Open thread.


Fire away.

6 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    …a good friend e-mailed me asking what I thought about the Cubs picking Quade to manage, my response follows with his reply at the end…


    I think Ricketts — the new owner — is just another dumbass sheeple fan, he just happens to be uber-rich. How Hendry keeps his job is beyond me. Larry Rothschild, too (the pitching coach, another loser).

    I’m disturbed by Quade’s comments that he wants to keep the coaching staff as is…and that he hopes Zambrano stays. Zambrano should be traded while he is still worth SOMETHING. One more meltdown–and I expect to see it–and “Lil Z” is extremely damaged goods. The Milton Bradley signing/debacle was enough bs for any serious Cubs fan to endure…I think they should try to move Zambrano to avoid a repeat of his asinine behaviour. “Lil Z is NOT an ace….Halladay, Lincecum, Cliff Lee: now those are some TRUE ACES!

    The Cubs were 23 games under .500 (!) when Quade took over…zero pressure at that point, they were finished. So I don’t put much stock in their strong finish…besides, the Orioles finished almost as strong as the Cubs…

    I’m ok with Sandberg not getting the gig now….because IMOP as long as Jim Hendry is in place as GM the Cubs will LOSE. Hendry is a bum. Sandberg would have been setup to fail. I hope he gets a great offer to go somewhere else….I don’t expect the Cubs to contend for awhile. Sandberg deserves better…like the real fans.

    That said, I would LOVE to be wrong and I’m willing to eat crow if they win a WS under this regime! 😉


    Good call on Ryno. It would be a shame to step into the situation as it is. And I’m in total agreement about Zambrano. The fewer knuckleheads on Waveland, the better.

  2. robert Says:

    genre do you think quazimodo may be a temporary hire??? after all louzer and douchebag got a 4 year deal and quazi only got a two year deal could it be a coinsidence god i hope not

  3. genrebuster Says:

    robert…temporary hire? Seems like it…but then again, since Hendry still has a job as Cub’s GM, all rational thought should be thrown out the window…

    Ricketts is just another sheeple fan with too much $$$, in my book.

    To be clear, I’m not a Quade hater. I’m ok with 2 years…but as long as Hendry is involved, expect the Cubs to lose…as usual.

    What a PATHETIC organization.

  4. robert Says:

    genre the one thing i forgot to leave out is moe only has 2 years left and when his deal is done a lot of contracts are going to be done z dumpster sori ram and a couple of his other deals

  5. genrebuster Says:

    In that case, there is a lot to look forward to in two years.

    Maybe all of them will join their pal Andy MacFAIL in Baltimore!


  6. chucky Says:

    Any of you guys hear Lovie (I want to be just like Dusty Baker) Smith earlier this week? I’ll paraphrase him: I think we improved. Our 4-2 team has improved. In all areas.

    With that said, and at the risk of pissing off any so-called experts, here is my prediction.

    Washington 31

    Bears 10

    Cutler will literally be lucky to escape this game alive. It won’t be his fault. That rap will fall on the play calling and garbage o-line.

    In other words, Lovie is completely full of shit and an absolute insult to anybodys intelligence. Not to mention he’s a goddamned liar.


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