Thoughts on the Bears through the bye week.


After a week of trying to calm down on this Bears season, I can’t help but be pissed off due to the numerous missed opportunities this team has had. From the coaches making stupid decisions right down the players doing the same, this season up to now can be described in one word: Frustrating.

I said last week that after seven games, the Bears are finished. I know I am not the only one on that boat because most of you have agreed. Everyone is to blame. Angelo is a dumbass. Smith couldn’t locate his ass with both of his hands. And Mike Martz just isn’t the “genius” some people in the media built him up to be.

Now on to the players: Cutler is a fucking idiot. And even when it’s not his fault, someone else on offense decides to be the idiot for him. Stupid passes turn into interceptions and on other occasions, he takes his time behind an offensive line that couldn’t block anybody to save their lives. The wide receivers (Is that what they are called?) can’t seem to figure out where they are suppose to be on the field when a play is called.

On defense, I won’t be too hard on them. Julius Peppers is earning his cash so far. Urlacher is back healthy and playing at a high level. However, this Bears secondary still makes me want to throw my remote across the room. Charles Tillman is a worthless clown who can’t cover a receiver. Danieal Manning while a good kick returner doesn’t belong on defense. I like Tim Jennings and D.J. Moore but they have only played a handful of games so I am not trusting them quite yet.

So with nine games left, here is the Bears remaining schedule:

At Buffalo – Vs. Vikings – At Dolphins – Vs. Eagles – At Lions – Vs. Patriots – At Vikings – Vs. Jets – At Packers

So with the Bears at 4-3 and tied for the Packers in first place (In the loss column), their remaining schedule gives good reason why their season is all but toast. Buffalo can’t lose every game so there is a good chance they could beat the Bears. This team may be able to steal one away from Minnesota due to Favre’s continuing downfall. They never beat the Dolphins so that’s a loss. The Eagles game is a tossup. The Lions who lost to the Bears in the season opener on a bullshit call will probably redeem themselves. The Patriots will mow the lawn with this team. Once again in week 15, they could get out of Minnesota with a win. No chance in hell they beat the Jets. Likewise at Lambeau for the final game of the season.

After all of that, that brings the Bears to a 6-10,7-9 or 8-8 record at best. This once again goes back to the two games they were suppose to win against Seattle and Washington. If they win those games, they probably go to the playoffs with a 10-6 record.

For anybody who argued that this team was good or want to bring up stats to show me otherwise, save yourself a loss in an argument because you won’t win this one. And just to make it clear: I want to be wrong. All of us on this site want to be wrong. For crying out loud, we want the fucking Bears to win the fucking Super Bowl this fucking season. I just don’t see it happening. Our only prayer is the Bears getting into the playoffs because every other contending team in the NFC becomes mediocre and is close to .500 at season’s end.

6 Responses to “Thoughts on the Bears through the bye week.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    Wait ’till next year. Oh, my bad….that’s the Cubs!

    All kidding aside…I was somewhat optimistic when Cutler became a Bear….but based on what I’ve seen to date on the field…plus how he handles himself in interviews…I have serious doubts that he can LEAD the Bears (or any team) to a championship. That said, the jury is out…

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro…I can’t see them going 8-8. That’s way too optomistic.

    At Buffalo – May win it…or not. Too close to call. For now, I’ll this a win.

    Vs Vikings – Probably a loss

    At Dolphins – Lose. Next.

    Vs. Eagles – Lose. Next.

    At Lions – Look out for Detroit. They’re going to look for some revenge. Bears lose.

    Vs. Patriots – Cutler leaves game in a body bag. Bears lose…badly.
    At Vikings

    Vs. Jets – Merry Christmas. Bears Lose. Next.

    At Packers – Bears wrap up the season with a lose to Division champion Packers.

    I see 5-11. And with the labor problems coming up next year, Smith and Angelo end up staying. Taub may or may not stay. The rest will be gone.

    Palm just slammed into my face.

  3. chucky Says:

    Missed the second Vikings game. Mark it down as a lose.

    Sorry about that.

  4. chucky Says:

    Loss. No coffee yet.

  5. T-Train Says:

    I see between 7-9 and 9-7. This team isn’t as bad as some think, nor is it a playoff team. The Matadors of the Midway, AKA The Truly Offensive Line, will improve as the year stumbles on to a legitimate 30th in the league, which should be just enough to allow for Jay to finally build some timing with Knox, Hester and Bennett in the new system and allow for 3-5 more wins.

    Here’s my take. Nothing is guaranteed. This is the NFL, after all.

    Buffalo, win. (These guys are about as F’d up as can get)

    Vikings, win (The Queens might be even closer to total meltdown than we are.)

    Dolphins Loss (The Phins are trending up, and this game will be close, but an L)

    Eagles Loss (But depends on which Iggles team visits Soldier Field)

    Lions Win (The Lions will lose. It’ll be close at the half, and not at the end. The Lions will want revenge, but the Bears will be desperate for a win)

    Patriots Loss (I don’t think this needs explaining)

    Vikings Loss (Because the Bears don’t do well in the dome, and the Vikings will have steadied a bit by then)

    Jets Loss (Bears loss this one 4-2 as the most over-rated team in the NFL scores on 2 safeties and Chicago scores on one safety. Sanchez is Kyle Orton circa 2005 with better playcalling and a worse head for decision making. After the game, ESPN will crown him the next Joe Montana anyways and explain away his horrible game.)

    At GB win (Green Bay will already have their positioning sewn up. Jay and Co beat the #2 squad)

    Bears end up 8-8 and miss the playoffs again. McCaskey’s extend Lovie Smith. Angelo retires and Tim Ruskell takes over with a 6 year contract on a recommendation from Angelo.

  6. Fro Dog Says:


    I am just responding to the post you made in the “About” section. I did visit the old Fire Jerry Angelo site on occasion many years back. I have fond memories of the Cedric Benson yards per dollar account that was on the home page. However, I was not a a contributor the site despite visiting it. I just read some of the stuff on there.

    I made this site a couple years back and kind of just turned it into a Chicago sports blog. It was originally just baseball on here but since I no longer am into it, I just write about anything Chicago-sports related. Thank you for visiting and posting. We look forward to your future posts as we continue to wait for Jerry Angelo’s resignation. Someday.


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