Really? This shit again?: Giants 27 Bears 24


Everyone is to blame. Nagy for calling a timeout before halftime. The defense for completely falling apart in the second half. The offense fumbling the ball all over the place. Despite the comeback antics of this team, this is exactly what this team is.

Chase Daniel – This guy was bad. Fumbles, unawareness, a pick six on the second play of the game, whatever else. I love the guy, but he had a really terrible game. The last drive in overtime showed it.

Offensive line – Bad. Bad. Bad. These guys really miss Kyle Long.

Matt Nagy – Out of the four losses they’ve had, three were winnable. The Bears had this just like they had the games against the Packers and Dolphins. This goes on the coach. Bad play-calling. Bad time-management. Bad coach. Now, if he shocks us all and is holding up the Lombardi Trophy while confetti falls this February, then I’ll be glad to eat all of my words. But I don’t see that happening.

And here we are as fans, praying for teams like the Packers, Vikings and Panthers to all lose just so the Bears don’t lose ground in the standings. The Bears should be taking care of their own business. This has become repetitive over the years. This loss was really bad. This team just can’t seem to play well in crappy weather. It was really hot in Miami and they promptly pissed it away. Then, this game in the rain. No excuses, however. The other team is playing in the same conditions. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.

Here come the Rams next Sunday night.

5 Responses to “Really? This shit again?: Giants 27 Bears 24”

  1. Jimmy D Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Well, as you can clearly see…the Packer’s DO NOT settle for mediocrity. With swift action, they booted out a Super Bowl victorious, nearly .700 winning percentage head coach. In reality, this should have happened a couple years ago. But, it’s done now…so, perhaps the Packer’s can begin to display a prolific offense once again. Instead of this way-too-old quasi-West Coast offense bullshit.
    I’m happy for you guys in Bear’s territory, but I’ve gotta say I’m happier for us up here in Cheeseland. There’s hope on the horizon.

    Jimmy D

  2. genrebuster Says:

    I hear you Jimmy D….I imagine Aaron Rogers is happier now.

    In other news, we didn’t need the Fire Fred Hoiberg banner after all….HA HA HA.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Matt Nagy is continuing his idiotic cliche of “we’ll learn from this” in press conferences after losses. Apparently, they didn’t learn from the blown 20-point lead the first game of the season against the Packers. They also didn’t learn from the blown 14-point lead against the Dolphins. And with this latest game, they didn’t learn by not running the ball after Jordan Howard was a monster in the first half. This isn’t Madden. Trickery and all of that crap isn’t always going to work.

    Just to think that at least two of the four losses were because he chose to not run the ball and chew up the clock makes my head hurt badly. This guy is a fraud and if I am one of the few that sees it, then fine.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    In other news…barely a week after Hoiberg is fired, the Bulls get road-graded on their own floor by the Celtics, 133-77.

    John Boylan in his second attempt is the eight coaching change made by GarPax since Phil Jackson was shown the door over 20 years ago.

    That being said, even Phil would have his hands full trying to make a basketball team out of this mob. The Bulls right now have arguably the worst roster in the NBA. When the alleged trio of Butler/Wade/Rondo departed, the Bulls eighteen man roster had no one with more than three years experience. Right now the Bulls have no one even close to being an NBA All Star.

    The Bulls are doomed. The college talent pool, for all the one-and-dones, has shrunk considerably in the last twenty years. No sane NBA agent would recommend Chicago as a free-agent destination, unless his client wants to spend his twilight years padding his stats like Kobe Bryant. And then, there’s the two-headed beast of mediocrity known as GarPax, arguably the worst executive combo in the NBA. Drafting NBA-worthy talent and signing quality free-agents? Nope. Hiring actual NBA -caliber head coaches? Nope.

    Even is fates Jerry Reinsdorf finally does get the courage to fire GarPax, who is to say he won’t turn around and hire Sam Hinkie?

    Did I say the Bulls are doomed?

    God, we’d better hope the Bears catch fire, starting tonight, otherwise it’s gonna be a long, cold dark winter around Chicago.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    I am glad I missed that game last night. I checked my phone to see the score of 93-60 and knew it was a bad night. To lose by 56 is awful.

    Of course the Bulls are going to be like this for many years to come. GarPax will forever have jobs, just like Ted Phillips has his with the Bears. Loyalty is everything and positive results aren’t.


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