The Bears actually have a general manager who knows what he is doing!


I have to say, I am impressed at what new Bears general manager Phil Emery is doing so far. I talked to the guys at Fire Ron Turner and mentioned that the difference between Emery and Angelo is quite obvious so far. Emery is making moves to win. Angelo made moves not to lose. That right there should convince actual, knowledgeable fans that Emery is a hundred times better than Jerry Angelo ever was at his job.

First, Emery traded two third-round picks for Brandon Marshall. Sure. Marshall has been a turd off the field. If he can just hold it together by staying out of trouble, this is a bold move. In fact, it still is the right move. I am not a fan of Jason Campbell being the backup but I realized he can scramble and is better than Caleb Hanie. I actually think MadCityMac is better than Caleb Hanie. Mike, is that arm still working? Josh McCown was resigned to be the third stringer. Fine by me.

Wide receiver Eric Weems was also signed from the Falcons and it seems like the Bears are trying to get offensive line help by signing Anthony Herrera from the Vikings. In addition, they are trying to sign running back Michael Bush from the Raiders. I have to say that those few moves would be pretty good although Herrera only has a few years let in him. The Bears get two wide receivers, a damn good running back and an offensive lineman all by trade/free agency. The best part is that they still have plenty of cash to get more players if they can.

So let’s look ahead to the draft even though they probably aren’t done signing/trading for more players. They still need another offensive lineman (or two) and a wide receiver on offense. With defense, they need a defensive end, possibly another tackle and a linebacker. In the secondary, a cornerback and two safeties. Make it happen, Phil.

Feel free to add your thoughts.

7 Responses to “The Bears actually have a general manager who knows what he is doing!”

  1. ambrose Says:

    I heard that Cutler is trying to convince the Bears to sign Eddie Royal as well. The thought of having Marshall and Royal on either side of the field would give DBs nightmares.

  2. ambrose Says:

    Just read that Royal will probably sign with the Redskins though. Oh well, guess the Bears can’t get all the former Bronco receivers on the market.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    You’re right. They can’t. But at least they picked up two already out of the three or four they need. This gives them flexibility in the draft. They have to draft at least one receiver and along with that, an offensive lineman and linebacker could be drafted in the first two rounds.

  4. chucky Says:

    Fro….you left out one very important item about the Bears. Lovie Baker is still here. I’m happy with the moves Emery has made so far, but I still think Lovie is more than capable of fucking this up. I wouldn’t put it past him to declare that Devin Hester is still their number one receiver. Just remember this; Lovie has way too much power and authority than he should have. And that doesn’t bode well for their chances.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    I can’t say you’re wrong. I still think it’s Super Bowl victory or bust for Lovie. Emery doesn’t seem to be a patient person. I only believe that Phillips or that old bitch Virginia told him that Lovie has to stay on board for at least one more year to get the job. You’re right about Lovie being capable of fucking this up. He’s fucked up every other golden chance he’s had. He has one more chance to prove us wrong.

  6. MadCityMac Says:

    Fro, yup, the arm is still good, just not as mobile as I used to be! 🙂

  7. genrebuster Says:

    I predict that Lovie will prove us right.


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