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  1. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Anyone want to talk about the draft?


    I like the Kevin White pick, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and the 4.35 40 with his size is amazing. The guys I were interested in(Ray,Gregory)really seemed to turn into a couple of drips in the last month. I like they filled some holes with other picks and are kind of gearing up for when Dickface and Forte leave after next year.

    Nuggets and tidbits…. How about the front office trying to trade old Dickface to the Titans one more time on draft day, to which they kindly replied…. Uh Fuck You. LOL

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    I was going to write a post about the draft picks but haven’t had much time. I’ll say that the Kevin White pick was astounding. I would think he is a faster version of Alshon Jeffery. Both of those guys can be a dynamic duo.

    Once again, though, Dickface is still the quarterback. The Bears have been rumored to sign Shane Carden. He is an undrafted quarterback from Genrebuster’s neighborhood, Eastern Carolina. They re-signed Clausen and still have Fales on the roster.

    The Bears also drafted two offensive lineman, a defensive tackle and safety. I would have preferred one more player on defense, but restocking the offensive line is important, too.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    I am currently watching Dave Wannstedt and Jim Miller on Comcast SportsNet talk about the draft picks. Why does Wannstedt keep talking about the glory days when he was a defensive coordinator with the Cowboys? He does that when he’s on The Score all the time. He was an awful head coach and does anyone think he’s a good analyst?

  4. chucky Says:

    Fro….could it be that those were Wannstedt’s ONLY glory days during his career? As you said, he sucked as a head coach, and the only two numbnuts I can think of who think he’s worth talking to are Mully and Hanley.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    First half: Bulls get a 16-point lead.

    Second half: Bulls blow 16-point lead. Then, they get a 15-point lead. They blow that too.

    Same shit. Different day.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Jimmy Butler and Mike Dunleavy are doing everything they can to give the game away in the final seconds by missing free throws.

  7. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Not trying to count any chickens before they hatch but it looks like the Blackhawks are making the Wild their bitch and should be wrapping things up. I’m a little worried about the other hot team… Anaheim.

    It also looks like the Bulls could sneak into the Eastern Conference Finals.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Agreed. One game at a time. But the Blackhawks have been kicking ass this series. The only rough part was that second period in the first game, but they still managed to take the lead at the end there.

    Crawford made some great saves and has been back on track. In this game, he made two saves on pucks that were right on the line. Fucking awesome.

    As far as the Bulls are concerned, well, they won the first game against teams with LeBron in the previous two match ups. What happened after? They proceeded to lose the next four in abysmal fashion. Tony Snell needs to play more and Joakim Noah needs to be benched. There was one play in the game where he missed a wide open layup. Moron.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    I wonder how much it would cost for us to pay some bum to punch Joakim Noah in the face for being such a shitty basketball player. He’s already coated the Bulls about four points and it’s only 13-2 Cavaliers in the first.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    The Bulls already have eight or so turnovers in the game. 24-6 Cavaliers.

  11. chucky Says:

    The Bulls are one game in on their traditional 4 game losing streak in the playoffs to LeBron James.

    Bank on it. This series is lost, which means we have only 3 more games to put up with ThomASS’s bullshit.

  12. Fro Dog Says:

    So, we’re looking at Wednesday for a press conference to announce that ThomASS has been finally kicked to the curb. Maybe the Bulls will be extra nice and tell him to take Joakim Noah and his $12 million with him.

    I want to know what other NBA players are getting paid $12 million a year and only average a few points per game. Maybe he should shut the fuck up about what he thinks of a team that’s kicking his ass and just play basketball. Instead, he’s missing wide open layups and dribbling the ball like he’s a point guard up the court only to get the ball stolen from him because his head is looking down the whole time rather than up.

  13. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Congrats to Jimmy Butler for receiving the NBA Most Improved Player Award. Maybe you can have a couple minutes off next game, probably not.

  14. Fro Dog Says:

    He’ll get a couple minutes off in a game when the Bulls get a head coach who can actually, I don’t know, coach a team?

  15. Fro Dog Says:

    Will there ever be a day, where Joakim Noah would just shut his fucking mouth and play basketball? He is nothing but a turnover machine and a loud mouth. LeBron gets a technical and Noah thinks it’s cute to yell back, which results in no technical free throw. Then, he makes yet, another stupid pass, which results in a turnover and a dunk by the Cavaliers.

    I wish someone would throw a basketball and hit him straight in his ugly ass face.

  16. Pie in the Sky Says:


  17. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    They won. I don’t think Rose meant to bank that shot but it went in and that’s what counts. Good game.

  18. genrebuster Says:

    Ha ha indeed, Pie…not having Gregg on your team is cause for celebration.

    At least the Bulls are making it interesting.

  19. jimmy d. Says:

    I don’t get the Reds fans. KFG is a serviceable c-Loser in the major leagues. Personally, I think every team (other than the Cubs) should have a clone of the douchecopter on their team. It would give us hope.

  20. chucky Says:

    Jimmy…..Reds fans are very understandable. In a way, there are similar to us Cubs fans. They want to win, and can recognize losers like douchecopter Gregg and douchecopter Dusty. They’ve endured a lot of the same horseshit in Cincinnati that we have here in Chicago.

  21. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Never trust a fart. You might just shit yourself like the Bulls did in the 4th quarter.

  22. chucky Says:

    Hey Pie……here’s a follow up on your Kevin FUCKING Gregg story.–fans-get-their-wish-as-kevin-gregg-is-sent-to-triple-a-003227802.html

    We should have done that here.


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