Season preview: Chicago Bulls basketball


Some people may not know this about me but I am a huge Bulls fan. When the Bulls had Jordan and were spoiling the city with titles, I was watching. When Tim Floyd was coaching and the likes of Randy Brown and Dickey Simpkins were in the starting lineup, I was watching. I am not sure how many of you guys here follow the NBA closely but I will be here to talk about the Bulls all season long.

Right now, the Bulls have about sixteen guards, two forwards and one center. That is suppose to be a joke but it could be true in this case. They do have a lot of guards and a couple that need to find new homes. Larry Hughes and Kirk Hinrich are two players that were rumored to be traded in the summer but no one wanted either of them. Hughes is a guy that can play average defense but every time someone passes him the ball, there is a 100% chance he will take a shot and on top of that, his salary is pretty high. In fact, Larry Hughes is so bad that when he was in Cleveland, a fan made this site: Website

Hinrich on the other hand can also play defense but he likes to dribble the ball until the shot clock reaches 3 in which he will either shoot or pass with no time for another player to shoot. I would want Derrick Rose and Thabo Sefelosha to start at the guards with Ben Gordon coming off of the bench as a sixth man.

Hometown hero Derrick Rose is by far the best player on this team. Most people are realizing by now that Rose is going to have to be the leader on this team. He will make shitty players average. He will make average players a little bit better. He is the real deal. This will be a process for John Paxson (Unless he gets fired this season) to unload some of the shitty players on this team to get some draft picks in return and try to make this team a serious contender once again in the next couple years.

With the Eastern Conference still being weak, my season win-loss prediction for our Chicago Bulls is 42-40, the 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs but end of getting their ass whooped by Boston or Orlando in the first round.

7 Responses to “Season preview: Chicago Bulls basketball”

  1. MadCityMac Says:

    Congrats to the Bulls for beating a CBA team last night. How fucking embarrassing it is to have the Bucks here in Wisconsin. I hope like hell they go 0-82 and just leave the goddamn state. Sorry Frodog, I’m just waiting for college basketball at this point, and try to catch the Blackhawks and Badger hockey when I can. Then again, they’ve started out 0-5-1. Not a pretty sight at the Kohl Center!

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    Scott Skiles is a very good coach. He was treated unfairly here in Chicago and John Paxson did not trade for a post player/go-to guy when he had the chance. The Bulls went from Eastern Conference contender to middle/bottom of the pack. It could take another year or two for this team to be a serious contender again.

    With college basketball, I love the Illini but they are not going to be any good this year. Wisconsin and Michigan State are once again going to be the top teams in the Big 10. I wish Illinois would have someone like Bo Ryan or Tom Izzo as a coach. Bruce Weber is a good coach, but he cannot recruit. AT ALL.

  3. MadCityMac Says:

    Frodog, the thing with Bo is that he just gets good solid players who work, work, work at fundamentals. Izzo I think gets more blue-chip players, but is also a hell of a coach.
    I think you’re right about Skiles. I just can’t get my arms around the NBA. The Bulls seemed to get off on the wrong foot last year and never could right the ship.
    Weber should be able to recruit Illinois real well, especially Chicago. All that talent!! It’s like the Badger hockey team recruiting in Minnesota – so many players!

  4. chucky Says:

    Yeah, I know I’m off topic here. Please forgive me. Congratulations to the Phillies on winning the World Series. I know a lot of guys here were hoping for Tampa to win it, but not me. It wouldn’t have embarrassed the the Cubs at all, it would have just embarrassed me for being a Cubs fan. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m more than a little fed up with expansion teams becoming world champions.

    101 years and counting.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    No problem about being off-topic. All of you guys can type about anything you want on any thread. This is your guys’ site as well.

    I honestly forgot about the game Wednesday night. I was busy playing Madden and watching South Park. Some moron emailed me and said that I was right about the Phillies being the best team back in early August in a thread on this website. Then the moron had to be pussy and talk shit to me and say I was a moron when it came to baseball. He left it unsigned. So was I right about that thread or wrong?

    Whoever wrote that: Fuck you. If people don’t like what I write about anything on this site, then don’t come here.

    I told myself and you guys on here that I am going to try to emotionally distance myself from the Cubs and baseball in general. So that is what I am going to attempt to do.

    By the way, because of that email I received, I removed my email link from the site. If you guys have any questions, just ask in the thread. I have all of your email addresses because it is required for comments.

  6. MadCityMac Says:

    Chucky and Frodog, yeah congrats to the Phils….let’s face it, this is only their 2nd championship in all the years they’ve been around. A bunch of classy players on that club and I’m glad to see Charlie Manual get a ring as well. When I was with the Madison Muskies back in the mid-80’s, he managed the Wisconsin Rapids/Kenosha Twins. Nice guy. I got home last night just in time to see Lidge strke out the last batter. Who ever thought he’d be back after his collapse after giving up the HR to Pujols a few years back!

  7. genrebuster Says:

    First, anybody that sends a flaming e-mail anonymously is a pathetic coward. Grow up or shut up.

    I’d also like to congratulate the Phillies on their WS Title, they are a gutsy team and I suspected they would be in the mix after they played the Cubs in August. I think congratulations are also in order for the Tampa Rays…too bad our beloved Cubs don’t have the heart that team does. Maybe when the Cubs are sold, the “culture of losing” will eventually cease to exist. Whether or not I give a shit when that happens is up for grabs.

    As for Brad Lidge, I was happy to see him implode a few years ago…so, it’s only fair to say that I am impressed that he was able to collect himself and have such a great season.

    Maybe the Cubs should hire the psychologist who helped Lidge (if there was one).


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