My eyes are bleeding | Giants 20 High School Football Team 12


This was the most frustrating game I’ve seen in the last several years and imagine how much territory that covers. Fuck this consistently shitty franchise. This was unbelivable.

Fuck Matt EberLOSE. Fuck Luke Getsy and his idiotic play-calling.

Fuck this entire defense. They can’t stop basic college football plays. More specifically, fuck Kyler Gordon. Illegal contact one play. The next? Blatant pass interference.

Fuck Velus Jones. Cut this fucking bum.

Fuck Justin Fields. EVERY quarterback from Ohio State in my lifetime to play in the NFL has been rotten trash. We’ve seen this on the Bears before. Craig Krenzel, anyone?

This game was very much winnable. But since Luke Getsy doesn’t know how to call plays for the offense and put them in a position to succeed, this was the result. And Daniel Jones made the defense look PATHETIC.

Last, but not least, fuck Trevor Semen.

It’s not going to get any easier as the Vikings are up next.

17 Responses to “My eyes are bleeding | Giants 20 High School Football Team 12”

  1. chucky Says:

    I hope the goddamn Bears lose every fucking game for the rest of the season. This team is fucking hot garbage. So is the coaching staff, and so is the motherfucking ownership.








  2. Fro Dog Says:

    You mentioned the season ticket holders. Don’t forget the crap they pulled by making fans get personal seat licenses. Not sure if the owners can give those seats up. Regardless, these scumbags charged the same prices for preseason games as they did regular season.

    Everybody on the roster can go fuck off.

  3. John Says:

    Frown face! I didn’t watch the game last week because I was out of state, but it appears in this one that this is the season. The Bears have just had ‘the game’, which basically ensures they will be utter trash for the rest of the season. They may be ‘just’ 2-2, but they might as well be 0-4 as far as I’m concerned. They blew a perfectly winnable game as they always do, but let’s be honest, the Giants were in control of this one from the start. They got bogged down in the red zone, as the Bears typically do, and in embarrassing fashion they couldn’t even stop a team that could only use the wildcat formation, or a backup QB running. Now the season is shot. Next week the Bears will lose 10-35 at the Vikings, who are now good, and Justin Jefferson will doubtlessly have the game of his life. Dalvin Cook will almost certainly have as good a game as Saquon Barkley did in this one. Conveniently for the Packers, the Giants got defanged in this game, while still beating us, and they will surely go on to get pummeled by the Packers in a win-win scenario for them, after they blast the Pats at home. We are only lucky that Justin Fields didn’t get killed in this game considering how many hits he was taking.

  4. chucky Says:

    Hamp and OB are pinning this loss directly on the coaching staff. EberLOSER and Getsy fucking suck donkey shaft! I’m getting goddamn sick and tired of the Bears hiring people who can’t find their asses with both hands and road map. It STILL smells like ownership is trying to run the show. This team has been a goddamned shitshow for THIRTY FUCKING YEARS!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?

  5. Skip Says:

    Chucky , This is starting to look like the previous 4 GMs and their horrible track record , hire Morons for your head coach and they’ll hire idiots as their staff !! Say thank you to the McCaskeys and Ted Phillips for fucking up their 5th hire as a GM ! There isn’t any hope of the Bears ever being competent as long as the ass clowns own the team!!

  6. Mark Johnson Says:

    I just watched Mahomes “flip” a ball 10 yards to an open guy in the end zone for a touchdown. It is easy to understand why the Bears look terrible, whoever is coaching, when you think back to the dumb fuck (Pace) that traded future picks to move up 1 slot for Trubisky instead of this guy.

  7. Skip Says:

    Mark , the faces change but the stupidity stays the same ! The Bears have the worst owners in all sports not just football !

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Even though the offense is complete garbage, I still pin the majority of today’s loss on the defense for their awful first half along with what the Giants did without their quarterbacks late in the game.

    And speaking of the garbage offense, they’ve scored less points in the last three games combined than the Lions did today. Even the Lions look 50 times better than the Bears.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    The header has been changed and EberLose has gone up there. Fuck him.

  10. dvxprime Says:

    “We had no answer for DANIEL JONES and the bootleg.” I never thought I would hear that from anyone, much less Dan Hampton in a Bears postgame show. Not Aaron Rodgers, not Tom Brady…Daniel Rogers, who is about the same (?) talent level as Mitch Trubisky. Good Lord.

  11. Mark Johnson Says:

    Skip, I agree. I do not understand about all the talk about the Bears not having an answer for the bootleg. The problem is we can not stop a running back especially inside. On those plays you clearly see the whole defense biting on the fake to Barkley ..even the safety who is nearly up on the line.
    Why did we hire a coach that wants to go back to the 4-3 when we do not have the guys for that? We just got the people for a 3-4.
    I know it is a cluster fuck but we should be better than we are, but Pace left us with no talent, no cap space and no draft picks. I hate the McCaskey Crime Family much more for how long it took to clear that cluster out of town than I do for the admittedly dumb ass crew running the current production of ladies football in Chicago.

  12. Mark Johnson Says:

    dvxprime, — I think Mitch is working his way out of football and into a nice insurance sales position. Daniel Jones at least has some time and wins under his belt. I don’t know…maybe every team needs a backup…look at the Bears backups!

  13. Dave Says:

    I know this is a Bears thread. But with the baseball season over, the Cubs have seemed to have exceeded expectations in wins this year with a strong second half showing. The Cubs have looked good down the final stretch with an impressive record in September, including road series sweeps of playoff contending teams. They might just be an ace starting pitcher and a couple superstar free agent position players away from competing, and that may be as early as next year.

  14. Mark Johnson Says:

    Dave Every damn team in Chicago plays great when it doesn’t matter. The Bears blow a good draft position, the Sox make a run at the beginning of September and then collapse, the Cubs get it together just to get bigger contracts and ownership can sell more tickets, the Bulls bring in old free agents and do well until everyone is hurt.

  15. Mark Johnson Says:

    Back to the Bears. This made my day. Finally someone says the obvious to all the Hub Arkush fans that think things are not so bad.

  16. Skip Says:

    The McCaskey owned Bears will always be what they’ve been under their ownership, pathetic mismanaged losers and history proves that will never change !! I just don’t care any more , it’s hopeless !!

  17. John Says:

    I still think that Browns and Jets fans would snort with derision at us saying we have the worst ownership in the NFL. Perhaps you could throw Jags and Falcons fans in there as well.

    We also passed up on Aaron Rodgers in the draft, don’t forget.


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