Thanks a lot, Chris Campoli!


He was getting some love from some of us when the Blackhawks claimed him off waivers from the Senators. He was playing very well for a while. Then one damn fucking play at the worse time pissed away Corey Crawford’s best game so far in his career and whatever chance the Blackhawks had of making history. Nice going dick.

I said I would not be as pissed off because the Blackhawks won the Cup last year so I am not. Loyal reader Erniesarmy said in a previous thread that no one can ever take away what happened last year and that is very true. Being at that championship parade was one of the coolest things I have ever been to. When the season starts up again in the fall, it’s back to business and being pissed off.

At least the Bulls won their series Tuesday night being the Pacers convincingly for the first time in the series. And hey, Keith Bogans Bogus actually made some shots. Let’s see if that keeps up.


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