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Can the Bears pull off another shocker this Sunday night when they go to Green Bay? Or will it be back to the same old shit?

10 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. Mark Johnson Says:

    This is for Bart Scott…who played for the Mother Fucking Jets…and Southern Illinois Salukis (What the hell is a Saluki–Russian popsicles?).
    Bears 24 Packers 13.
    Kiss my ass Bart Scott. If he played for the Patriots…okay…but the Mother Fucking Jets?!?!

  2. chucky Says:

    Back to the same old shit, men.

  3. Jimmy D Says:

    Hey All,

    While FroDog and I won’t be sitting next to each other at the game (I had a prior commitment that I couldn’t break free from), we will both be at Lambeau Field this evening. He and I will definitely figure out a way to meet up prior to the game!
    This week, your Bears won’t have the weather as an “equalizer”. For the regulars here (in the darkest corner of the internet) that are fans of the Green and Gold, our Packers have to show up (get their collective heads out of their asses) to avoid back-to-back NFC North losses.
    Looking forward to a football game on a perfect weather September evening!

    Jimmy D

  4. chucky Says:

    Remember all the hype surrounding Frank Schwindel after the Cubs traded away Anthony Rizzo? Well, he was just granted his unconditional release after clearing waivers. He’s now a free agent. The Cubs are a fucking mess. We’ll never see them in the World Series in our lifetimes again. Fanboy Ricketts, Jed “Clampet” Hoyer, you two can go fuck yourselves now.

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    Chucky, thanks for the update, I was wondering whatever happened to Schwindel. The Cubs are a mess and will continue to be a mess for years to come. As far as Bears – Packers, Bears win 31-10. Because Matt LaFleur is a flash in a pan boy-coach who should be coaching South Dakota State, and Aaron Rodgers is a whiney crybaby whose career is finished and should have retired after last year.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    Skipped NBC’s bullshit Sunday Night Football opening music video, because I’m so tired of that bitch.
    Didn’t turn on the game until midway thru the 2nd quarter, with the Pack leading 10-7. Rogers just led them to their 2md TD pass within 6 (game clock) minutes.
    Fuck it, goin’ to Walmart.

  7. chucky Says:

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program, Ernie, I’m afraid. GB 24-Bears 7, going into halftime. It’s looks like Aaron Rodgers STILL owns the motherfuckin’ Bears. And the Bears look like flaming dog shit in a paper bag. They might make adjustments, but so will GB. They’re still light years ahead of us.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    SOS (Bears-Packers).

    And, Hoyer is in over his head.

  9. dvxprime Says:

    Got back from Walmart to catch the Bears’ failed goalie push. 24 to 10.
    I’m amazed. The defense makes enough adjustments to keep Discount Doublecheck from tearing the Bears apart, but (once again) they can’t muster enough offense to make the game competitive.
    Bears-Packers turned into a snooze fest in the second half. Nice that the Bears recovered from yet another 2nd quarter meltdown, but O4FS, this team STILL can’t find the end zone on a regular basis. Fuck.

  10. Erniesarmy Says:

    Sorry, fellas, I really blew that prediction. I guess the Packers aren’t as bad as I figured, and the Bears are not as good. Oh well, the Cubs are still a flaming dumpster fire. Fire Hoyer! Let’s get someone in there that can spot talent.


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