Good Lord | Bears 23 Texans 20


Was it supposed to be this difficult? I don’t believe so. But there the Bears were; shooting themselves in the foot.

In a battle of the two worst teams in the league, the Bears proved they are neck-and-neck with the Texans. It all came down to who would fuck it up last. Roquan Smith made sure the Texans would be the ones to do that.

Matt Eberflus | This fucking idiot. The Bears had a first down with 40 seconds to go in the second quarter with all three timeouts. The team is down a point and they are kicking the ball off to to start the second half. And NOTHING. Just waste the clock out. Why? Certainly, no logical reason would be given behind that. It was just unbelievable. The Bears have a history of coaches who like to wave the white flag when a chance to succeed is presented.

Justin Fields | This guy is just bad. Two interceptions at very crucial times (isn’t ever time crucial?). His only strength is being able to scramble outside of the pocket for a first down. He can’t throw. He can’t stay in the pocket. He has zero awareness and he can’t hold onto the ball. But unfortunately, we are stuck with him until next year when the Bears will draft their next quarterback bust.

Khalil Herbert | I’ve finally been getting my wish of a team that would run the ball much more. With David Montgomery being hurt and probably gone for a while, Herbert was absolutely amazing. 20 rushes for 157 yards. More of this, please.

Defense | Don’t get fooled by the fourth quarter “success.” They were really bad in the first half and basically let the Texans run the ball with ease. And of course, passes for big gains on several occasions. First drive in the second half? The Texans once again drive down at will and since they suck just as much as the Bears, only a field goal came out of it.

Cairo Santos | He had a rough first game of the season. But as we can see, the weather was a factor. Today, he’s the reason why they won this game. Three field goals including the game-winner.

The Bears head to New Jersey next week to take on the Giants.

Your thoughts on this game and anything else going forward are welcome.

6 Responses to “Good Lord | Bears 23 Texans 20”

  1. Skip Says:

    Lets face reality , this is just more of the same shit that we keep seeing and it will never change under the McCaskey regime !! Fields is another wasted Pace draft pick and Poles had better start looking , yet again , for a franchise quarterback !!

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro, I stated my thoughts on Fields in your previous post. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. They just said it on the post-game. Fro, I stated my thoughts on Fields in your previous post. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. They just said it on the post-game. He can’t throw, he can’t read the defense, he’s not accurate, he can’t stay in the pocket. The only he can do is scramble out of the pocket and pick up the first down. That won’t cut it, and it will eventually get your QB fucking killed.

    You mentioned how every goddamned head coach has killed the clock to get to halftime, despite having time-outs left. This is why I have said, and I continue to believe, the fucking McCaskeys are interfering with the coaching staff. I won’t back off of this statement, regardless of what Dan Bernstein fucking says!

    Hampton and O’Bradovich are actually happy they won, but they’re still pissed about the offense. I don’t blame them. It’s been said before, right here in this dark corner of the internet, the Bears will continue to fucking suck until the goddamned loathsome McCaskey Family sells this fucking team. It’s that simple. Nothing is going to change.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    My dream in life is for Hamp and O’B to get shitfaced angry drunk after a blowout Bears loss, and for them to go on air on the postgame show and drop every one of the Seven Dirty Words.

  4. Mark Johnson Says:

    Skip-Problem in Chicago is we did not trade “a” draft pick, we traded 3 picks for this guy. The Bears have no idea what to do with a draft pick but it would solve some of our 64 million spent this year on players that are not here. Even bad draft picks are cheaper.

    On another thought, why do the Bears have an offensive coordinator that worked with Aaron Rogers? Thinking they are stealing from the Packers again? We need a guy that has built young quarterbacks not a guy that has just stood along side a guy that is admittedly…damn good and needs minimal coaching.

  5. Skip Says:

    Mark , it’s hopeless , the McCaskey Bears will always be the same ! There have been 5 general managers hired by the family and everyone has been a carbon copy of the previous one , blithering idiots !

  6. Mark Johnson Says:

    Skip- I know, but hoping after the damage from Pace is removed, we can start to sign and draft players that will get us to non-suckage. Obviously the damage Nagy has done to Fields may not have a fix. Order those Siemian jerseys now! At least he has a ring.


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