What’s the point? Or, Theo bumped his head!



This is NOT a joke.

I don’t get it. This LOSER is the BEST option out there? So, the Cubs continue to be the farmclub for bums that can’t make it elsewhere.

What’s next…Milton FUCKING Bradley?

How long can this go on? On 2nd thought, don’t answer.

Yeti must be REALLY happy! Keep counting those beans!

31 Responses to “What’s the point? Or, Theo bumped his head!”

  1. DVXPrime Says:

    This is truly one of those times when you wonder if this franchise has simply given up trying to build a contender. Are the Cubs’ scouts REALLY looking for serious relievers, or are they just trying to throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks? I know this club is at least a decade (conservative guesstimate) behind the rest of MLB for player scouting and development, but it is a sad day when Theo Epstein has to sign a retread with a reputation for poor performance.

    In happier news, the ONE Chicago team committed to trying to…y’know…WIN SOMETHING…got a shutout today in St Lou:


    Ride the warpath. Go Black Hawks!

    //cue “Chelsea Dagger” or “Run to the Hills”…

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro…..Considering the fact that Thibodeau just signed a 4 year extention maybe you should think about renaming the site “Fire Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer”.

    Just a thought.

  3. Robert Says:

    Gregg’s first tenure with the cubs ended after blowing a save in San Diego pinella saying you will never pitch for me again…..why being that retread back when they could have signed a k rod a Brian Wilson etc

  4. genrebuster Says:

    capable of or being of service; useful.
    wearing well; durable: serviceable cloth.
    capable of being used, worn, cleaned, repaired, etc., easily.

  5. chucky Says:

    And not one those can be said of that fucking useless sack of shit.

    Seriously, I’m still fucking astonished by this move. I think the time has arrived to start the talks about ending the Epstein/Hoyer experiment. I mean c’mon! It’s not like they haven’t seen bad pitchers before. Fucking Marmol is still around. What the fuck was the reasoning behind signing this goddamned dork?

  6. genrebuster Says:

    I think it’s premature to call for Theo’s head…but if it’s another 100 loss season when the dust settles, I’ll feel differently. They should have dumped Sorry-O-No, too. Make room for the future, instead of living in the PATHETIC PAST & PRESENT.

    “We stinks” – Lil Z (2011) ….stil true today.

    BTW, does anybody here miss that headcase?

  7. chucky Says:


  8. genrebuster Says:


  9. DVXPrime Says:

    Thank GOD she’s gone! The SNF opening got real annoying this year…


  10. MadCityMac Says:

    DVX, I just hope like hell whomever is taking over for Faith has a pair of legs as incredible as hers!

  11. Yeti Says:

    I can’t wait for my spectacled Jesus to take the mound.

  12. Ron Santo's Legs Says:

    Look everybody! I found something to be of “service” to all of you…


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Let Yeti and all of his butt buddies in that thread and that year that they all look even more like idiots now.

  13. chucky Says:

    “I can’t wait for my spectacled Jesus to take the mound.”

    And get lit up like a goddamned christmas tree. Keep it up retard.

  14. Pie In The Sky Says:


    FWIW, they still have a payroll of over $100 million this season. More than Atlanta and almost twice as much as Tampa Bay (who always contend). So I’m not sure how Epstein can say he doesn’t have enough $ to build a consistent winner.

  15. genrebuster Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA…..chucky didn’t like your post Yeti, but you made me laugh.

  16. genrebuster Says:

    What would/does Morpheus think now?


  17. genrebuster Says:

    I read the article, Pie. Perhaps Theo’s revenue plan involves paying off some owners so that their teams intentionally lose to the Cubs…(?).

    Just kidding.

  18. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Can you bid in Vegas on how fast it will take them to get to 100 losses? I will be generous and say they get it by Labor Day.

  19. Pie In The Sky Says:

    How many lefties do they face in that period? They’d probably go 0-162 if they faced nothing but lefties in any given season with this roster.

  20. DVXPrime Says:

    I saw Morpheus’ post on that “blast from the past”…and then I had to stop. Like I said, I am REALLY tired of the stat geeks and sabermetricians who are micromanaging the game. Bottom line: if you can’t pitch/catch/hit/run on a consistent basis…you’re screwed.

    And look what sabermetrics did for Billy Beane…

    Hubris: Using sabremetrics to make the Oakland A’s a contender

    Nemesis: Publishing a book that gives away all your secrets to the rest of MLB. other teams adopt your teachings, and the A’s stop being contenders.

    Screw that stupid brad Pitt movie. If you go to a movie to watch how a baseball GM goes to work, you are one lost soul.

  21. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Hey Ron, I found this too in those archives. From that genius, Mike D.!


    I am sure he’s looking pretty sad right about now. There is also some great insight from a man named TDubbs who use to stick his nose in this place before our boy, Fro did the right thing and disposed of him being able to comment here!

  22. genrebuster Says:

    Ah, yes…Mike D. and his urine-soaked diapers. The douche of all douches. He and his pals were the gift that kept on giving….real experts. HA HA HA HA HA

  23. Fro Dog Says:

    Matt, indeed he is along with Mike Douche and our latest one, Greg. All three are taken care of. The funny thing is, TDubbs is very butthurt over this and wants me to unban him but, I continue to ignore his requests. This is what happens when you come here and act like a “bag of dicks”. I don’t ban Yeti because his stats are more for entertainment purposes.

  24. Nemo Says:

    Faith Hill is known to cause instant boner syndrome-can’t imagine anyone hotter than her.

    Gregg is officially on the 25 man roster… It’s coming.

  25. Pie In The Sky Says:

    FUCK THAT. Gregg on the 25? That’s just embarrassing. Fucking stupid.

  26. genrebuster Says:

    So…IBS is nothing to fear, after all.

  27. Yeti Says:

    If this link is to be believed, the Cubs payroll is not only below 100 million, but it has dropped by 33% since Theo took over http://www.stevetheump.com/Payrolls.htm

  28. Pie In The Sky Says:

    They have Miami’s payroll at $118M+ and Houston’s at $60M+.


    SteveTheUmp = $118M for Miami.
    ESPN (AP) = $37M for Miami.

    Only an ~ $81M difference.

  29. genrebuster Says:

    Differing stats…imagine that!

  30. chucky Says:

    The only reason assclowns like TDubbs or Mike D(ickless) would want to come back here is to stir up more shit. Yeti does the same thing. Greg was just a fucking scumbag who seemed to enjoy calling us fags. The asshole is still in the closet with the lights off. Nick is just a drive by piece of shit who doesn’t have the fucking balls to come back. No matter what we say, they’ll disagree with it. Frankly, they aren’t worth it. Fuck all of them.

  31. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    How dare you Pie. How dare you show Yeti he is wrong. YETI IS NEVER WRONG…….EVER.


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