Rotten | Packers 27 Sad Excuse For An NFL Team 10


4th and goal at the half-yard line. Seriously. Just a half yard. It shouldn’t matter if it’s first down or fourth down.

QUARTERBACK SNEAK. Really. Just do it. Some of you have seen all the recaps over the years of games. The Bears never do it and it’s another reason why they lose games. Instead, we see a shotgun snap?

This is the Chicago Bears. Logic doesn’t apply to them. They do it their way and it shows.

Fuck Luke Betsy. Fuck Matt EberLOSE for doubling down in the press conference on that call. And fuck the entire defense for still not knowing how to cover receivers. It’s only been going on for about 30 years.

I felt a *bit* optimistic before the game started. A *bit*. However, it was another three and a half hour drive back home in the dark. I don’t know if you can blame me for this next part. But every game I have been to since 2018 both home and on the road, the Bears have lost in humiliating fashion. Last night, I was praying that a blind squirrel would find a nut. Nope.

Who wants to bet money that Lovie Smith of all people, comes to Chicago with the Texans to beat the Bears this coming Sunday?

Since I forgot to say this last week, Trevor Semen sucks. And to make up for it, I’ll say it again: Trevor Semen sucks.

And Ryan Poles sucks for signing him. Fuck that guy.

8 Responses to “Rotten | Packers 27 Sad Excuse For An NFL Team 10”

  1. skip Says:

    Looks like another McCaskey cluster Fuck , they have to be purposely hiring fucking idiots as Gms , head coaches , and they hire idiots !! You’ll never see anything different as long as the ass wipe McCaskeys are owners ,that should be obvious !! The Blackhawks are a joke and the Cubs suck , we’re in sports fan Hell !!

  2. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Packers do that “Shotgun at the goalline” shit all the time…have for years. There are a lot of coaches who don’t trust their talent and are more concerned about trying to outwit the coaches on the opposite sideline. The best teams are the ones who typically trust their players to beat the opposing talent without coaching interference.

  3. chucky Says:

    When you have Cris FUCKING Collinsworth scratching his goddamn head at your play calling, you’re fucked without a goddamned kiss!

    “Who wants to bet money that Lovie Smith of all people, comes to Chicago with the Texans to beat the Bears this coming Sunday?”

    I was thinking that that the fucking Bears will make Houston look like world beaters as a gift to Lovie for his service to the Bears, and his service to THE OLD BITCH.

  4. John Says:

    I was on the Southwest Chief so I didn’t get to watch the typical Lambeau beatdown the Bears get up north. Though I did overlook another guy’s laptop as he was streaming the game and I saw all I needed to know. Looked about as bad as they have in the past 7 against the Packers. They have surpassed the six straight losses that they got from 2010-2012. Haven’t won at Lambeau since 2015. Have won only once at Soldier Field from 2010- present. Even the blasted Lions and Vikings can beat the Pack! Bears are as bad against the Packers as the Jets are versus the Patriots! Puke.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Two days later, this game is still pissing me off. The Bears had a legit opportunity to take charge of the division just two games into the season. Instead, they shit all over themselves.

    I actually didn’t have a problem with them running the ball in the fourth quarter. The goal line stand pissed me off because it was the WRONG running call.

    How Luke Getsy still has a job after that game is beyond me. He should be fired for making such an idiotic call. Nobody outside of the Packers thought it was a good call.

  6. Skip Says:

    Fro Dog , The Ryan Poles regime is starting to smell like all the previous regimes hired by the McCaskey clown show , totally incompetent which shouldn’t be a surprise !! Change will never happen under the McCaskey ownership , what you see is what you will continue to get ! Chicago needs another NFL franchise .

  7. Mark Johnson Says:

    The goal line play clearly worked…tv replay showed he was in. I regard this whole season as a pre-season, doesn’t matter if we win just so people including coaches get better. We are paying 64 million in cap this season for people who aren’t on the team any longer. Ryan Pace was literally Godzilla when it came to talent eval and money.
    The back up quarterback jerseys are there because either Fields will suck and get benched or injured.
    Fro should have bought one while he had the chance.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    I’m aware he was in. But the fact he was in shotgun was the problem. It’s easier to just sneak it in. Jimmy Garrappolo did it on Sunday and it worked to perfection. They made it harder than it should have been and the call stood because they could see the ball on the replay.


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