Stupid: 49ers 33 Bears 22


Chris Tabor = Denis Leary

Seriously, what else do we have to see? Why can’t the Bears just do all of us a favor and fuck off? I’m fucking serious. Just forfeit the rest of the games. Nobody other than the opponents want to see the Bears play.

The Bears are the cure to every other team’s problems. When teams see the Bears on the schedule, that’s an automatic win for them. The 49ers saw the Bears on the schedule and they knew it was their chance to save their season.

Leave it to the defense to give up big plays both on the ground and in the air. They couldn’t stop the 49ers the entire game. And what’s with the defense continuing to give up huge plays before halftime EVERY FUCKING GAME? That gave the 49ers life going into halftime. Then, the second half begins and if I’m not mistaken, the 49ers scored on every drive. Fuck these fuckers.

I don’t even care that Cairo Santos missed the game-tying field goal. It’s up to the defense to make a stop on the next drive. Instead, the 49ers go 75 yards in three minutes.


23 Responses to “Stupid: 49ers 33 Bears 22”

  1. chucky Says:

    Santos missing that field goal was meaningless. The goddamn coaches blew it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! What the fuck is going through their motherfucking empty heads? Again, ZERO HALFTIME ADJUSTMENTS!!!!!!!!!!! God fucking damnit to hell, GET RID OF THESE GODDAMNED COACHING COCKSUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hampton and OB are fucking pissed, and so am I.

  2. Paul Says:

    Fro Dog, Just stupid coaching and they never go vertical !! Eddie O and Hampton are losing their minds !!

  3. Paul Says:

    Chucky , you’re right about Zero adjustments and its been that way ever since the McCaskeys took control of the Bears!! The next GM will be exactly the same as the previous 4, complete IDIOTS!!

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    I’m too pissed to listen to the postgame show. Plus, WGN Radio takes way too many commercials and they always take more breaks with the news at the top and bottom of every hour.

  5. chucky Says:

    Fro…their online stream always turns off too at the worst time. Typical WGN incompetence bullshit. I swear they’re as bad as the goddamn McCaskey Crime Family.

  6. John Says:

    Well, Fro Dog . . . hilarious comparison! XD.

    It does not appear that a lack of Nagy this game made the team any better. I’d been furnace furious for the last two weeks; well, when Aaron Rodgers said he owned us, I was. With the Tom Brady blow out, I was just disgusted.

    Give the team a little credit. Justin Fields I thought played pretty well. It was a good rookie game in which he showed promise and his numbers reflect his effort. It’s the best game he’s had all season. He gave Russel Wilson a run for his money with that razzle-dazzle run play of his. There should be no more nonsense about him needing to be benched for his own protection. He has clearly demonstrated his skill and toughness.

    It can’t be said in this game, for once, that the offense was the reason for the loss. The defense is not the ’85ers, or even the ’18ers. They’re mediocre at best. They’re not top caliber.

    And, no, the Bears are not an automatic win for every team. The Lions are 0-8, how do you think their fans feel? They’re getting blown out every other week.

    The biggest problem is that the Bears are a mediocre team. Also, they were, for a moment, down to their fourth string running back! They’re biggest issue, year in and out, continues to be their offensive line. They need to, perhaps, spend a draft and pick nothing but offensive linemen. Also, their wide receivers leave a bit to be desired.

    They just haven’t have had a great wide receiver corps since 2012-2013, back when they had Alshon Jeffrey, Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennett, and Johnny Knox. Darnell Mooeny and Allen Robinson are no Deebo Samuel, Muhammed Sanu, or George Kittle

    But, for once, it cannot be said that their tight ends were just wastes of space that looked like they were plucked out of junior colleges.

    The 49ers are a very good team. They went to the Super Bowl two season ago. The reason why their season thus far has not been very good is because of injuries.

    The Bears have also had extensive injuries, too.

  7. John Says:

    How . . . how to the Bengals go from nearly beating the Packers in overtime, to blowing out the Lions, to destroying the Ravens, only to lose a clincher to the . . . Jets?

  8. chucky Says:

    John….. I know Detroit is 0-8, but I’m predicting that they will win one game this year. It’ll be on Thanksgiving day.

  9. John Says:

    XD Uh-oh . . . better the Cowboys instead.

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    Has George fired the entire defense yet?

  11. chucky Says:

    No, he’s still watching the game with Ginny.

  12. Mark Johnson Says:

    John…. Tell the truth. Are you actually Hub Arkush???

  13. John Says:

    Hmm . . . I actually had no idea who he was until I looked him up. I suppose the difference would be that I’m four decades too young and I don’t get paid to comment. 😀

    Here’s what the actual Hub Arkush thought of the game.

    A fire sale, he thinks, is in order. Full rebuild just like 2014.

  14. Paul Says:

    Did anyone think the Bears would be any different this year , they ‘re the worst owners in the NFL and until the ASS WIPE McCaskey clan sells the team that won’t change!! Be sure to watch the next GM hire Cluster Fuck show because you are going to see another Moron ,that’s what they’ve done every time!!

  15. Paul Says:

    Fro Dog, George has his head up his ass all the time and sees nothing , what other explanation is there for the way the team is run!!

  16. Mark Johnson Says:

    John……You have no idea what you have done. When Chucky sees a post from Hub Arkush, the Home Milquetoast guy he will cut your spleen out with a spoon and then get nasty.

  17. Fro Dog Says:

    I concur with Mark. I’ve talked to Chucky on a weekly basis for the last 15 years. Let’s just say I am happy to be on his good side.


    You are very lucky you didn’t get to experience the Bears in the 90’s. Even with the “glorious” playoff run of 1995, it was pure shit. But at least Wannstedt teams were competitive before they found a way to fuck it up. These Bears don’t even bother trying.

  18. Nemo Says:

    The screen pass-burning the Bears defense for huge plays since 1987.

  19. Mark Johnson Says:

    Nemo….I walk my dog in this park where a kids league works out in the evenings. For 6 weeks I could here this adult YELLING at his defense to see screens coming. NOT the Bears I guess.

  20. chucky Says:

    Mark….first and foremost, thanks for the kind words. John is new here so I must give him a pass on the Arkush thing. John, don’t ever do it again though. I may not be as forgiving the next time. Ha Ha!

    The reason you won’t hear Nagy yelling at his players is that he’s too busy trying to be their friend. Nagy is the who should be afraid that I’ll go after his spleen. Not to mention other organs and body parts. My chainsaw stands ready.

    I would not trust Pace to trade away players. He’ll fuck that up like he fucks up drafting players. Besides, with the exception of the o-line, the players aren’t the problem. It’s the coaching staff. Every fucking one of them. I completely agree with Paul, getting rid the coaches just means George rotates in another set of lame ass morons who shouldn’t be coaching a junior high school flag football team. It’s the McCaskey Crime Family that’s the true problem here.

  21. chucky Says:

    Could someone please tell just what the fuck Chris Emma from 670 the Score is talking about?

    CHICAGO (670 The Score) — Bears coach Matt Nagy couldn’t imagine what it would be like watching his team play without him Sunday, when he was in isolation away from Solider Field after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier in the week.

    Nagy virtually helped the Bears prepare during the week of practice but hadn’t thought much about what his own Sunday would be like in a new environment.

    “I wish I could tell you,” Nagy said Friday. “But I have no idea what it will be like.”

    Surely, Nagy had to feel helpless as the Bears lost their third straight game, this one a 33-22 setback at home to the 49ers. He couldn’t meet with offensive players to make adjustments or fire up the defense to get a key stop. All Nagy could do was watch from afar as his poor football team continued its downward slide.


    I’ll stop the torture porn right there. Just what adjustments does Emma think Nagy would make? Just how does Nagy fire up a tired and depleted defense? Why is the sky blue, why is water wet, (My best Bee Gees voice) how do you stop the rain from falling down………..And as far as his “new environment” is concerned, he should get used to it, because after the end of the season he’ll start his new job of running the deep fryer at his local McDonalds. Just don’t steal any fries from the customers bags Matt!

  22. Fro Dog Says:

    Is Chris Emma saying that Nagy would have instilled DA FIRE AND PASSION, MY FRENDT?

  23. chucky Says:

    I don’t have clue what the hell Emma was trying to say. But I can tell you straight up I have a real low tolerance for stupid bullshit like this.


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