So what now?


I am not going to sit here and talk about what happened this previous week. That was taken care of in the last few threads. All of my memorabilia and jerseys are in a box and ready to be put on eBay (If I can even get any cash out of this worthless shit). The only thing I am holding on to are a few autographed baseballs for financial purposes. I am actually kind of amazed that my apartment looks empty that all of my stuff is in a box. Obviously, most of it was Cubs merchandise.

Getting away from this team is going to be hard, but it can be done. I am telling myself now that I am finished with this team for good. I am not going to watch the games or go to them. I am not ever going back. I can’t take this anymore. I am done.

As far as this site is concerned, I will continue to hold on to it. I will try to have new threads about once or twice a week. I will be spending more time with video games, watching some shows or even a movie since I haven’t had a chance much lately. As it approaches Spring, I may hand the site to someone else to take care of the Cubs writing. You guys at the old site are awesome. I think over the last few years, we became pretty good friends on here without meeting up in person. It is really cool. We all think alike. When we disagreed, we gave each other our points in respect.

You guys are always welcome to talk about Cubs and anything else baseball-wise on this site. I do not mind. Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls along with college football and basketball can be discussed as well. This is your guys’ site also.

So once again, I really appreciate all of you guys coming over here from the old site and new visitors as well. Thank you very much for the support.

36 Responses to “So what now?”

  1. cubsfaninAr Says:

    Fro I understand your frustation. When I woke up this morning I still couldn’t believe the baseball season ended. This team took us on a wild ride and it just seemed different this year. However IMO you will not be able to give up on the team. You may sell your clothes (which I am sure some sheeple will buy) and you may even be able to miss the first part of Spring Traning, but you are one of us and we love the Cubs. The question is why, but I don’t have an answer for that. I have been a fan of this team for 32 years now and they have broken my heart all 32 years. I swore to myself that after game 7 in ’03, after the collapse of ’04, the complete meltdown in ’06, and the embarassing sweep last year that I was done with this team. I could no longer take the crap from this team, the mismanagement and the owners. However, the excitement of opening day, even in a loss and then having the lead in the division the rest of the month, and May and June and July and August and September I got sucked right back in. I FINALLY got to see them play live and was definitely caught up in the moment after the rally in the 9th against the Brewers in September. I hope that you don’t leave us true CUBS fans because we don’t need the sheeple. However if you do good luck and let me know how that works out for you.

  2. Nemo Says:

    I don’t think now is the time to worry about being a Cub fan or not. The season is fucking over. We don’t have to deal with those fuckers for several months. Why agonize in the offseason over what to do come April. Take a break from this shit.

    Hey, I got my account banned from a local newspaper’s web site for calling out a fucking asshole Cardinals fan who had nothing better to do at 4:00 sunday morning than taunt the Cubs. Of course they left that loser’s comments on the board. Whadda fucking joke!

  3. armycubsfan Says:

    To the Cardinals fan that pissed you off, Nemo: The season may be a failure, but at least we MADE the playoffs. The Redbirds are spending them on the couch!

    Not that it matters now anyway. I like what I saw from the Bears today. Good passing, but Hester needs work on carrying the ball on punt returns and NOT! RUNNING! BACKWARDS! The running game left a bit to be desired as well. But we got first place now. Thanks Falcons!

    GO BEARS!!

  4. Nemo Says:

    Is Kyle Orton improving that much or are the Lions just that bad? Definitely concerned about the rapidly deteriorating running game though.

  5. mlbtvsucks Says:

    If it makes you feel any better I just won the World Series playing as the Cubs on my PS2 MVP baseball 2005 video game. The team went 161-1 during the regular season and swept the playoffs, defeating the Mariners for the championship.

    Mark Prior, Carolos Zamrano, and Wood each had 28+ wins and Sammy Sosa hit 197 home runs, shattering the record. My created player also did well with a .450+ BA w/ 100+ SB’s.

  6. armycubsfan Says:


    I love that game, haha. I have won the world series before on it too. My created player is a pitcher who also hit homeruns with some consistency, lol. My entire pitching staff gets many 10+ strikeout games.

    Aramis Ramirez is my big homerun hitter while Sosa hits a lot of doubles. Hollandsworth ends up being super dangerous on his pull side, especially if the pitch is high and inside on the strike zone. It goes out with quite a frequency. I released Latoya Hawkins and brought up a closer named V-Rod from the minors, and he is lights out.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    I Have Nothing To Say

    Damn. (from bleedcubbieblue, Al Yellon)
    Yelloncard_tiny by Al on Oct 5, 2008 12:22 AM CDT in News

    And when I say “nothing”, I mean it.

    I am not opening comments on this post. Eventually, I will post a recap of this utter disaster, but it may take me a day or so. Until then, I want this post to stand alone on the front page as a monument to the worst performance I have seen in 45 years as a Cubs fan.

    Good night.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    Sorry for the bad formatting, this is how it appeared…(from bleedcubbieblue, Al Yellon)
    I Have Nothing To Say

    Yelloncard_tiny by Al on Oct 5, 2008 12:22 AM CDT in News

    And when I say “nothing”, I mean it.

    I am not opening comments on this post. Eventually, I will post a recap of this utter disaster, but it may take me a day or so. Until then, I want this post to stand alone on the front page as a monument to the worst performance I have seen in 45 years as a Cubs fan.

    Good night.

  9. Nemo Says:

    From Ryan Dumpster:
    “I know everyone wants answers and everyone wants to search deep to the core of the center of the earth to find them. “But the bottom line is we just got outplayed. We got outplayed, we got outscored, they played better defense than us and they pitched better than us.”

    Ok, thank you very much Mr. Dumpster for being a master of the obvious. EVERYONE KNOWS the reason you lost is because you were OUTPLAYED IN EVERY FACET OF THE GAME.

    But what we want to know is WHY A “SUPERIOR” TEAM “just got outplayed.”
    Tell us the truth! You have no heart? Your morale was easily shaken? You are quitters? You couldn’t handle the pressure? You have no discipline? You have no ability to adust? You have no patience? You have the psychological fortitude of the French seeing the Germans come across the Maginot Line? You were blackmailed into losing so your teamwide gay prostitution ring wouldn’t get exposed? Or are you just scared of curses?

    You know, every episode of Scooby-Doo EVER, Scooby and the gang believed the ghosts and curses WERE REAL. However, by the end of THIRTY MINUTES they figured out it was all smoke and mirrors and outwitted the bad guys and captured them. Maybe you guys need to watch a little Cartoon Network?

  10. Jason Wedge Says:


    Man you must of had a lot of cubs stuff…I have everythin thing cubs i own in one paper bag…mainly t shirts and hats, and a few bobble head dolls ..I am keeping one thing cubs and that will be my signed Ernie Banks ball that I got when I was a kid and I got to have dinner with him at Billy Williams baseball camp….

    I see how fro kept one thing and he had to justify it and I see I just did the same thing…It is not going to be easy next april not to watch…but we will find other things in life that will make us happy…spring and summer is a great time of the year…and now we will have much more time during those months to find other things we enjoy doing…

    My question for you guys is do I throw this stuff away or do I give it to goodwill? Is it right to pass on the agony to someone else?

    Any ideas anyone?

  11. robert Says:

    The Cubs have players built to win baseball games not win championships…Derek Lowe is a free agent…paging MR Lowe MR Lowe please report to chicago now

  12. genrebuster Says:

    Jason, here’s an idea…box up your stuff and be sure to include a plastic bag of human feces (double-bagged and twist tied, of course)…then mail it to:

    The Chicago Tribune
    435 N. Michigan Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60611
    attn: Sam Zell

    …what do you think?

  13. Nemo Says:

    i think they’ll sell it on ebay

  14. chucky Says:

    Just make sure it’s not your shit you send Zell.

  15. MadCityMac Says:

    I’m going to wait and see if Cuban gets the team. If he does, I’ll probably stay on board because I know he’ll get shit done. If he sells it to the corporate hack that Selig wants, I’m done because it will be more of the same shit. Another piece of the corporate puzzle for some rich asshole. Cuban is a fan. Then after the sale if fuckhead Zell keels over from a heart attack, oh well. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  16. robert Says:

    at least one cub has balls I know we criticize soriano a lot but gotta give him credit where credit is due….And who is the Cubs’ postseason goat? Should it be divided equally among the players and the manager, the chairman and the Greek priest, or should $137 million outfielder Alfonso Soriano be acknowledged for his 1-for-14 performance? Soriano is likely to hear about it the most over the off-season. “Yeah, it’s tough,” he said. “We tried, but it just didn’t happen. We played all year like a very good team and we expected a little bit more, but it didn’t happen.” While he didn’t pass the buck, Soriano said he believes the Cubs were built for a marathon, not a sprint. “We’re a very good team for [162] games, but we don’t do nothing after that,” he said. “That’s the difference. We’re not put together for [a short series].

  17. Nemo Says:

    Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Ray on winning your first postseason series ever!!! Fuck you White Sox!! And Fuck you Cubs for letting Tampa advance farther than you.!

    And Fuck Soriano-not built for sprint? My ASS!!!!! This was the best hitting team in the league with the best top 4 starters in the playoffs. This team WAS BUILT FOR WINNING IT ALL. However, the team is mostly a bunch of weak-willed sissy who cave in at the first sign of trouble. Fuck this team!

  18. genrebuster Says:

    Maybe Soriano can manage the Reds when Dusty gets fired…what a fucking dumbass (take your pick).

  19. robert Says:

    espn was playing fans who called into there radio show yesterday evidentally some cub fan called in and said Derek Lee has nothing but warning track power and cant do anything with men in scoring position but strike out and ground into a dp

  20. Sandberg23 Says:

    That’s good that Soriano said that maybe he can trot his ass into Hendry office and ask for a trade then. There was people who liked the signing when they got him but I was never excited about it at all. I had a feeling they we’re not gonna get what they paid for. I know Carlos Lee got hurt this year but he would have been a much better signing and it would have been for less money as well. Plus the Cubs could have gotten a true leadoff hitter and we wouldn’t be dealing with this who should bat leadoff shit that’s been going on for the last two years.

    Rumors already…I already heard that they are gonna try and get Roberts again this offseason. Plus they may look into signing Sabathia as well.

  21. cubsfaninAr Says:

    Sandberg 23
    I hope you are correct about the rumors. They should go after Sabathia, Roberts and definitely some bullpen help. I think Dempster had a flash in the pan year, I hope I am wrong but I guess he can show me. However like I said in my earlier post they have to get a guy like a Manny Ramirez who has nothing but fun all the time. These high priced players need to realize that they play a game, this is not life and death. I have never seen a team so uptight in my life. I knew they were doomed when the had the priest placing holy water in the dugout. I have never seen anything that ridiculous in my life. Our Father has a lot more going on in the world than the Cubs trying to break a 100 year drought. I just want Zell to sell the team, get an owner that cares about winning, and then puts players in the correct position to go ahead and win. Hey guys next year go out there and have fun, and win at least one playoff game, but preferably eleven.

  22. chucky Says:

    Whoever it was that had the brilliant idea of bringing in a fucking priest should be immediately fired and sent to Cincinnati.

  23. robert Says:

    There is a pitcher who thinks he will be back in July at full strength would love to see the cubs sign Curt Schilling to an incentive laden two year deal then let him become the pitching coach…he could probably get through to big z

  24. armycubsfan Says: is quite entertaining at times, lol. They are also talking about Hendry possibly opting out of his contract and that the Cubs are trying to keep him. WHAT? Get a new guy, someone who knows what he is doing. Hendry is good for the regular season only. He can’t put together a good playoff-caliber team to save his life.

    I do like the idea of Curt Schilling becoming a pitcher then a pitching coach for the Cubs. He would teach them all sorts of fundamentals and techniques, and he does have interest in the Cubs too. Imagine a rotation like this:

    You can put them in order how you want…

    Sabbathia or Schilling

    Marquis and Marshall spot starting and doing long relief. Marquis was good enough to be a 5th starter this year and he kept the ERA down some, even won us some ball games more than not. And Marshall’s stuff is well…sick! (when he is on that is)

    The priest was a horrible idea. There is no curse, just bad baseball and an uptight team that plays it. The Cubs need to go out, have fun, and kick ass, even in the postseason. I’m even going to stop mentioning 100 years now. Who cares. Get out and win next year.

    GO CUBS.

  25. genrebuster Says:

    The “culture of losing” will continue until the house is cleaned.

    Hendry should RESIGN, he is a fucking hack and a loser. Same for Rothschild. And Lou should opt out of his “extension”, too. Announcing that when they did…and “the priests” were dumb moves. NEW and BASEBALL SAVVY owners are a must. The corporate guys can’t get it done, hell they can’t even take care of the economy and people’s retirement savings! Throw them under the prison.

    As for the hundred years…I agree, it’s over. They had a golden opportunity to put it to rest in a symbolic way…and they blew it.

    Who cares (?) is a good question, until sweeping changes are made with this PATHETIC franchise…I don’t.

  26. robert Says:

    this message is for Jason Wedge did i tell you that this was the site for fans like you none of that bullshit like there is over at Compltely Buy Sheeple

  27. Sandberg23 Says:

    The rumors as of this point are true but also keep in mind other teams are gonna be after these guys and the Cubs might be changing ownership as well. If they sign Sabathia they could either let Dempster walk or let Harden walk. The only thing I would be concerned about with Sabathia would be is he gonna have arm problems next year after all them innings and pitches thrown when he went over to the Brewers. As for Roberts get him over here as soon as possible. The Cubs need him badly. He can help them in so many ways. PLus Soriano should be out of the leadoff spot that way to. Then they could move Derosa out to Right and Centerfield would be up for grabs as far as I’m concerned between Fuk, Pie & Johnson (if they re-sign him) or a free agent. Bullpen needs some work no doubt about it. I wouldn’t have a problem if they let Wood go. Marmol is ready now and They could move The Shark into that Eighth inning set up role. I know Smardija struggled a little towards the end of the season but he is young and I think he has a lot of upside. Get Howry the fuck out of here anyway possible. I can’t believe that fucker took an interview after the Cubs lost and threw his 2 cents in on how they lost. He has no room to criticize anybody on that team when he was the worst player on it.

  28. robert Says:

    IN an earlier post I post it would be great to sign Schilling for an incentive laden two year deal then have be the pitching coach Why not let him be a player coach till he goes to the minors for rehab call up a minor league pitching coach while he is down there then let him do what he does best dominate and get our pitchers away from crotch child

  29. jasonwedge Says:

    I will package a weeks worth of my dogs crap and send it there…thats a great idea…..

    As far as signings I dont care what they do…wake me when they are in the World Series….

    Sabathia is not going to the cubs , he wants lots of money and they cubs have none cus they are way over paying for 5 other guys….
    But he would fit in perfectly…he is terrible in the post season….

  30. Sweeny Todd Says:

    Jim Hendry needs a hair cut…..

    and a nice close shave. 😉

  31. chucky Says:

    Anybody else get the impression that ttheCubs will not be sold anytime soon. I honestly don’t think they care if it’s sold or not. Here as some indicators to me:

    1) I have not heard one word in the past month about an impending sale. Yes the playoff run should take center stage, but at least something should have been said if something was happening. I could be wrong.

    2) With all the back-ended contracts that this ass-clown Moe Hendry has signed, who in their right mind would buy this team. Some of the contracts are so bad that they might scare off anybody even thinking about buying the Cubs. Nobody else will take these contracts via a trade so the the Cubs are stuck with them.

    3) Moe continues to piss money away. He just exercised the option on Rich Harden for 2009 yesterday. The price tag: $7,000,000. Again, I could be wrong, but my thinking is that ALL spending would stop until the sale is complete. Especially on someone as brittle as Rich Harden. He IS a good pitcher….if he’s healthy.( Big “if”) Depending on who buys the team, a spending freeze may last a long time. This payroll is way too large. And there are rumors that would balloon it even further.

    4) Wrigley Field. I’m no fan of that shit-hole, but I would guess that anybody who is looking to buy a baseball team WANTS A BALLPARK FOR THAT TEAM TO PLAY IN. Why are they looking to sell Wrigley Field separate from the team? Yes, I know money, but how much do they really need? This is not good stategy to try to sell the team.

    I’m no businessman, I’ll be the first to admit that. But it just seems to me that there is no urgency to sell. In fact, and again I could be wrong, it seems like this team is being run as if it was NOT for sale.

  32. genrebuster Says:

    Chucky, I honestly believed the Cubs were going to be sold after the 2006 season. It didn’t happen. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    robert’s idea of Schilling as player-pitching coach is interesting…I don’t agree with all of Schilling’s “views”…but he is a proven big game pitcher and I doubt he would put up with any bs (like Larry Rothschild did under Dusty)…”Schilling for Rothschild” sounds good for now, until I hear a better suggestion. Regardless, Rothschild MUST go, he is a STINKING BUM.

    Sweeney…I like the way you think!

  33. genrebuster Says:

    I like Samardzija, too…he’s young and no stranger to the spotlight/pressure games. I think it would be premature to give up on him now.

    Harden has been signed for a year, what is Dempster’s status? And what do you guys think of Lilly?

  34. The Ghost of Leo Durocher Says:

    Dusty Baker has a NEW job!

  35. chucky Says:



    Seriously though, thank you for the laugh. I suppose now he’ll try to destroy a 9 year olds arm.

    I thought Schilling was a clubhouse cancer. And a complete douchebag. Am I wrong? If so I’ll gladly admit it and apologize.

  36. genrebuster Says:

    chucky. yes, Schilling is a douchebag…I didn’t realize he is also a clubhouse cnacer, if so then I retract my statement…I just want Rothschild gone. I would have liked to see Maddux as a player-coach but that was never in the cards, too bad.

    BTW, Leo sends his best regards. HA HA HA


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