmages with SRO fan attendance.

    My only hope for the NBA Playoffs 2031: watching LeBron decimate both the Nets and the Knicks and killing this “resurgence” of Noo Yawk basketball in the crib.

    The Stanley Cup Playoffs can’t come soon enough. Go. Black. Hawks.

  11. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Another day. Another three unearned runs. Another pitcher who can’t field his position.

    Like Genre says, PATHETIC.

  12. genrebuster Says:

    It sure is.

  13. jimmy d. Says:

    Fire in the hole…I’d love to see Erin more “exposed”.

  14. Your and idiot Says:

    You are a god dam idiot. Are you kidding me? He is probably top 3 best coaches in the league and his players not only want to play for him they respect him which in professional sports is generally not the case. I love America and all the freedoms we have but you should not be allowed to say or type anything where other people may aimlessly stumble across it and be poisoned by your shit. Playing your best players to try and improve your seeding is not dumb its fucking smart so you dont play the heat until the ecf you dumb fuck. I read one of your articles and had to read another just to see how fucking stupid you were and make sure the first wasnt a fluke. But alas they are all complete garbage.


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