Sink or swim: Packers 35 Bears 16


What a bunch of fucking hacks the Bears are. While I’m glad they’re in the playoffs, it doesn’t discredit this PATHETIC performance today. The defense was horseshit. And if it wasn’t for a dropped touchdown pass by Marques Valdez-Scantling to begin the third, the Bears probably lose by 30 instead of 19. This defense has just been garbage all season.

With the Bears up 7-0, Duke Shelley thought it would be okay to hold a receiver (Davonte Adams?). It was fourth down and the pass by Rodgers was ten yards over the head to begin with. THE BALL WAS TEN YARDS OVER THE RECEIVER’S HEAD TO BEGIN WITH. Fuck. Why isn’t Chuck Pagano being held accountable for this tire fire? FUCK EVERYONE ON DEFENSE. All of them are responsible for being worthless against actual teams.

And this offense? Well, it was going okay, at best. That was until the glorious 4th-and-1 play in the fourth. The smart idea would be to give the ball to David Montgomery up the middle to extend the drive. Instead? Bill Lazor or even the bald-headed dipshit calls a pass play? And the Packers were all over it. Turnover on downs and the Packers promptly drive down the field with ease for a touchdown. And to add salt to the wound, Trubisky fulfilled his obligation of throwing one interception a game. The Packers again, drove down the field with ease for a touchdown.

Thanks to the Rams, the Bears are in the playoffs. This clown show goes on the road to play the Saints. Did I mention Chuck Pagano is a fucking idiot?

6 Responses to “Sink or swim: Packers 35 Bears 16”

  1. Fro Dog Says:

    If the news wasn’t bad enough, both Darnell Mooney and Roquan Smith were hurt in this game. So two of the very few players who are actually worth a damn were knocked out. It doesn’t look good either.

  2. chucky Says:

    The worst possible thing happened today. The fucking, goddamned, totally inept, most poorly coached team in the entire NFL, just backdoored their way into the playoffs. This collection of fucking horseshit has no goddamned business even sniffing around a playoff game, unless they bought tickets. They’ve shot their collective dicks off as far as firing the “bald headed dipshit”(credit: Fro), firing the dumbest of dumb fucks in GM history in Ryan fucking Pace, and getting decent a draft slot. So what do we, as fans, have to look forward to?

    1) One more game for the Bears to totally shit the bed.

    2) One more year of an absolute goddamn idiot for head coach and GM.

    3) One more shitty season to have to suffer through.

    The last four weeks have been in actuality a complete disaster for the Bears, and for us fans. Absolutely no fucking good came from that bullshit three game winning streak, except to give the rubes and the proles a false sense of hope. The Bears simply can’t win anything with this coaching staff, nor with this roster as it is constructed now. Massive change must happen, and it isn’t on the way my frendts. Sorry to be such Debby Downer, but those are the facts.

  3. tcall13 Says:

    Let’s be honest. The Bears are barely good enough to be mediocre. They needed help to even get into an extended playoffs. They are a disgrace and everyone should be fired.

    BUT – they probably won’t be. So Ryan Pace will ruin another draft. And The Bald Wonder will get another year to prove his system is a joke. And maybe Mitchy will be back, too.

    Happy Freaking New Year!

  4. chucky Says:

    Meet the new year, same as the old year. My fucking head hurts.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Bears vs. Saints?


    Flush McCaskey and his gang of asshats!

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    My voice is a bit hoarse yelling at the TV today. It’s so fucking frustrating watching this team, especially the defense. What is Chuck Pagano thinking pulling a “Lovie Smith” by bringing back the defensive scheme known as the “Cover Who?” The entire secondary is just sitting there staring at Rodgers as he throws a floater down the field to a wide-open receiver for a touchdown? It’s humiliating. HOW HARD IS IT TO GO AFTER A RECEIVER BEFORE THEY GET THAT FAR DOWN THE FIELD?

    Real teams don’t have that dilemma. But since the Bears don’t have any actual professionals playing in the secondary, it is very difficult.


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