Money Well Spent: Bears 23 Lions 16


This was another close game. But damn. Talk about fighting it out. Chase Daniel was outstanding. $10 million spent on this guy and he’s earned every penny so far. Sure, he overthrew the ball a couple of times. But he was very much part of this win. It gave Mitchell Trubisky some time to rest. It’s nice to see the Bears actually spend their money wisely on a player. For years, it’s been the opposite. The defense was finally, outstanding in the fourth quarter. There was a stat (cue Yeti) shown that the defense has given up the most fourth quarter points in the NFL. With it being close, the defense stepped up on the final two drives.

Chase Daniel – Read above. In addition, two great touchdown passes.

Running game – This is still a concern. I still wasn’t happy with some of the play-calling by Nagy. There were a couple of situations where it was second and short only to see a passing play. Some may wonder why guys like Jordan Howard can’t get going in a game. He needs more rushes and consistently. Tarik Cohen was great all-around. He had one of the touchdown catches and he put the game away for good by getting a hard-fought first down.

Offensive line – They held it together, despite the four sacks. I guess two games in 85 hours is an excuse. They are missing Kyle Long big time. Credit to James Daniels, who’s been outstanding all year. He helped Cohen get that first down to seal the deal by basically carrying him an extra yard or two. Amazing.

Defense – Eddie Jackson with the pick six for the eventual, game-winner. Kyle Fuller with an interception in the end zone late to get the Bears back on offense. The line did well despite giving up some big runs to LaGarrette Blount, but he was kept to under 100 yards.

Matt Nagy – I am praying he learned his lesson after that idiotic decision to go for two after that first touchdown. That was inexcusable. Take your chances with the extra point. Let’s pray he has faith in Cody Parkey to get points because he did get two extra points and a field goal in this game.

Next up are the Giants a week from Sunday.

Before some well-deserved rest, let’s do this again, shall we?

6 Responses to “Money Well Spent: Bears 23 Lions 16”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    1) I made two delicious almond crumb cherry pies with my bare hands in the last three days. One went to an office party, the other I donated to firehouse for their Thanksgiving meal. My Thanksgiving desert is a cherry pie from a grocery store.

    I am done forever with store-bought pies.

    2) After years of watching the secondary get I-passed to death late in games or getting shredded by Pro Bowlers, rookies, and journeymen QBs, it was a beautiful thing to watch Jackson get a pick-six and Fuller catch and hold Matt Stafford’s early Christmas gift of an INT.

    The Bears need to get starts, or timely turnovers.

    3) Where was Chase Daniel last year while we were suffering through the Mike Glennon Experience? Or maybe John Fox was that much of a knucklehead that he really couldn’t be an NFL head coach anymore (“Isn’t a division title enough?”)?

    4) 8-3, two and a half games up on Minnesota. Lions out of contention. Home game against a Packers team in free-fall. Pressure will be all on the Vikings.

    5) Happy Thanksgiving. Go Bears.

  2. dvxprime Says:


    Matt Nagy needs to make the Bears a four quarters, sixty minute team. Once again, the Bears offense went beddy-bye in the second half while the defense was slowly but surely getting worn out. Nagy needs to find a way to start maintaining possession and scoring second half TDs. The D shouldn’t have to rely on getting TDs off turnovers to win close games all the time.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    For today, I went to my usual diner on the other side of town for my Thanksgiving lunch. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, a Mountain Dew and piece of chocolate pie. Winner.

    Chase Daniel was on the Chiefs last year as a backup. That’s why he didn’t sign with the Bears. Glad he’s here now. It appears that Trubisky may even be out longer. That is not good.

    As bad as this next point may sound, it’s needed. We must cheer for the Packers to beat the Vikings this Sunday so the Bears can gain more ground in the division. With five games to go, it would help immensely.

  4. Erniesarmy Says:

    As a Packers fan, you can forget about the Packers beating the Vikings. The Packers desperately need a new head coach. He lost the team two years ago and still they bring him back! The Pacers have no defense and no offensive line. They’re a mess heading for the cellar in the Division.

  5. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I agree with sarmy. Bad coach and even worse management. That roster is poo poo. Green Bay rarely wins at Minnesota even when they’re playing at an elite level. Amazing how a team with Rodgers very likely could finish below .500.

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    I know some may disagree, but I actually thought the Packers had a very good chance to win on Sunday. Sure, I was selfish and wanted them to win the help the Bears. But I just felt that since the Vikings came off of a loss, that their chances of bouncing back would have been less likely.


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