A couple things to mention.


1. First of all, it’s about damn time the Bulls are playing well. MVP candidate Derrick Rose drops 42 points on the team with the best record in the NBA Thursday night. Before I get to my next point, I would like to mention to the idiots who have argued with me that free throws aren’t a big deal, well they are. The Spurs missed seven of them. They probably have a chance to win that game if they came through from the charity stripe but lucky for us, they didn’t. If you morons still want to argue that fact, feel free to eat my ass hair.

Back to this recent winning streak, even Keith Bogans Bogus has been playing well since I wrote my ANGRY article last week. He isn’t lighting up the stat sheet (Cue Irish Yeti; By the way, can someone take away his calculator?), but since last week, he has been hitting a few shots in key moments of games. This team still needs a real shooting guard. There is a guy who wears number 15 out in Denver who wants a new home. I also want to give some props to C.J. Watson. A lot of people wanted him out of town after his first couple weeks. He was doing a lot of stupid shit like taking dumb shots and turning over the ball. The last month, he has been picking his spots when to shoot and it has been working. Bozo returns from his injury next week and the Bulls are two losses out of first place in the East. Just keep winning.

2. The Blackhawks are four points out of the last playoff spot with 25 games left. There are five teams in front of them with the same amount of points they are chasing so it’s going to be a pain in the ass for them to get in. I would say they need to go 16-6-3 just to have a chance. Just like the Bulls, I will say the same about the Blackahwks: Just. Keep. Winning.

7 Responses to “A couple things to mention.”

  1. Robert Says:

    Former bears great Dave curtain died

  2. robert Says:

    i meant duerson

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Some sad news. Duerson committed suicide by shooting himself. He left a note behind saying that he wanted his brain sent to the lab that Christopher Nowinski is running up in Boston.

    I was too young to remember him as a player but always heard about him and his problems in the past.

    Another sad story going on with a former bear is The Fridge William Perry. I read a story that he is having a lot of weight and alcohol issues. Along with the Duerson story, Perry’s issues might be brain related.

    Talk about hypocrisy with the NFL and it’s owners. The owners are whining about having an 18 game season yet they want the players to be safe. Too bad Goodell and the owners are too stupid to realize that they can’t have both.

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Hypocrisy is right.

    The NFL owners are probably afraid of what Nowinski’s lab will find..they should be. I don’t think an 18 game season is a good idea, it will result in even more injuries & shortened playing careers.

    I read the story on Perry….very sad.

  5. Tankho Says:

    > I would say they need to go 16-6-3 just to have a chance.

    “Just to have a chance”?

    Going 16-6-3 over the final 25 games (now 13-5-3 over the final 21) would net the Hawks 99 points on the season. That would give them better than just “a chance” at making the playoffs.

    In fact, I’d say that, if they somehow manage to get 99 points (a stretch, but not totally out of the question), that would put them in position to lock up the 4 seed and home ice advantage, let alone just sneak in at 8.

    Even more than that, if the final home-and-home against Detroit were to find the Hawks sniffing at 100, the division crown could even be in play.

    In short: you are ludicrous.

  6. Guest Says:

    Mr. Tank…MR. Tank!

    I want to talk to Mr. Tank…

  7. genrebuster Says:

    poor little Guest… (yawn). wah wah.


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