Who do you have winning the Super Bowl?


Chiefs or Buccaneers? I am picking Buccaneers because it’s crazy seeing Tom Brady still dominate. Many had written him off after a few games into this season. It’s incredible what he is doing.

It wouldn’t bother me if the Chiefs won either. Of course, they start dominating even more and not blowing leads because the bald-headed dipshit is no longer there to piss on the team.

Fire away.

3 Responses to “Who do you have winning the Super Bowl?”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Post #2 to Bears fans page on Facebook:

    “Okay I guess the admins didn’t like my earlier post about my suggested response to Ted Phillip’s annual letter begging for PSL/season ticket holders to renew, so Imma jus’ put this out there:

    “Virginia McCaskey owns the Bears because she took George Halas’ hand in marriage and bore him two sons…and among the three of them, none of them know anything about football, nor have they contributed anything to the sport.

    “George McCaskey is the son of the man who built the Chicago Bears from the ground up, and he claims to know nothing about football, as an excuse to why he is not aggressive in leading the Bears. As the older son of Papa Bear Halas, he should be ashamed of himself.

    “Ted Phillips is beginning his 22nd year as Team President/CEO. He contributes nothing to building the Bears into SuperBowl contenders or even trying to lead them in that path.

    “Said my piece. You have a problem? Inbox me.”

    Post #1, submitted earlier:

    “If there are any Bears fans here whom are season ticket/personal seat license holders:

    “Upon review of another disappointing season, the epic-fail, out of touch season ending presser held by George McCaskey, and the “woke culture” of the NFL…

    “When Ted Phillips send out his mailer to you, gibbing for you to renew your season ticket/PSL. Don’t respond with any sort of payment.

    “I recommend you send a Polaroid, or any other sort of photograph, of whatever part of your personal anatomy would most offend the dowager widow Virginia McCaskey.

    “What do you say, Bears fans?”

    Stirring up shit on FB for Super Bowl Weekend…’cuz that’s all I got.

    Oh, an I’m going to make a road trip for some spare ribs before game time on Sunday. The only two actual rib joints went under in the last two years, and the best one within driving distance is a 35-min. drive north.

  2. chucky Says:

    Ha! DVX…..I’m surprised they let your second post slide. It’s still pretty harsh toward the Beloved’s ownership. Deserving, but harsh. Keep up the good work stirring up shit with those dumb asses.

    I’m picking KC, mainly to rub Ryan Pace’s sheer incompetence in his smug and arrogant face. I mean seriously, look at where Mahomes is and then look at Turd Biscuit. The fact that he thought Mike FUCKING Glennon even had something in his tank at all should have gotten him shitcanned, but then trading up to get the Turd and pass on Mahomes. This cocksucker isn’t qualified to buy a ticket to a game, let alone evaluate player talent. Add to that he hires the bald headed “dipshit” that the Chiefs were looking to unload anyway. Obviously, he can’t can’t evaluate coaching talent either. I want this game to be a reflection and representation of Pace’s utter incompetence, and I think it will.

    Are you “pissed off” yet you OLD BITCH? Or are you still in your fucking coma?

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Chucky, they never posted either of my posts, but I am still a member of the page as of this writing. The (Chicago Tribune) Bears fans page won’t let you post about MAILING DICK PICKS TO TED PHILLIPS but they’re not that quick on the trigger to ban folks. Probably one their “watch list,” tho’.

    But, back on topic: there’s something about the whole Tom Brady saga that kinda shines on this casual Super Bowl viewer. I think most GMs spend many sleepless nights how to strike it that rich in the draft. Bill Bellichek and Scott Pioli should give a TED talk on how they screened, drafted, and trained TB12.


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