God is giving the middle finger to us: Saints 21 Bears 3


I’m getting a head start on this recap with the game still going on. What a fucking horseshit of a day. The defense somehow made it competitive for the first half. But as usual, it never holds up for four full quarters. Fuck Javon Wims (I’ve said that before). Fuck Cole Kmet. Fuck Anthony Miller. Just really, fuck everyone. Fuck them all from top to bottom.

Seriously, this entire franchise needs to be cleaned out. Give this entire team a laxative and shit it all out. Start fresh. Bring in people who know how to scout and develop talent. Bring in players on defense who can actually cover receivers and dare I say, tackle. Bring in players who are well-disciplined and won’t get kicked out of games in the playoffs. Bring in players who won’t take stupid penalties that hurts the team. Bring in a coach who isn’t a fucking idiot.

That starts with George McCaskey selling the team. The new owner will take over and completely clean house. From management all the way down to ushers that take the tickets from the fans. Get rid of the janitors as well because they aren’t really doing their job of getting rid of the stench that is at Halas Hall.

I don’t see any of this happening. I really don’t. But it’s the only way things change. I’m sick and tired of this shit.

9 Responses to “God is giving the middle finger to us: Saints 21 Bears 3”

  1. chucky Says:

    Maybe I’m not quite the meatball I thought I was. I still am somewhat. I thought this was going to be a bigger blowout than it is. 7-3 at the half. OK, there’s a chance. Then the goddamned Bears forget to come out of the clubhouse for the second half. ZERO FUCKING POINTS IN THE SECOND HALF!!!!! WHAT. THE. FUCK!!!!

    This team is a fucking screaming disaster. I said this last week, the worst thing in the world happened to the Bears. They fucking backdoored their way into the playoffs. I knew they’d go nowhere. God only how much they set themselves back with that three game win streak in December. Now there is a chance goddamn Nagy and Pace will stay. Now they get a mid first round draft pick that Pace will ultimately fuck up. And now we have to listen all the so-called experts say how great it was that Bears even made the playoffs. FUCK ALL OF YOU! Even Hampton and O’Bradovich. As much as I love those guys, they’re wrong when they say “anything happens in the playoffs”. BULL FUCKING SHIT! I knew the Bears would be blown out, I just thought by a lot more. The worst fucking thing was the Bears getting in the playoffs. This isn’t a playoff team, period. All I know is that there had better be some serious house cleaning this off season or I’m fucking done with them.

  2. Jack Says:

    Fire Ryan Pace!!! Doug Pederson brought a SB to Philly three years ago but he sucked less than our Bears GM, Coach and VP and now he’s gone!

    What are you waiting George!!!!!!!!!!!! Fire already!!!!!!!

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    This actually will turn into an extension for these fucking clowns. Mediocrity is widely accepted.

    Everyone needs to be fired/released from top to bottom. That’s the only way things change.

  4. Mich Says:


  5. chucky Says:

    Goddamned Bears owners are fucking gutless cowards. Buckle up for a 7-9 season, maybe even 6-10. And that prediction comes without even knowing the schedule. George will tell the press that the OLD BITCH woke up from her fucking coma and is pissed again, promise to make changes from top to bottom, and announce that Bill Lazor is fired, Nagy will replace him, that he is currently in negotiations to bring back the ghost of Buddy Ryan for DC, name Ryan Pace team president, Ted Phillips team mascot, and his pet beagle head coach because Ernie Accorsi said it would be a good idea. THAT’S what we get to look forward to. Then he’ll raise ticket prices.


  6. genrebuster Says:

    The McCaskey’s have to be the worst owners in the NFL. The Bears will NEVER win as long as they are involved. Ryan Pace is a fucking LOSER.


  7. chucky Says:

    Halas Hall MUST be bombarded with demands that if George McCaskey is unwilling to do what must be done, then the entire family must divest all interests and privileges associated with owning an NFL franchise. These stupid cocksuckers, plain and simple, must not be allowed to continue desecrating what they so freely call “a cornerstone of the NFL”. If they think that is what they are, then they have to start acting like it by hiring people at key positions, i.e. quarterback, head coach, general manager, who have a goddamn clue about what the fuck they’re doing.

  8. Mark Says:

    I purchased Colts season tickets last night. Yes available and I can get club seats for what I paid for crap seats at Soldier Field.
    The Bears are not crap, from a profitable business view. As a matter of fact until Covid hit money rolled into that organization. Until you vote with your feet nothing changes. They know they can have 4 game losing streak in 2019 and a 6 game losing streak in 2020 and money still comes in. In todays press conference George described Ryan Pace as doing an excellent job of LEARNING his position; 6 years in mind you….they are either incredibly stupid (I doubt) or knowing they can continue to fuck the fans and they keep watching, showing up, of buying $50.00 baseball caps.

  9. dvxprime Says:

    If God gave Bears fans the middle finger, George Mc Caskey flipped Bears Nation the double bird.

    That is all.

    Roll Tide.


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