Leave it to the Chicago Bulls to piss all over my Monday night.


Nice to see the Chicago to display their true selves by getting their ass kicked by the Denver Nuggets Monday night. I am typing this in the fourth quarter but it really doesn’t  matter. Let’s rewind to Saturday night when they played the Toronto Bums. Luol Deng saved the team by tipping the ball in right as time expired in overtime. The fact that people seem to miss is that they missed nine free throws and turned the ball over at crucial times. It’s like a broken record with this team.

I’ve been critical of this team since last year and with good reason. I said on this site last year that the Bulls won’t go anywhere because despite what their record says, they are not as good of a team as people think. For the second year in a row, they are a bad free throw shooting team and they make a lot of turnovers. As I am writing this, they have 14 in this game. THE BULLS MUST MAKE EVERY FREE THROW AND HAVE ZERO TURNOVERS OR THEY ARE THE WORSE TEAM…EVER!!!

No. They don’t have to make every free throw and never turnover the ball. I get that. The problem is, they won’t win many games when they miss nine free throws or turn the ball over 14 times a game. If they miss one or two for every 25, that’s fine. But honestly, it’s the easiest thing to do in sports. They are a much different team than, say, the Thunder who actually are a good free throw shooting team and turn the ball over less than most teams. I just cannot understand why they cannot improve these two problems after all this time. It’s PATHETIC to say the least.

This game against the Nuggets is a prime example of stupidity some of the players on the Bulls have. Omer Asik is still fucking horrible. He tried going up for a dunk with three Nuggets around him and had the ball taken right out of his hands that are made of horse shit. Also in the third quarter, Taj Gibson gets an easy rebound and as soon he passes the ball right to Watson, it goes right off his face and out of bounds. That play convinced me that this game was over.

Before anybody wants to give excuses, save yourself some time because there aren’t any excuses for this kind of play. Yes. Derrick Rose and Richard Hamilton are injured. Let it be known that the Bulls would probably still lose these games against the Blazers or the Nuggets. These are all winnable games. I fear though for these next few days. They play the Hawks on Wednesday in Atlanta where they always have problems. The Pistons come to town on Friday which probably won’t be easy seeing how they are playing now. Then, Sunday arrives. You can pretty much mark that as a loss as they face the Thunder in Oklahoma City. By the way, why can’t Luol Deng just be smart? He could have had the wrist surgery months ago and return right before the playoffs. Instead, he’s playing with a broken bone and he can’t shoot at all. Instead of resting, he continues to play 40 minutes or so a game. If the Bulls actually had a chance, they would think long term and sit him out until the playoffs. Having him play now is stupidity at it’s finest.

I am a Bulls fan but I am also realistic. For the second year in a row, I will say that the Bulls will not win the championship this year. They have too many flaws. They are not as good as people think. They may get to the conference finals. They may beat a team like the Sixers or Heat to get to the Finals. But let’s be honest. They have no chance in hell against the Thunder, Spurs or Lakers.

13 Responses to “Leave it to the Chicago Bulls to piss all over my Monday night.”

  1. irishyeti Says:

    The Bulls turn the ball over 13.96 times per game. Only 3 other teams turn the ball over less: The Sixers, The Clippers, and The Spurs. The Thunder, which you claim doesn’t turn the ball over, averages 16.55 turnovers per game. That is good enough for second worst in the league, only topped by New York.

    So, the Bulls are allowed to miss one or two free throws in every 25? I’ll pick the 2 for fun. That’s making 92% of their free throws. Let’s see how realistic (I’m using your word now, see how that works) that is. Well, the best FT shooting team in the league shoots 79.7%. Yet, you expect the Bulls to shoot somewhere between 92-96%. That’s realistic. Yes, it is a fact that the Bulls are not a great free throw shooting team. They are at 72.7%. The Bulls attempt 21.52 FT per game. They make 15.6 of them. If they were at 79.7%, like the NBA leaders, they would make 17.1. I seriously doubt the 1.5 more FTs they are missing per game than the NBA leader in FT% is what is hurting their chances. But, what do I know? You’re the genius blogger

  2. Apex Says:

    Fro, you write like English is your third language.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Realistically, the Bulls need to not turn the ball over so many damn times and not miss so many damn free throws in order to contend for a championship. Since both of you morons love stats so much, look at the box scores of the Eastern Conference Finals last year. The Bulls aren’t like the Heat or Thunder where they can afford to turn the ball over or miss a free throw. They need to play nearly perfect basketball when it matters the most (playoffs) despite what their record says.

  4. BH Says:

    You have to be joking, right? So either the bulls are awesome (win a championship) or totally fucking suck (don’t win a championship). And the team that leads the NBA with best record can’t win unless they make every free throw and have zero turnovers. Looking at the standings, they must do that almost every game.

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    Are you an idiot? Did you not clearly the read the sarcasm there? I put that sentence in caps to pretty make fun of idiots like yourself who actually think that I think that. I stated right after that sentence that “No. They don’t have to make every free throw and never turn over the ball”. All I’ve been bitching about these last two seasons was about them improving in those two areas. They aren’t like other teams where they can afford to make those mistakes in playoff games.

    And if you disagree so much and enjoy it, why do turds like yourself still come here?

  6. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Look everybdoy…Irish Yeti has returned! He has more stats too. Yeti…how are those Kevin Gregg stats doing? How do you think this season will go for the north siders?

  7. Robert Says:

    I would like to thank theo jed and dale for making me love my team again

  8. MadCityMac Says:

    Robert, I’m withholding judgement until the regular season, but yes, things appear to be headed in the right direction. I like that Sveum is making these douchecoptors accountable. Either way, I’m ready for baseball! I still wish they’d get rid of Clown Kenney, but just as long as he stays the hell away from anything involving baseball and sticks to financial stuff, I’ll let the little putz slide. Still like to punch him in the throat….

  9. chucky Says:

    Mac….Aim about 2 or 3 feet lower please.

  10. genrebuster Says:

    Hit him twice Mike…please!!!

  11. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Anybody else here still ecstatic that Jim Hendry is gone?

  12. Robert Says:

    They sent randy wells to iowa the more i see of this new regime the happier i am…..am i glad hendry is gone….hell yeah

  13. genrebuster Says:



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