What to look for this Sunday with the Bears


It’s Bears vs. Titans in Nashville this Sunday. Maybe our Tennessee correspondent, Pie In The Sky, will give us some insight on the atmosphere down there for this big PRESEASON match-up.

Mitch Trubisky – He’s been out-playing Mike Fucking Glennon so far in the preseason. I know. I know. It isn’t supposed to mean anything. But, he’s played well enough to get playing time with the starters in the 3rd quarter of this game. If Glennon takes another shit on the field and Trubisky shines again, I fully expect the idiot (John Fox) to go with Mitch as the starter when the season starts. Fox’s ass is on the line, so he should do what’s best for the team.

Mike Glennon – Fuck this whiny little bitch. I know it’s Ryan Pace’s fault for signing this guy when nobody else wanted him. But, this guy is getting $15 million to suck just like he did in Tampa Bay. He’s pissed off that Trubisky is playing better than him. Once again, it’s Pace’s fault for signing this guy and telling him he’s the starter. This guy needs to just shut his mouth and worry about knowing how to not throw interceptions.

Defense – It seems as if it’s the same problems with the defense every year: Good defensive line and shitty secondary. We’ve seen how shitty this secondary is so far this preseason. Sadly, it will probably be the reason why the Bears lose 13 games this season again. But damn, can’t they at least try? Like, you know, turn around while covering a receiver so they don’t look like complete idiots? I feel like I ask for that every year.

This will be the thread for the game as well as your thoughts on what was written (poorly) above.

8 Responses to “What to look for this Sunday with the Bears”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Two disturbing items from the ESPN Ticker as I watch Major league Soccer:

    1) The Fighting Illini are dropping their “war chant” from football games, so the stadium can be “more inclusive.” And so the U of I can be a bland and have no identity as Lovie Lee leads you ton several thirty-point home losses.

    2) Cubs down 6-1 at Philadelphia, second inning. The Cubs are playing the butt end of the NL East in a stadium that is half or three-quarters empty, why are they not steamrolling these fuckers?

  2. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I know Titans fans are amp’ed up about the team this year. Media hyping the holy hell out of them, especially Mariota. I really don’t pay any attention to preseason football though. I don’t enjoy it considering I spend the entire time crossing my fingers for no injuries. Titans already have two of their top three receivers hurt (Corey Davis, Eric Decker).

  3. dvxprime Says:

    1) Fox is “proper fucked” (Guy Ritchie speak) six ways to Sunday. If he starts names Trubisky as the starter going into the season, especially with the murderer’s row that is the bears’ first four games, I will be shocked. If Trubisky goes all Geno Smith, or worse, gets a season-ending injury in the first month, Fox will be a candidate for first in-season firing.

    2) Concur strongly. Glenn better start channelling his inner Tom Brady and STFU. End od discussion.

    3) The bears secondary…”same as it ever was.”

    4) Too much good soccer on today to watch NFL torture porn…I mean exhibition football. Oh, speaking of soccer, the Fire and Passion are starting to shit the bed, only one win in the last month. Get your shit together, boys. You too, Red Stars.

    5) Great job last night Cubs. You’ve only got two more weeks of scrimmage before the eventual showdown with the Brew Crew and Redbirds. Better fucking man up, gents.

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    What has happened to the Fire and Passion? They’ve completely sucked ass since the beginning of July. Was it just luck that whole time before? Schweinsteiger was hurt in the game that I went to. But, I don’t know if that’s the exact/only reason.

    Also, the Bears have played much better so far. Horrible news, however. Cameron Meredith, possibly their best receiver, had his knee basically twisted off on a reception. It’s a torn ACL. And it’s not uncommon either. Julian Edelman of the Patriots had a torn ACL the other day as well. SHEESH!

  5. Pie in the Sky Says:

    What’s up with all these knee injuries? Not just NFL, but Big Cass just last week in WWE. Was this happening when I was younger and I was just too young to remember it? I mean, I know some of it is just the rules changes but a lot of these knee injuries are happening when players aren’t even touched; they just give out.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    Fro: I have no idea. And they’re scaring me IRT the playoffs.

    Can the Bears keep anybody healthy anymore? Eleven players stayed at home from the Titans game today. Check that…can ANYBODY in this league stay healthy anymore?

    How the fuck do the Cubs lose 2 of 3 to the worst team in the NL? Motherfuckers, man. Shit!

  7. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I guess the regulations they made during the last CBA (less offseason training) really have made a largely negative impact on player health.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    I think the “less training” part has a direct correlation with so many players having hamstring injuries and such. Either they are over-working themselves in the offseason or when camp starts, they can’t get into rhythm because of the constant rest. Those are just my guesses. I haven’t played football since junior high, so what do I know?

    But this ACL crap is something to be concerned about. It’s been way more common in the last five or six years than before that. It has to be the way they are training.


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