The injuries are piling up.

  • CB Jaylon Johnson (quad)
  • RB David Montgomery (ankle)
  • LB Matt Adams (hamstring)
  • S Dane Cruikshank (hamstring)

The Bears seem to have this issue more than other teams every year. Can something be done? Better trainers or telling the players to be in better shape? I am not too sure.

We all have a reason (or several) to not be optimistic when it comes to this team. I am not going to defend the coaching staff necessarily. But I would think they are a bit more honest than the last several regimes. It’s only three games in, however.

In addition to the names above, limited in practice were Roquan Smith, Velus Jones and tight end Ryan Griffin.

The Bears can beat the Giants this Sunday. But the reason would be similar to the previous game against the Texans in terms of who will fuck it up last.

3 Responses to “The injuries are piling up.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro, I always worried a little bit more when they didn’t have a few players who were nicked up. Remember how Lovie Smiths teams avoided the injury bug, for the most part? A lot of those players were also completely unprepared when the games began to count. Injuries are just a part of the game unfortunately. What I’m waiting to see is how the Bears will respond to these injuries. THAT is important part. Lovies players were soft and weak, physically (and by that, I mean they couldn’t play well because of the wimpy practices Lovie always had) and mentally. Just look at whiny little bitch Devin Hester. He cried like a little 5-year-old girl when the Bears finally woke the fuck up and shit-canned Smith.

    Like I said Fro, let’s just see how they respond to the injured players, and see if some of the vets pick up the rest of the team. If they do that, we might have something here.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    Well, you seem a bit more optimistic than me. But I’d say you are treading carefully. I get what you’re saying about injuries. It’s just that if more happen, then it’s too much to overcome.

    I forgot to add in this post that the Bears can’t stop the run so far this season. It’s been three games and I just don’t know that it can be fixed. Saquon Barkley could have a career game on Sunday.

  3. chucky Says:

    I’m not all that optimistic Fro. Remember who we’re dealing with here. The Bears still blow. Add to that the McCaskeys interference with the coaching staff, and their ineptitude in general, and they’ll be competing with the Lions for last place. I just don’t think injuries are the main problem.


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