As if the shitty 0-5-2 start isn’t enough (get rid of the overtime point, please), what has transpired in the last two days has just pissed me off to no avail.

At 35 years old, I’ve followed the Blackhawks for close to three decades now. I go back to Roenick (who’s sweater is the only one I own as he was my favorite player growing up). I grew up with Chelios, Belfour and Tony Amonte.

I feel as if the last decade plus has been a farce lately. I heard about this lawsuit against the franchise earlier this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then, the report came out about what the team did. The same team that I spent my time and money going to games to all those years, I felt cheated.

I still feel Rocky knew about this despite the report not saying so. If that’s the case, shame on him. But whatever. It’s done and over with. We fans got our wish of Stan Bowman being ousted. The dweeb head coach is still there.

I can’t stop being a fan of this team. Everyone in management from back then is now gone. That makes me feel better. But I cheer for the players on the ice. Most players from that team are now gone. The ones now had nothing to do with that. I wish the team was better. But it’s not going to be that way anytime soon. It’s going to take a long time to feel good again both on and off the ice with this franchise.

9 Responses to “Disgusted.”

  1. chucky Says:

    I’m really sorry Fro. I understand how disappointed and pissed off you must be right now. I really don’t understand what motivates creeps like this. Is it really too much to ask people to just keep to themselves? At any rate, I’m no shrink, but I think you have the right attitude towards this. Cheer on the players. After all, it’s the players who really count. Maybe treat the Hawks like the Bears. Cheer on the players, and dump on the ownership and front office. Hopefully the people who committed these disgusting acts will be dealt with accordingly.

    Carry on, my fitness frendt!

  2. Nemo Says:

    This is something I never thought the Blackhawks would do, but we have seen in sports things get brushed aside when they get in the way of winning. 2010 is likely to be remembered for this scandal as opposed to the first championship in decades.

    For 2021, I think we are looking at a lost season here. Any actions Blackhawks take will be towards trying to generate some good PR in the wake of this debacle. This makes Colliton’s job safe for possibly the whole year-when he probably would have been fired by now. It seems it is already time to think about next year.

  3. Paul Says:

    Fro Dog , I know how you feel because I’ve been a Hawks fan for over 6 decades. suffered through the bad years when Dollar Bill Wirtz almost ruined the team and it seems like Rocky has forgotten how bad the team was before he took over!

  4. genrebuster Says:

    Disgusting and PATHETIC.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    Toews and Kane have contracts expiring at the same time after next season. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to think they both could be traded after their idiotic comments last night. I bet the Blackhawks could still get quite a bit in return. It’s just time to clean house completely. They are the last two players from the dynasty teams.

  6. Nemo Says:


    Not sure what Kane said, but Toews did not acquit himself well. There can’t be any team chemistry left, and it might be best to exorcise all remnants of that team and start over.

  7. Paul Says:

    Trade them both while they’re still worth something, Cane should get a 1 draft pick especially from teams trying to get into the playoffs!! I almost forgot , Fire Colliton NOW he hasn’t a clue on how to coach!

  8. John Says:

    Apparently the Blackhawks did not learn from Penn State and the Sandusky fiasco. Ridiculous.

    I was too young to remember the 2010 Stanley Cup run. My team was the 2015 Stanley Cup winners, taking the Anaheim Ducks to 7 games. That was one good series.

  9. Paul Says:

    Why does Colliton still have a job , what does it take to get fired in Chicago ,oops Nagy still has his job so I guess losing secures your position!!


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