Lost my voice screaming: Vikings 20 Bears 17

October 9, 2017 by

A ton of penalties.

Bad defense.

Costly turnovers.

Isn’t that every loss by the Bears? I mean, they had a touchdown in the first quarter only to have it called back by a holding penalty. They also stopped the Vikings late in the game and Leonard Floyd was called for holding. I mean, this is what it is. The Bears are still a very bad football team.

Mitch Trubisky: Hey, it was fun watching him play. That two-point conversion was amazing. I know that interception was not a smart throw that cost them the game late. RUN THE DAMN BALL. But overall, bad defense and penalties ultimately decided it. And if anyone thinks Mike Glennon gave them a better chance, please go put your head into a bucket of wet cement.

Bears vs. Ravens next week in Baltimore.

Your thoughts in the thread.


Stepping up when it really counts (again).

October 7, 2017 by

I’m glad Maddon started Kyle Hendricks last night.

I believe that he’s the current “ace” of the Chicago Cubs starting pitchers. What a great performance last night. Like Greg Maddux, he can be overpowering, without a crushing fastball.


Mitch-A-Palooza starts this coming Monday night.

October 2, 2017 by

Deja vu, all over again.

September 30, 2017 by

………from the archives! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

chucky Says:

Right here Ernie. All I can say is this:\

THANK FUCKING GAWD THAT FUCKING, GODDAMNED TOOTHPICK EATING ASSHAT IS FUCKING GONE FROM CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!! I miss that motherfucking asswipe as much as much as I’d miss having VD. Dusty, you are a worthless bag of fuck, and you don’t deserve to be in a major league ball park unless you bought a fucking ticket. And I might even question that, you fucking shit sucking goddamn HACK!!!!!

How was that Ernie?


Exhausted: Packers 35 Bears 7 – Early in the 4th quarter

September 28, 2017 by

It’s late. The game was delayed about 45 minutes. The defense is just hard to watch. In fact, this entire team is tough to tolerate.

Mike Glennon: Fuck this guy. He’s been responsible for four turnovers and it’s only the end of the 3rd quarter. I’ve seen enough. I am sure all of you have as well.

Connor Barth: Can someone please explain how this idiot keeps his job? This guy could bang John Fox’s old lady and still be employed by this team. He needs to be given a swirly in a high school locker room for his putrid kicking. What a way to kill any momentum this team may have had.

Defense: TURN. AROUND. WHEN. THE. BALL. IS. THROWN. TO. A. WIDE. RECEIVER. Also, nice going by Danny Trevathan for that helmet hit when the receiver was already stopped. That lead to a touchdown rather than a field goal.

Bears vs. Vikings on Monday Night Football October 9th. Who smells 1-4?

Toilet humor: Mike Glennon and Connor Barf

September 28, 2017 by

Some dickhead (okay, it was me) edited both Mike Glennon and Connor Barth’s Wikipedia page. Call me mean.

Ted Phillips – Ryan Pace – John Fox: The Three Dotards – Bears 23 Steelers 17

September 24, 2017 by

Oh, Chicago Bears, I fucking hate you. All of you piss me off in some way, shape or form.

This game today was one of the worst ones I have ever seen the Bears play. And trust me, I know I can be overly dramatic. But I am serious. This was one of the most frustrating, fucked-up games I have ever seen the Bears play EVER. From turnovers, to penalties, to stupid mistakes, this game had it all.

Marcus Cooper: When the Bears finally did something awesome for a change by blocking a field goal attempt, If the Bears do not cut this guy by tomorrow, they truly do not care about winning. I don’t give a fuck if VIRGINIA FUCKING MCCASKEY has to go to Halas Hall to do this tomorrow to cut Marcus Fucking Cooper. He should be gone by Monday to make an example. What he did at the end of the first half of slowing down BEFORE getting to the end zone is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen. And that’s saying something seeing has how this team has been since I was a child.

This was so stupid, I even texted Genrebuster out of frustration because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. That’s how embarrassing this was. Oh, and to put some icing on the cake, he held a receiver in the end zone after the Bears had a stop on 3rd down. Well, that lead to the Steelers getting to within a field goal. FUCK THIS MOTHERFUCKER.

End of the first half: So, after this whole stupid fucking scenario, by rule, the Bears had one play at the spot of the penalty (inside the 1). Since I probably figured the Bears wouldn’t have scored that touchdown, a false start penalty did them in resulting in just a field goal.

Connor Barth: How is this fucking guy still in the NFL? Oh, I am sorry. The Bears allow him to still have a job. Nice miss on that easy field goal in the first half, fucker.

Mike Glennon: Speaking of how someone is still employed in football, Mike Glennon did his best to give the game away. He threw an interception and damn near threw another one at the end of regulation. It was unbelievable. This guy can’t throw an accurate pass nor move out of the pocket to save his life.

Jordan Howard/Tarik Cohen: I am not going to bash these two guys too much because they kicked ass on the ground in this game. The play-calling, due to Glennon’s inability to be reasonable quarterback, was very solid. The Bears basically played “Madden” all day and it paid dividends. But, like in Madden, you keep running the ball and fumbles will start. Jordan Howard fumbled on a run in the second half (it looked like his knee was down). That lead to the game-tying field goal. Then, at the end of regulation, Cohen got the first down but fumbled it right after getting hit. Thankfully, Bobbie Massie recovered it just in time.

Cohen was amazing in overtime on that run that got called back. He wasn’t out of bounds, but one of the referee called him out at the 37. Two plays later, Howard went right in and ran the ball down the field. I was delaying a celebration thinking there would be a flag (because it would have been appropriate for there to be one). Some shitty news as it appears Howard hurt his shoulder. Even after, he stayed in the game and got over 100 yards rushing. Wow.

1-2 and a Thursday Night showdown with the Packers. Also, Marcus Cooper sucks. I don’t think I mentioned that.

God help us all.

12 games to go.

September 19, 2017 by


My Frendts, Ladies and Gentlemen: hats off to Mike Montgomery. Couldn’t have come at a better time. And how about Wade Davis?

(does anybody miss Aroldis Chapman? Not me, although I appreciate what he did with the Cubs last year).

Yes, tonite the “great” Cubs pitching – and bullpen (!) – showed up, and the crappy ones stayed home. The bats were almost non-existent, but they have been very heated of late….one run was enough.

Since being swept by the Brewers, the Cubs are 7-0. Hard to know which Cubs team is going to show up, but they have been playing really well since the All Star break. This 7 game winning streak couldn’t have come at a better time.


….Brewers-Cubs and Brewers-Cards may tell the tale.





Recap done! – Buccaneers 10 Bears 0 – End of 1st quarter

September 17, 2017 by

If the Bears somehow come back to win, fine. But, I’ve seen enough to decide that the Bears will lose. Here’s your recap.

Mike Glennon: 6/6 and then, throw a pass in triple-coverage with another tight end wide open? INTERCEPTION!

Defense: Forced a field goal and a punt. Great. The secondary still sucks.

Tarik Cohen: Dude, what the fuck? Don’t pick up a punt that’s bouncing. That lead to the touchdown.

Next up are the Steelers in Pittsburgh. 0-3, here we come.

A picture that would piss off many of you

September 14, 2017 by

Come on George. Do the right thing for this franchise and can these two guys along with John Fox. If you truly give a shit about the future of this team, you would make these sweeping changes.