I do not know where to start about this game. The Bears went into this game needing to win to be in control of securing a wild card spot for the playoffs. There is still a long way to go, but the Bears did what they had to do and much more. The defense and special teams scored more points than the offense and that may sound sad knowing the Bears’ offense, but if they do that more often, they will win. They are now tied with the Lions for a playoff spot and have a chance to win a tie-breaker if things go their way in the next few weeks.

Offense: I am going to try to take it easy on the offense in the recap. I thought some of the plays were at best, questionable by Mike Martz. It was only 20-6 at halftime so the Lions still had a chance in the game. I thought the Bears should have scored more. Cutler only threw 19 passes and it wasn’t a factor but he did fumble the ball twice with one being a turnover. Matt Forte did just fine getting 64 yards on 18 rushes. Earl Bennett has proven to be the best receiver on this team as he has made some great catches that have continued drives for the offense. One scary part in the game was when Cutler was driven into the ground by classless turd, Nick Fairley. The Bears could have been fucked for the season if Cutler was injured. Seeing that replay made me cringe.

Defense: The defense kicked serious ass in this game. The play was flawless throughout the game. Stafford was picked off four times and twice, my two favorite players, Major Wright Wrong and Charles Tillman (Worthless) returned those picks for touchdowns. It’s amazing what happens when the cornerbacks and safeties actually cover the receivers. For the second game in a row, this has been the strong point of the defense. WHERE WAS THIS SHIT ALL THESE YEARS? Son of a bitch. The numbers for Calvin Johnson and Nate Burleson looked good but it was mostly in the last quarter. Julius Peppers is a man possessed. He forced a fumble on Johnson that lead to the first touchdown of the game. I thought the defensive line and linebackers played very well also. The Lions couldn’t get any consistency with the running or passing.

Special Teams: Devin Hester. I fucking love this guy. Before his touchdown return, he nearly took back the first attempt. I think he was just taken out of the game because of the score and not because of his injury but I am still praying his ankle isn’t bothering him. Robbie Gould nailed three field goals out of four attempts which is good enough this game.

Next week, the Bears play the Chargers at home. The Chargers have an offense that is pretty damn good but if the Bears can play defense like they have the last two games, they have a chance to win. The offense needs to get back in sync though to not to put so much pressure on the defense. This will be once again, a must-win game.

16 Responses to “Blowout.”

  1. chucky Says:

    If Lovie says at any point this week that “this isn’t a must win game” against the Chargers I’ll personally demand that he be hit repeatedly in the face with a piece of heavy mining equipment.

    It’s a must win every week dipshit. Never, ever think otherwise.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I just read online that Chris Williams had emergency wrist surgery after the game and the injury is similar to Urlacher’s two years ago. This hurts the Bears big time. While Williams didn’t stand out as a big time player on the line, he was playing really well the last few games along with Lance Louis. Carimi had surgery on his knee last week and it isn’t known how much longer he will be out. Edwin Williams is suppose to fill in next week. This is going to be interesting.

  3. Yeti Says:

    September 22: ” This shit is so bad, it is reminding me of the 2007 season.”
    ” This year, the injuries are piling up and there is zero depth on this team to back it up. Injuries are no excuse and other teams find ways to way regardless. Still, however, Lovie Smith will go up to the podium and spew his bullshit of “We’re a good football team and we’ll get these problems corrected for the next game”. The problem is, he has said that after every loss for the last seven years.”

    September 25: ” I cannot believe the season is over after just three games.”
    ” How stupid of me to get excited about this season.”

    October 10: “I don’t see the Bears getting better anytime soon. In fact, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

    November 8: ” They say good teams find a way to win but I am not going to go far as saying the Bears are a good team. I need to see more.”

  4. Yeti Says:

    Why does Lovie have to “say” every game is must win? I mean, the guy has been coaching for a while. I’m going to assume that he knows how the NFL works, and that you want to give it everything you have each game, as there are only 16 of them. You needing him to say each game is must win is on par with your disgust over him saying they’re a good team after a loss on a shitty season. Very few coaches say “You know what? My players suck. Go talk to them”

    Really, I think you guys need to stop watching the press conferences. If you haven’t figured out by now that 90% of the information on those is fluff and not to be taken completely serious, then I suppose you’re dumber than I thought.

  5. Yeti Says:

    Do you think that if he doesn’t say its a must win, then he just decides that he doesn’t feel like trying to win?

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    The fact that you told us to stop watching the press conferences is crap in itself. All this time, you have based your arguments by what a box score says in the newspaper rather than actually watching the game. When I mention stats in my recaps, it’s basically a jab towards you. Most of my recaps are what I have noticed rather than what the numbers say.

    So what do you do instead? You copy and paste quotes from me over the last two months. If you say you saw the Bears making a turnaround, then I’d say your an idiot and a liar. You’re as a good as your last game.

    You realize that your “friends” think of you as their little bitch? I mean, why do you have to relay their thoughts to my site from them?

  7. chucky Says:

    Why does Lovie have to “say” every game is must win?

    Because every game IS a must win you fucking moron! Get a goddamn clue.

    You assume that he knows how the NFL works? Well you know what they say. Every time you assume you make an ass out of u and sume.

    We’re dumber than you thought? That’s a bullshit statement. Don’t think. You aren’t good at it.

    Now fuck off bitch.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Yeti won’t fuck off. He’ll just continue to defend an organization that employs a coach with the worst challenge percentage in the NFL (There’s a stat). He’ll also defend an offensive coordinator who with a 3rd and 1 situation call a fake fullback dive half-back pitch for a loss of three along with the usual wildcat play every game. That shit doesn’t even work in Madden, let alone in an actual game.

    I am sure we will await his next personal, yet childish insult.

  9. Yeti Says:

    I’d like to see where I have defended Martz. I don’t particularly like him. I am a solid “meh” on Lovie. But you guys find the most mundane shit to bitch about him. “DID YOU SEE THAT PRESS CONFERENCE?!?! HE SPEAKS AS WELL AS RICK PERRY!!”

    What is this, Chucky: “Every time you assume you make an ass out of u and sume.” I am unaware of this phrase. I like that you then you went into your butthurtedness over my statement of your intelligence.

  10. chucky Says:

    Why do you continue to come to this site when nobody here likes you? Answer that one question for me. Why? We don’t like you. You don’t like us. You think we’re stupid and ignorant. We know you are. Do you like being made fun of?

    And that’s a real nice statement about Lovie. A solid “Meh”? What the fuck is that? Grow some fucking balls and have a real opinion about him. One way or the other. It doesn’t matter. What about FroDogs question? Do you consider his challenge percentage mundane?

    You were unaware of that phrase? I’m not surprised. You probably aren’t aware that 2+2=4 as well. Rest assured numbnuts that nothing you say can make my ass hurt. But I have serious issues when it comes to tolerating your goddamned ignorance.

    Sounds to me like YOU’RE the one getting your panties in a wad every time we have something critical to say. Wonder why that is?

  11. Joe Says:

    Bears won for a lot of reasons. Home field. Two quick interceptions. The glove on Stafford’s hand. As soon as they got the Lions out of rhythm, it was over. He couldn’t throw, they couldn’t catch.
    The Chris Williams injury is neither here nor there because, even though he was playing fairly well, he’s still a third-round talent Jerry Angelo decided to pay first-round money to. His skills will start to fade, I’m sure.
    The Bears need a first round OT to replace Webb and another solid quality guard if they don’t want to waste Cutler’s talent.

  12. Yeti Says:

    The phrase is “ass out of u and me” not “ass out of u and sume”

  13. chucky Says:

    No shit genius.Your lack of a sense of humor is only exceeded by your lack of intelligence.

    Why don’t you go hang out with your buddy Yellon for a while. Or maybe go and play out on the freeway for a few hours. Maybe a semi will come by and roll over your dumb ass.

  14. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Carlos Zambrano is coming back! Discuss.

  15. jimmyd Says:


    Why must you always pick on people for their spelling and grammar transgressions? Everyone makes mistakes…yes, even you. Please explain the following to me:
    I like that you then you went into your butthurtedness over my statement of your intelligence. WTF?

    Now, I wouldn’t have brought it up, but it’s so tiring to watch you constantly do that with people. I don’t know Chucky on a personal level, but it’s fun to see his passion. I’m not particularly concerned with what is IQ is, and I’m cerainly not going to criticize his spelling/grammar skills. Life’s too short for that childish shit. You knew what he meant when he pulled the old “assume” line, but you still had to throw a barb at him. Can you just stop that shit? Please?

    Jimmy D.

  16. genrebuster Says:

    No jimmyd…..he can’t.

    The “new” Yeti is PATHETIC.


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