This again?: Saints 26 Sad Excuse For A Professional Football Team 10 (third quarter)

October 20, 2019 by


That happened on two different drives in the first half for the Bears.


Prince Amukafuckwad gave up a deep ball to the Saints at the start of the third quarter. So much for the “great” defense. They couldn’t stop a nosebleed and if it weren’t for two missed field goals, the Bears would be down three touchdowns.

Matt Nagy is a fucking fraud. I don’t know why myself and a few others are the only ones who see this? Fuck.

It’s time for George McCaskey to wake up from his wet dream and can Ted Phillips, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. Bring in a general manager who actually knows how to draft players and develop them. Bring in a head coach who has the common sense to call for a run play on 2nd and 2 rather than pass it all the time resulting in a punt.

I’m fucking sick of this shit. Barring any miracle after this posting, the Bears will be 3-3. With how many teams are in front of them for the Wild Card spots, there is no fucking way they are going 8-2. I already said 11 wins will be needed to get in. It’s looking a lot more like that’s what it will take after this week.

Fuck this.

11 wins will be needed for the Bears to make the playoffs.

October 14, 2019 by

Well, the bye week has come and gone. The Bears didn’t get much help from teams they needed to lose. I am typing this after the Packers beat the Lions. It appears that barring an unforeseen collapse, the Packers have the division. That leaves the Wild Card as the only way in.

The Bears did this to themselves. They lost to the Raiders in which they didn’t show up for the first half nor in the last few minutes. They had no chance on Opening Night against the Packers. And they aren’t getting much help from other teams either. At 3-2 and a stacked conference, 11 wins is probably going to be needed to come in.

I can just think of seven years ago when the Bears finished 10-6 and missed the playoffs. There were at least two games that they completely shit themselves in.

I highly doubt the Bears can do this due to their piss-poor excuse of a head coach and defense that always seems to falter in crucial moments of games (last few minutes of losses the last two seasons?).

Your thoughts in the thread.

Exposed: Raiders 24 Frauds 21

October 6, 2019 by

Remember last year in Miami? See a pattern here?

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the defense showing that they can’t stop a nosebleed against any team that’s considered “decent.” For crying out loud, they almost blew a 28-0 lead against one of the worst teams in the NFL.

I’m tired of the stupid penalties that give other teams chances to win the game. I’m tired of Matt Nagy getting rid of actually good players that can help them win games (Jordan Howard). I’m tired of watching shitty quarterbacks.

No excuses. As far as that running into the kicker penalty, which was a shitty call, fine. But that defense had 70 yards to defend after that and they didn’t get the job done.

Even after all of that, the Bears were right there in a position to win and they didn’t come through. And here we are again praying for teams in the division to lose their games in order for this team to have a chance at the playoffs. It’s no longer “early.” It’s time to win now and this team isn’t doing it.

Bye week is next. The Saints are up in two weeks. Lord help us all.

Thank You, Joe Maddon!

October 3, 2019 by

Well…….I, for one am disappointed that Joe won’t return in 2020. He was the perfect manager for the Cubs when hired, and the 2016 World Series Championship proves it. I suspect that he was ready to move on, and wish him the best moving forward.

I’ll write more later….in the meantime, I know my frendt Ernie is happy that Maddon is gone…what about the rest of youse?

…waiting to see who the next Cubs manager will be….tick tock.


Leaving points off the board: Bears 16 Vikings 6

September 29, 2019 by

Boring? Maybe? Frustrating? Yes. Annoying? Indeed. That’s how I felt during this game. The Bears were given every chance to stomp all over the Vikings and yet, it was no more than a two-possession game. How did the Bears not score at least ten more points? I am not going to be confident about this team until they play four full quarters of a game without any stupid decision-making.

Mitch Trubisky – Awful injury. As soon as I saw the replay, it looked like a broken collarbone. That’s at least six weeks off. At least. Chase Daniel stepped in and did a really great job. He’s going to need to step up.

Matt Nagy – How stupid is this guy? How many fucking times do I have to watch Cordarelle Patterson take a snap and run for one or no yards? It’s 3rd and 2. GIVE IT TO A RUNNING BACK YOU STUPID FUCK. Yeah, I’ll blame Nagy for leaving points off the field. Like last week, this game should have been a blowout.

Running game – Non-existent. The PATHETIC excuse of a head coach is to blame for that.

Defense –¬†Two turnovers and a ton of sacks. Great. Again, too bad the offense made that go to waste for most of the game. But what still frustrates me is the way they give up a ton of yards and points when another team is in a hurry-up offense. We saw that late in this game. It needs to stop.

Eddie Jackson – Okay, the Bears got the ball back on this drive I’m going to talk about. But they could have had much better field position after the Vikings were stopped deep in their own territory. Jackson pushes a player in the end zone after a dust up with other players and instead of a 4th and long, it’s a fresh set of downs for the Vikings. Undisciplined. Stupid.

The Bears are now tied for first place with the Packers (Packers hold the tiebreaker as of now) with a record of 3-1. The Raiders are up next in London.

I’m so glad Matt Nagy told Ryan Pace to trade Jordan Howard. That bum only scored three touchdowns Thursday Night!

September 26, 2019 by

Stat time (cue Yeti): 15 carries – 87 yards – two rushing touchdowns; three catches for 28 yards and a receiving touchdown

I thought he was on his way to a fourth late in the game as well.

The more success Jordan Howard has with the Eagles, the more Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy show that they are the biggest frauds in football.

Fuck both of these guys.

A whole bunch of PATHETIC: Bears 31 Redskins 15

September 23, 2019 by

How does this defense get five turnovers and yet, still nearly blow it? How does the offense basically get spotted a 28-0 lead and blow it? How does Matt Nagy on first and goal call for a pass play that appropriately gets intercepted at the goal line?

We’ve seen this before. Shades of last year against the Dolphins? Why pass when the ball can be easily ran?

It’s because Matt Nagy is a sad excuse for a professional football coach. We’ve seen this before. Shades of last year against the Packers in Green Bay? 28-0 lead and before you know it, the Redskins are marching down to get within one score. Thankfully, Case Keenum tried to jump for the first down only to have the ball knocked out of his hands.

Penalties. Bad play-calling. We saw it all.

The defense? Again, great for five turnovers. But fuck. What’s with giving up big plays on drives late in halves for points? We saw it in Green Bay last year and in the playoffs. We even saw it last week when they blew a ten-point lead in the second half. Only a miracle in the final seconds saved that. And we saw it tonight before halftime.

It’s time for Matt Nagy and his playbook of trickery to take a hike. It’s time to bring in someone who actually knows how to give the ball to a running back instead of CORDARELLE FUCKING PATTERSON. HE’S NOT A FUCKING RUNNING BACK.

What else am I missing? I don’t know fucking know. Sure, if someone told me the Bears were going to win this game 31-15 without even watching it, I’d be happy. But damn. This is really painful to watch and will be all season. This is a very bad offense and the defense is very bad when the game is on the line. The offense is to blame for most of it.

The Bears play the Vikings next Sunday at home. The injuries are piling up. I need to go buy some Pepto Bismol.

Shades of Kevin fucking Gregg!

September 21, 2019 by

Whose idea was it to sign Kimbrell? He’s a one man wrecking crew…PATHETIC.


tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…

Exhausted: Bears 16 Broncos 14

September 15, 2019 by

13-3 Bears with one quarter left. Bears intercept the Broncos near the goal line. No problem, right?


Matt Nagy did it again. He was out there calling timeouts to “stall” the Broncos and instead, it gives them more time to get a play and convert on fourth downs to continue drives. Before we know it, the game is about to be tied.

Then, the Bears were given a gift of a delay of game. The Broncos are about to try an extra pont.

Then, Buster Skrine jumps offside with the Broncos MISSING the extra point.

It was divine intervention that the Bears were going to lose this game after the Broncos converted the two-point conversion.

On a fourth-and-ten, Trubisky threw a huge pass to Allen Robinson and in the nick of time, fell to the ground and called a timeout. ONE. SECOND. LEFT.

Eddy Pineiro nails a 52-yard field goal to win the game. HOLY SHIT.

After all of that, the Bears finally win a game that they blew. And Matt Nagy should be fired before the press conference. Fuck him.

The Bears can’t clinch a playoff spot in September, but they can certainly lose one.

September 11, 2019 by

It’s a fact. Teams that start 0-2 aren’t likely to make the playoffs. The stats (cue Yeti) show that only a tenth of teams to start that way still get a playoff spot.

I would say that this Sunday against the Broncos is a must-win in every sense.

The season opener pissed us off. As I look at other games around the league, the Bears weren’t the only team to look awful.

I still feel this is an easy fix. Sadly, it won’t happen because Pace and Nagy are married to this for years to come. Matt Nagy is a fraud who thinks he’s an offensive wizard. In reality, he’s an offense to legit coaches. Again, a 2nd and 1 and he calls a passing play? Then, last week, a “trick” play to Cordarelle Patterson? GIVE IT TO A RUNNING BACK OR DO A QUARTERBACK SNEAK.

I feel this is it for the Bears. Win this or Sunday or be eliminated from playoff contention.