Anyone listen to the Bears press conference today? George is totally satisfied with lying (and losing)!


George McCaskey: “Ted Phillips doesn’t meddle in football decisions.”

Five minutes later.

“As far as contract extensions are concerned, I leave that to Ted.”

Also, George McCaskey talks to other owners on advice he can get on making decisions.

That’s like me in my field of work going to my competitor for advice on how to run a better business. Like, the other competitors are going to help him? Fuck no. I was texting loyal reader, Genrebuster, about this. He said the same thing I was thinking: “You’re doing great. Don’t change.” is essentially what he knows other owners are saying.

Fuck all of this!

6 Responses to “Anyone listen to the Bears press conference today? George is totally satisfied with lying (and losing)!”

  1. Paul Says:

    There isn’t any hope for the Bears as long as the McCaskeys are the owners, George is an arrogant know nothing who has ruined the Bears and will continue to! He doesn’t have a clue on how to run a business let alone a Football team , I can no longer support the Bears and will switch to being a Packer Backer!!!

  2. chucky Says:

    Someone needs to take a goddamned flamethrower to Halas Hall.


  3. Paul Says:

    I really think Ted Phillips is the problem , he must have something on the McCaskeys why else would you keep him around and listen to him make football decisions or have the final say on who they hire!! What a Cluster F–K and it’s not going to change!

  4. Mark Says:

    Yesterday George went on WSCR to talk clarify the first talk. He revealed he is a Rams fan and wanted to give the fans a Lemon Bar recipe but Danny Parkins noted that might not be appropriate for the Scores audience. Lemon bars. Who is the problem? Phillips, Pace and Nagy are running a big shell game to keep getting paid from a guy that is more of a little old lady then his mother ever was.

  5. dvxprime Says:

    Didn’t sit through the BS press conference. Judging by the unhappiness of the Score bloggers and show hosts Dan Bernstein and Lawrence Holmes, McCaskey and Co. should have just canceled the whole damn thing due to technical difficulties (that damned ZOOM, just so unreliable!).

    It is truly sad that grown adult males (one in his seventies, mind you) actually had the nerve to put out that epic bullshit. Fortune 500 companies would have run them out of town for that public nonsense.

    Chucky: I’ll see your flamethrower and raise you Navy or Air Force TACtical AIRstrike on Halas Hall. F-16s, AV-8Bs, maybe pull a few A-4 Skyhawks out of retirement. Load ’em all with napalm Lannister’s and bombs away.

    Mark: Methinks Georgie-boy is running’ that shell game.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    Going to the bigger picture for a bit:

    Instead of all these social justice BS plaudits mixed in with commercials for expensive cars people can’t afford, junk food that will make us fatter than ever before, and movies which we may or may not want to see, I wish the NFL would pick one company to sponsor the game and keep it commercial free. That would spur the teams and the refs to keep the game moving faster and TV broadcasts to be shorter.

    If we’re going to sit through torture porn football, at least make it a slimmer, sleek experience.


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