Seriously, Hub Arkush?


Hub Arkush of football journalism fame in Chicago the last 30 years or so decided to write an article this week about the possibility of the Bears trading for DeShaun Watson.

He put this in the article: “But the Jay Cutler trade already proved it’s not always as simple as it often appears” and that “pulling off a trade for a star quarterback doesn’t guarantee success.”

First off, Hub, this is apples to oranges in comparison. In no way whatsoever should Jay Cutler be mentioned in the same breath as DeShaun Watson. Granted, I was ecstatic when the Bears pulled off that trade back in 2009. Many were. And I’m not going to dive into that cesspool again. I’ll just say it was the best the Bears could do at that time. However, Cutler was all “potential.” DeShaun Watson is a once-in-a-lifetime quarterback. Really, he is. Cutler wasn’t a star. Watson is. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Yes, Hub basically wrote that the Bears should look into trading for him. But he didn’t seem like he wanted the Bears to get him. And if that’s the case, he’s dumber than I thought. And I may have been one of the few that respected and enjoyed his thoughts on the Bears many years ago. I just feel he is very wrong these days on a lot of things. Our good friend of this site, Chucky, has expressed his ANGER for Hub.

Absolutely, the Bears should do everything they can to try to get Watson. Pace knows his job is on the line and getting Watson would buy him a few more years. Make no mistake about it, this team is still in shambles. Having a legit, franchise quarterback would help suppress those flaws.

Pace fucked up royally four years ago. And it’s going to cost a fortune to correct it. Might as well start with this trade.

8 Responses to “Seriously, Hub Arkush?”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro…..first off, thanks for the call out. It’s always nice to be recognized for something, in my case, my ANGER. Second, I agree with everything you said, but you left out the most important wild card in this scenario. As you have so eloquently named him, that wild card would be the bald headed dipshit. We have all mentioned how nobody really knows if Turd Biscuit would have been any good with a decent head coach helping him along. If Watson does come here, I hate to say this, but so what? Nagy will just murder this kids career too. I don’t think Watson will be any more successful here that Turd Biscuit. They key for this team for sustained success is the firing of Nagy and Pace, and for the McCaskey family to be thrown, screaming and on fire, from a helicopter. Bottom line, I’d love to see Watson in a Bear uniform. But my fear is he won’t be any better than Turd Biscuit under this regime.

    Just my two cents, which these days is worth about 1/3 of that two cents.

  2. Paul Says:

    The Bears are dysfunctional as are the McCaskey’s and the only way that will change is with different ownership and that’s not going to happen, so this CLUSTER FU-K will continue!! I’ve had enough and have officially become a Packer fan , I didn’t think I’d ever say that but after 60 plus years of this crap, see ya!! PS. Hub is nothing but a McCaskey boot licker!!

  3. Nemo Says:

    Never been a fan of Arkush and if I ever met him in person I would scream “Ball!” in his ear about 25 times. I don’t know if Watson is the answer, but the Bears need to try something. They can’t just do nothing until Pace and Nagy get fired (which will hopefully be soon). With Watson unhappy and demanding a trade, hopefully the Bears will not overcompensate Houston for him.

    I think it was Telander who basically acted like the Bears could never get Watson because they pretty much blew him off when he was up to be drafted. Well, FUCK that argument! Watson is unhappy and wants out. Is he really that petty to hold such a grudge? If the Bears can man up and admit their mistakes from 4 years ago and show that they have learned and want him, I think he will come here if the deal can be made.

    Hey, anybody seen this? ’85: The Greatest Team in Football History. The 35th Anniversary of the Super Bowl Win was on the 26th and it was rerun on the Marquee network (and it was free on Amazon Prime). I missed it when it came out, but feeling nostalgic and watched it. It was pretty disappointing-they left out so much and they assumed we knew everything there was to know (except Jeremy Piven, who came on every 3 minutes to remind us that the 85 Bears were the best team ever-NO SHIT!)

    They talked about how Ditka was going to cut so many guys before they would be good enough for the SB, yet they ignored the cutting of Noah Jackson, which I believe was a big deal-kind of sending a message that no one was safe. They also barely touched on the huge win against the defending SB Champ Raiders in 1984 or going into Washington and winning the WC game with Steve Fuller against Joe Theisman. They just assumed we knew McMahon was injured so much.


    So, they ignored the slow start against Tampa, the dominant game against New England (SB preview), the thrashing of Washington, the revenge against the 49ers (and the whole reason the Frig was put in the backfield in the first place). No mention of the back to back shutouts including 44-0 annihilation at Dallas (who STILL made the playoffs) against Ditka’s mentor, Tom Landry.

    They did show the playoff games, but not in any organized manner. They didn’t even mention the Bears fumbling on their first possession in the SB and falling behind 3-0 and the temporary sense of dread that they might somehow blow it. They did fixate on Payton not getting his TD for A LONG TIME. It was sad and Ditka got a little full of himself as an entertainer by letting the Frig score before Payton, but why focus so much on that downer in what was the best Bears season ever?! Honestly, I didn’t even notice Payton hadn’t scored until the announcers brought it up.

    Then they went on to lament that they never won again considering their talent and youth, but they never explored in depth-mostly it just happened according to them. I wanted a hit of nostalgia and to relive the season and I was disappointed in how lacking this was. Ugh!!

  4. chucky Says:

    Hey Fro, have you noticed ol’ Hub has been giving out his own personal “report cards” on various Bears position players and coaching? As if this pompous, arrogant dumb fuck knows enough to evaluate anything regarding football.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Nemo, I watched bits of that documentary the other day after the Blackhawks pissed away a game (it’s been rough to watch). It was a bit similar to the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary from a few years ago. You’re right about them not showing many of the games you mentioned and how they basically fast-forwarded through that season. I’ve seen all I needed to see. It’s too bad the franchise still can’t make another winning team like it was back then.

    And Chucky, I didn’t know he was giving report cards on personnel. I don’t care to see them either. I just don’t know what happened to that guy. He wasn’t really that bad 10-15 years ago.

  6. Paul Says:

    So the Dumb ASS Bears are going to bring that MORON Pace and his MORON buddy Nagy back and allow Pace to over see another draft , unbelievable but par for the course from the McCaskeys!! What the Hell are they thinking but again that’s what they do!!

  7. Paul Says:

    My Grandson just told me he heard the rumor that the Bears are going to make a trade to get Carson Wentz, the Bears give up a number 1 pick, Nick Foles, and another offensive player!! Sounds about right knowing how Pace thinks, anyone else hear the same thing?

  8. Jack Says:

    People are quick to forget that Cutler was the QB that nearly took them to a Super Bowl. If he wouldn’t have been injured in the NFC Championship game against the Packers they would have won. I’m not saying Jay was a “great quarterback.” What I am saying is that he wasn’t nearly as bad as most people suggest he was. Lovie had no clue how to evolve an NFL offense in the modern age.


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