Bears once again prove they are not worth a shit.


Before I get to the recap, a shout out goes to Carl from Fire Mike Martz for letting me use his parking pass to Sunday’s game. For the rest of you, check out his site. It’s much better written than anything on here.

Seattle sucks. Plain and simple.  But yet, they came out and depantsed the Bears on both sides of the football. The offensive line sucked. The running game couldn’t get going. Instead of the Bears sitting Cutler another game to make sure he was healthy, they threw him out there and he once again looked lost on a lot of plays. Oh and on defense, the Bears once again became the infamous “I-Pass Defense.” Luckily, the Packers lost too so the Bears maintain their one game lead in the division.  Let’s break it down:

Mike Martz: This guy is really showing why other teams didn’t want him. He doesn’t allow Cutler to call audibles nor does he make any adjustments during the game. Instead of shortening the back-drops for Cutler, he continues to make him do seven step back-drops which results in him getting killed. In the Dallas game, they had Cutler do immediate throws which resulted in big plays and touchdowns for the Bears. In the last few games, no changes. Cutler was sacked six times and one of them was for a safety. That needs to change. The offensive line fucking sucks and it’s not going to get better. So it’s time to adjust to the shitty line. It can be done.

And for all those fucking idiots who want to bring up stats, here’s one for you clowns: The Bears were 0-12 on 3rd downs.  That’s PATHETIC.

Defense: Well it took six games but the defense returned to it’s old self. As mentioned in the beginning, the “I-Pass defense” made an appearance and didn’t leave. The supposed “bend it but not break” defense as they call it broke and any logical fan saw it coming.

Charles Tillman fucking sucks. You want proof of that? Mike Williams who has been an NFL bust had the game of his life with (Cue the idiots) 10 catches for 123 yards. And who was he being defended by nearly the whole game? Tillman. Oh and Tillman also did a nice job trying to cover Deon Butler (Who?) on a 22 yard touchdown play. What a piece of shit. Angelo needs to find a cornerback in next year’s draft who can actually play defense on a wide receiver instead of one who’s only capable of causing fumbles once in a great while.

The front four of the defense wasn’t very good either. They did cause some pressure on Hasselbeck but for the most part, he had all day to throw. The defense as a whole played like shit. Even if Briggs was able to play, it probably wouldn’t have mattered. They gave up over 100 yards rushing and nearly 250 yards passing. It doesn’t sound like much but it was enough to beat this team.

Stupid penalties: Once again, the Bears prove they are the center of the universe when it comes to this. On a kickoff return in the second half, Danieal Manning takes back a touchdown yet to have it called back on a holding penalty by the returning Rod Wilson. There was a reason why this guy wasn’t picked up by another team. Apparently, the Bears also love picking up other team’s trash and thinking they will do better on their team. Oh and can someone explain to me why a holding or illegal block in the back always seemed to be called? How fucking hard is it to just block somebody and not push them from behind or grab them and throw them to the ground? Oh that’s right. These are the Bears we are talking about.

Next week, the Bears face another average team in the Redskins. Go ahead and print it now. The Bears will lose. I don’t think they have beaten them since the early 90’s. I don’t think that’s a joke either. They seriously haven’t beaten them in the last 10 or 15 years. I don’t see it changing next Sunday either. 4-3 here we come.

29 Responses to “Bears once again prove they are not worth a shit.”

  1. CK Says:

    You clearly don’t know much about football. The only thing I agree with in this article was the fact that Mike Martz blows.

    Our defense IS good and the only reason we let up so many points is because we had no continuity on offense. And why is that? Mike Martz has no idea when to call runs and especially no idea how to call play action.

    What happens when an offense puts together big drives? You can do this. Yes that’s right, the defense gets to rest. The Bears D is still number 2 in takeaways, number 1 in three and outs, number 4 in total pts.

    Charles Tillman doesn’t suck. If you didn’t notice, Mike Williams was running hitch routes all day long and in Cover 2, if your corner covers that hitch route, it opens up the flat. Tillman’s job as a corner in a Cover 2 is to cover that flat. It’s Danieal Manning’s and or (usually Lance Brigg’s) Brian Iwuh’s responsibility to cover that hitch route, depending on what the 2nd WR is doing.

    I’ll give you that our front four didn’t produce today, but we did pressure Hasselback into many bad throws. And I guarantee (again) that if our stupid OC had called more runs, we’d have stayed out on the field longer which would have enabled our front four to REST.

    And yes it would have mattered if Briggs played. I can’t believe you would write something this stupid.

    As for your article as a whole, you’re wrong. The Bears are worth a lot, their coaching is what blows. The only coach that should still be here is Dave Toub. The last good coach we had with Dave Toub was Don Riviera.

    What you really should have wrote about is how the Bears will likely make the playoffs, which will save the upstairs’ ass and will DEFINITELY screw the Bears in the long run.

  2. Fro Dog Says:

    My response to CK:

    OK fucknut. Let’s digest your rebuttal since you enjoy mediocrity so much.

    1. You stick up for this Bears defense and said they gave up all those points because they didn’t have rest. Guess what? The Seahawks marched down the field on their first drive of the game! So as far as the defense not getting rest, they gave up 7 to start off. Moving on.

    2. “Charles Tillman doesn’t suck.” Was it Iwuh’s or even Manning’s responsibility when Tillman let Butler run right past him on the first touchdown? It was all Tillman on that one and he failed to cover a no-name receiver. Maybe if you removed your eyes and lips from the dick you were sucking while watching the game, you would have seen that shit. Or in the words of Terry Boers, get yourself a new TV.

    3. You actually think the Bears will make the playoffs? If they do, it would be because the Packers and Vikings continue to have issues and I don’t see either of those teams continuing to dive. And even if they do make the playoffs, it’s doubtful they will even win a game.

    4. Don Riveria? Who the fuck is that? Or do you mean Ron Rivera? If so, he is really proving to be a good coach by having his defense fail miserably against two of the worse teams in the NFL (Raiders and Rams). As far as your stats are concerned about takeaways, three and outs, etc., that doesn’t mean shit. You are as good as your last game.

    5. Yet even after all of that garbage, they still had the chance to at least tie the game and maybe win it. The penalty on the Manning run along with the missed field goal by Gould proved to be costly. I think it’s plays like those that separate the good teams from the bad teams.

    How wonderful is it when I say “cue the idiots” in my posts that people like you show up? You certainly have good ears (Or is it eyes?). Who knows if either of the two are working for you. Have a good night.

  3. CK Says:

    1. 7 pts and 23 pts aren’t the same thing, if we had time to rest, we’d have given up 14 at the most. Look up the Bears D statistics, I can’t believe how stupid you are if you think this defense is bad.

    2. Hell yes it was Manning’s responsibility, they called cover 4 and in that situation it’s 2 dbs on 1. Manning slipped and didn’t get back in time. You think a corner can cover a streak by himself? Was this a serious question? You’re dumber than I thought.

    3. Yes I do think the Bears will make the playoffs. The Vikings blow and the Packers have injuries up the ass. Moving on.

    4. Oh man my mistake. I forgot his first name. Why don’t you ignore spelling and recognize that he was a great DC? It doesn’t mean shit? So you’re saying that the game is won by defense and defense alone? LOL. Way to prove my point, you know nothing about football.

    5. Exactly they had a chance to tie or win it. And like I said, Mike Martz prevented them from doing that. We were in FG range when it was 13-16 and Martz threw it three straight downs, the last one resulting in a sack. The only bad performance of the day (on the Bears side) was Martz.

    Lol, yea. I’m the idiot. That must make you dirt.

  4. chucky Says:

    Fro…Just ignore Yeti Jr. Obviously another know-it-all assbag. Remember this: ANYBODY who thinks this team will do anything worth a flying fuck needs to put down the crackpipe.


    Don’t bother posting your bullshit here CK. The true retards are on Grab some crayons and go play with those fucksticks for awhile, numbnuts.

  5. Fucking Idiot Who Wants to Bring Up Stats Says:

    The Bears have played the Redskins five times since 2000 in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007. They beat them in 2001 and 2003 and have lost the last three, but I don’t think you can count games started by Jon Quinn against them. The one in 2005 was Kyle Orton’s first ever start and it was on the road. Tough to win with a rookie QB. I don’t think the Redskins have the Bears number, the Bears have just been really bad at the QB position in those games.

    The defense is 3rd in the NFL in points allowed. That’s really, really good. They didn’t play all that well yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that they suck. Off games happen, especially when you’re missing Lance Briggs, who is as important to what the Bears do on defense as Derrick Brooks was to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when they were at their best.

    You can be pissed about the offense all you want, but the defense has had one mediocre game and 5 really good ones this year.

    As for the division, the Packers have lost 8 starters to injury and they were losing games even before that. They could still win the division, but people can’t just keep assuming they’re going to turn it around. The Vikings beat the Cowboys, who are 1-4 no matter how anybody tries to make excuses for them, and they did it thanks to Cowboys turnovers and only had 188 yards on offense and as bad as the Bears offense has been, the Vikings are averaging fewer PTs and YDs per game than them. It’s 6 weeks into the season now. People can’t just assume those two teams are going to magically become awesome. The truth is that all three of those teams have serious issues. So far the Bears have managed to win games despite them. There’s a very good chance they’ll win this division regardless. If you don’t believe that, fine.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Interesting dialogue, gentlemen…and, nice moniker “Fucking Idiot Who Wants to Bring Up Stats”!

    I do have one question for both CK & FIWWtoBUS…yes, it’s off-topic but I’d appreciate a response (not trying to start anything):

    What did you predict for the Cubs at the start of the 2010 baseball season (this year)?

  7. CK Says:

    Chucky: Great argument. You totally just made my points look retarded.

    Genrebuster: I don’t watch baseball, but even if I did all I said was that the Bears don’t suck and they will likely make the playoffs and keep most of their terrible coaching.

    Why doesn’t anyone ever argue on the points presented by the person they’re arguing with? Is it that difficult?

  8. chucky Says:

    Because you’re not worth the fucking time. Now go the fuck away, asshole.

    By the way dipshit, I didn’t have to make your points look retarded. You did that well enough on your own.

  9. CK Says:

    Okay chucky. Whatever you wanna tell yourself. You’re non-arguments clearly validate my retardedness. It really helps your case when you can’t out-argue a retard. LOL

  10. chucky Says:

    Ok smart-ass. How about this.

    You say the Bears should run more. Seattle was ranked 31 in pass rushing. This is, until yesterdays mess of a game. I do think they should run more, but when the team you’re playing is ranked second to last in pass rushing, I may be inclined to pass more. And you can be sure the Bears will try that again next against Washington. They’re now ranked at 31 in the league. And they will lose that game, too.

    You state that the front four didn’t produce. Just when was the last time they did produce? That entire offensive line suck goat balls. Just like you. Presure him into making same bad throws? He was still 25-40 for 242 yards and a touchdown. Guess they didn’t pressure him enough, huh? Oh, by the way, 242 yards is Hasselbecks best this season. And Cutler got sacked 6 times yesterday for a lose of 44 yards. Cutler will be lucky to escape Chicago and not be in a body bag.

    You state that the defense didn’t get enough rest because of the offense not getting enough big drives? Let’s see. Time of possession Bears 34:23, Seattle 25:37. Don’t even bother to try to save yourself on that one. You lose. You can just sit back and know I’m right when I say your a goddamned retard. Number two in defense? Maybe, but they show up yesterday.

    I totally agree the coaching staff blows. So does Angelo. I’ve never liked them. Any of them. Every time Smith stands at that podium with that smug look on face I want to punch him in the throat. That whole thing falls on the head of one Ted Phillips. So he should be shown the door too.

    That’s just a start to my arguement that this team STILL sucks massive man shaft. And that’s on Phillips head too for not shit-canning anyone. And forcing Angelo to shit-can anyone.

    I’ll say this much. The Bears may or may not make the playoffs. I seriuosly doubt it. If they continue to play like that, they won’t. And even if they do, it’ll one and done for them. My money says they don’t go. And honestly, I can see them winning maybe two more games at this rate. Buffalo and Detroit. The way this team is prepared to play is as unpredictable as the weather. Smith is too damned stubborn to change. And if he does change something, he does it trying to make it like nothing changed. It’s not strategy on his part. It’s that he’s a narcissistic bastard, he just can’t admit when he has fucked up.

    There, happy now. I don’t care. Now kiss my ass bitch.

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    Good thing I have Chucky backing me up on this battle. Good job my friend especially on the time possession argument. I can’t believe I missed that. Then again, I know stats don’t tell the whole story. Apparently CK thinks that’s all he needs to make an argument. Maybe someone should tell him to actually watch the game rather than only look at the box scores.

    By the way Chucky, what’s the over under for yards total for the Redskins this Sunday? Boers and Bernstein were talking today on how excited Shannahan must be to have his team march down the field everytime on offense against the Bears. It could get ugly quickly.

  12. CK Says:

    Chucky: If we had run the ball instead of throwing it when we were down 13-16, Gould would have had a 40 ydr instead of a 54 yder. We would have tied the game. Sure it’s ok to be inclined to pass, but Martz chose INCREDIBLY bad times to run, and the good times to run, he chose pass.

    2. We produced in the game before and the Bears have 14 or 15 I’m not exactly sure on the season. They aren’t awesome, but they certainly don’t suck when you factor in the fact that our line is great at swatting the ball at the line of scrimmage AND they are great at containing the outside run.

    3. We did pressure Hasselback enough. It was not our defense that lost the game. If our offense had produced more and converted third downs, our defense would have had time to rest (and who needs the most rest?? DEFENSIVE LINEMAN!) and we’d have performed better. Same with the Giants game. We were down 3-0 at half time but our defense’s fatigue allowed them to start running it on us.

    4. You switched the times of possession. The Seahawks had 34:23. And I would put any amount of cash on you knowingly switching these to help your ridiculously stupid argument. Our D showed up yesterday, but they got absolutely no help from the offense. Defenses don’t win football games alone dipshit.

    5. I’ll affirm and agree that our coaching completely blows including JA and the cheap ass ownership. Dave Toub is the only guy worth keeping.

    6. The Bears do not suck. If they sucked they wouldn’t be 4-2. And if they had corrected a few mistakes in yesterday’s game, they’d be 5-1 (or if the ref hadn’t called that bullshit holding on Manning’s KO return). They’re not superbowl ready, and I wouldn’t even say they’ll win a game in the playoffs, but they are just a few good lineman away from being a dominant team.

    7. I can’t disagree with the last part of the article. Our coaching is so horrendous that it would not surprise me if we won only two more games. My gut tells me they’ll hold on to go to the playoffs, but they need a lot more work to be great.

    To conclude: The Bears don’t suck, their coaches do.

  13. Yeti Says:

    The Bears may or may not make the playoffs. I seriuosly doubt it.

    Chucky, if the Bears may or may not make the playoffs but you doubt it, what are they going to do? Because the way I see it the two options are make the playoffs or don’t. You seem to think a third option is possible. I’m curious as to what that is.

  14. chucky Says:

    The Bears beat Detroit on bullshit fluke call. Should have lost that game. They played a decent game in Dallas. I didn’t watch the Green Bay game because work was more important. Looking at the score it looks like it could have gone either way. They looked like horseshit against the Giants. Remember that game CK? That’s the game that the offensive line should have been arrested for the attempted murder of Jay Cutler. 9 sacks in the first half? Yeah, that’s your esteemed front four, you asshole. They still looked like shit against Carolina but still won. Wouldn’t have surprised me if they lost. And then they lose to Seattle in a game that wasn’t as close as the score indicated. I don’t have time to go into detail on every goddamn play because I’m at work right now, but it looks to me like it wouldn’t be a stretch that the Bears could be 1-5 just as easily as 4-2. I’ll look up some stats tonight when I’m done with work. but here is one stat I’ll give you right now. How’s 0-12 on 3rd down conversions sound to you? To me, THAT FUCKING SUCKS! Defend that, genius.

    Yeti….Still retarded, I see. Try to follow along here. I’ll try not going so fast this time.

    “The Bears may or may not make the playoffs. I seriuosly doubt it.”

    The “I seriuosly doubt it” part means I’m on the side of the Bears not making the playoffs. Only two choices. Stop trying to sound intelligent. You’re not equipped to handle it. I recommend “Sesame Street” to help you with your lack of ability to count.

    Both of you twats need to get the fuck out of here. And don’t come back.

  15. E=mc2 Says:

    Good morning to all of you fine gentleman and scholars.

    I’ve been busy in the lab, analyzing all data…including ownership and coaching staff of the aforementioned Chicago football team and have determined the following:

    “the angle of the dangle is wack”.

    No need for any confusion: barring a universal shift of epic proportion, these findings supercede any possibility of the Chicago Bears football team winning a superbowl in the year 2011.

    Nevertheless, we must continue to hold our heads high and enjoy the small victories as they come.

    Fondly, Albert

  16. Yeti Says:

    The correct way to say that would be:

    The Bears may make the playoffs. I seriously doubt it, though.

    The other way you just sound like a fucking idiot, which is suitable for you.

  17. chucky Says:

    As big an idiot as you made of yourself when you said Kevin Gregg was a “serviceable closer” for the Cubs?

    Shut the fuck up dipshit.

  18. chucky Says:

    By the way, hello Albert.

    How’s it hangin’?

  19. Yeti Says:

    What did you think about Rod Beck as a closer? Dennis Eckersley?

  20. robert Says:

    Dennis Eckersly was never a closer for the cubs he was a starter….There have been worse closers for the cubs than the goggled cocksucker alfonseca rojas and gossage but the goggled cocksucker was horrible…..

    Ps Mike Quade is the new manager

  21. CK Says:

    Chucky: I’m a retarded twat, and yet you don’t know the difference between defensive lineman and offensive lineman. This is the second time you’ve referred to our five offensive lineman as the ‘front four’. I mentioned the Giants game, you asking me if I remember is the best representation of your illiteracy.

    The Giants game the offensive line performed terribly. But if Martz hadn’t chose to pass it like 15 times in a row against them, they wouldn’t have looked as bad. When you run the ball, the pass rush slows down. Why? Because they aren’t going to charge Cutler everytime if it’s a possibility that we’ll run it. But that night it clearly wasn’t a possibility, and you saw the results.

    The point was that our D still played well that night, and only let up touchdowns in the fourth quarter after we converted maybe 1 of I don’t know how many third downs. If we had better blocking from the FRONT FIVE, we’d have not let them run the ball on us, because our FRONT FOUR wouldn’t be nearly as tired.

    Lol you’re giving me stats that I’ve been quoting all day to defend the defense retard. And your reconfirmation of these stats is only proving my point. Does a defense have anytime to rest when it’s offense goes 0-12 on third downs?

    It’s very apparent that you know less about football that FroDog. I hope you stop trying to beat me on this argument, you’re only embarrassing yourself. I mean who can’t be a retarded twat in an argument?

  22. CK Says:

    Oh and Chucky. If you actually watched that season opener against the lions, you can’t say we would have lost because of that call for two reasons. One: There was still 32 seconds on the clock when CJ scored the TD that wasn’t. We had two timeouts and two great returners and a great FG kicker. I’m not saying it’d be likely that we’d have won, but we still could have if his TD was counted.

    Secondly, if you say who should have won based on bullshit referee calls, the Lions still wouldn’t have won because the Bears D was flagged on TWO bullshit penalties that game, both on third downs and both on the drives that the Lions scored touchdowns. One was pass interference, which definitely was not and the other defensive holding was questionable, but still probably the wrong call.

    You could say the same thing you said about the Bears for a lot of teams. If they had committed a few more mistakes they could be 1-5. If they fixed a few mistakes they’d be 5-1. A GOOD team still takes their opportunities and turns them into wins. The Bears have done that 4 times already this season. Only the Jets have done it more.

  23. chucky Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ! Take your overanalizing bullshit somewhere else. I hear bleedcubbieblue is looking for retards.

    You’re the only one defending the offensive line. Try watching a game once in a while, then listen to some post game shows (you pick any one you want) and find one more motherfucking idiot know-it-all douchebag like yourself to back up your bullshit. And stop trying to sound like you know something. You don’t. If you think for one fucking minute the Bears are worth a shit you’re on some seriously illegal shit.

    Yeti….Are you on crack? Rod Beck? Dennis Eckersley? Who in the goddamned hell cares what I think of them, besides a dumbfuck dipshit like yourself. Thanks for answering my question about Gregg, numbnuts.

    Now both of you go fuck yourselves. NOBODY here gives a goddamn what you think. And we sure as fuck don’t want to waste our time reading your shit.

  24. erniesarmy Says:

    I’m a Packer fan, and I think the Bears have a good defense.

    The O-Line on the other hand …

    It’s truly amazing how Mike Martz went from being a genius when he was with the “Greatest Show On Turf” to a retard with the Bears. I guess he wasn’t the offensive genius they thought he was.

  25. erniesarmy Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Cubs hire Mike Quade as their “new” manager.

    Yawn …. huh … I’m sorry, did someone say something?

  26. robert Says:

    Mike Quade got a two year deal Hendry has two years left coinsidence I hope not

  27. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    Sorry guys. I am late to the party. I read online that Quade is indeed the new manager. I can’t say I am disappointed. I think a two year deal is low cost and potentially high reward. We’ve all agreed on what’s two more years without winning?

    Someone mentioned this a couple years back…It is going to take a special group of players/coaches to get the job done of bringing a world championship to the North Side. I think Quade isn’t the worst choice so that’s why I am in favor of it. It is unfortunate that there are still many bad and long-term contracts that can not be rid of due to Jim Hendry’s lack of knowledge.

    That being said, I have confidence that Quade will have the players who can actually play the game whether that is a no-name rookie or an overpaid veteran. He seems like the guy who doesn’t care how much you are being paid or how many years you have been in the league. If you are a pitcher who can throw strikes and get people out, you will have a spot. If you are a position player who knows the fundamentals, learns how to take strikes, etc., you will have a spot on the team.

  28. CK Says:

    Chucky: Lol first you accuse me of not watching the game and being a retard, now I over-analyze everything? I wasn’t defending the offensive line. I know they are bad. I’m just saying they’re not quite as bad as they look. It’s the fact that we call pass so much. Defenders aren’t going to wait to see if it’s really gonna be a run, they just run right at Cutler because they know Martz can be a complete retard when it comes to offensive balance.

    I watch Bears Postgame Live after every game and to be frank I’ve been referencing what they said completely. You are very very stupid. I’ll leave you alone now Chucky. You’re right, I know nothing. You know everything and your arguments prove it. Sorry man.

  29. Fro Dog Says:

    So I heard this football “expert” on The Score yesterday saying that if the Bears don’t win this Sunday, stick a fork in them. I forgot who he worked for but he seemed like he basically mimicked what I as well as other realist fans on here have said. Anybody want to bring up stats to show otherwise?


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