Another year in the books: Fire (Some Asshole(s) In Chicago Sports) turns 9!


(The man in the referee shirt – May 2017)

It doesn’t get old for me every year at this time. It was exactly nine years ago today that many of us ventured over to this dark corner of the internet. And trust me, the previous place was a pretty dark corner as well.

To think that we would actually get what we asked for at the start would be nothing more than a mere pipe dream. That was, to see the Cubs win the World Series.

If I forget any of your names, I am truly sorry. But to see a bunch of you long-time fans who had to witness the garbage of 1969 or 1984, I was most happy for you. You guys saw way more failure than I could ever imagine. Genre, Jimmy D., Ernie, MadCityMac, DVX and Chucky, you guys deserved it the most.

To the rest of you folks who actually find this place interesting (Dave, Pie, who else?), you guys are awesome too. For the ones who use to post that may come back, thanks for all of the fun times. I pray you all are doing better. For the others who may just read this site to either laugh with or at us, thanks as well. If you’re laughing at us though, feel free to chime in so Chucky can track you down and properly, saw off your nuts.

We’ve seen a lot happen over the nine years. I am very happy this place is still around with all of those other “blogs” going Hollywood or simply going away. This place costs little to nothing to run and I am fortunate that some of you have still stuck around.

Let’s keep the train moving!

15 Responses to “Another year in the books: Fire (Some Asshole(s) In Chicago Sports) turns 9!”

  1. chucky Says:

    Happy FUCKING Birthday, my Fitness Frendt!!!! And once again, thank you for keeping this very dark, very damp corner of the internets going for this crazy ass psycho. It’s been one hell of a ride.

    I may need a little help handling the chainsaw if someone gets out of line. I’m getting shoulder surgery this Monday. Again. Torn rotator cuff and probably bicep too, but at least it’s the first time for the left side. I just have the greatest luck in the world, don’t I?

  2. erniesarmy Says:

    I come for the great writing and the great honesty. Love ya, Fro and Genre. You guys do a great job.

    And please, don’t try to muzzle Chucky, he bites!

  3. chucky Says:

    DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    You got it guys. Also, Chucky, I just sent you an email. I want you to take a look and respond back and let me know (through email).

    Also, I can’t believe I forgot this: But, I want to personally thank Genre for his help on the website. I was fortunate enough to meet him last year and he’s a good man. Maybe one day, a bunch of us can finally get together.

    It’s too bad Keith isn’t here. I know he’s reading this upstairs. He wrote for a bit as well years ago.

  5. Robert Says:

    What did you all think about the rickets family giving a World Series ring to bartmann…personally I think it’s a great move for two reasons

    1…the kid was innocent

    2…future free agents are going to remember this

  6. Jimmy D Says:

    Hi All,

    Well, well, well. 9 fucking years…and 1 VERY SPECIAL WORLD SERIES VICTORY. And…on this special anniversary, the Cubs are putting a major league beat down on the D-Backs (16-4 in the 9th; even our bullpen can’t lose this one (cue Yeti). 14-3 since the All-Star Break…should get the attention of just about every team in the league.

    Fro, I’m going to have to disagree with you on one very important point. You say that “many of us ventured over to this dark corner of the internet”. But, I don’t see it that way, at all.
    A corner has finite area and limiting boundaries. This site, on the other hand, does not. We are free to post as we’d like (Go Chucky Go…with the “smash him in the face with a heavy piece of mining equipment” mentality). Last night, as I read the link in the article (if you haven’t read it, you MUST) that I think DVX posted, it had me laughing hysterically and almost wetting myself. Of course, it was an article about the hapless Bears (da Bears) and you all know that I’m a fucking die hard Cheesehead, Green Bay Packer fan.

    Anyway, I don’t post here anywhere near as often as I did back in the day, but I still come back here to “read all about it”.
    And, speaking about our dearly departed, KSMC…makes me think about the huge loss suffered in the music world almost 2 weeks ago. Chester Bennington, lead singer/screamer, of that amazing band Linkin Park took his life at the far too young age of 41. That one is still kicking my ass.

    I went to Game 4 of THE SERIES and absolutely loved being in Wrigleyville for the occasion. Then, in March, the wife and I took our boys (17 and 15) to Florida for Spring Break. We went to Amalie Arena and watched the Hawks lose in overtime..but, I won the fucking 50/50 raffle at the stadium and got to split $24,420 with the house (not a bad way to pay for your vacation).

    I agree with Fro…there’s GOT to be a way to organize a get together at some point. And I don’t wanna hear any bullshit from Ernie that it’s too far to travel from LA. Fuck that, you should be looking for ANY opportunity to get out of that fucked up state.

    Jimmy D.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    “If you’re laughing at us though, feel free to chime in so Chucky can track you down and properly, saw off your nuts.”

    I see Jimmy D. has already referenced chucky’s ““smash him in the face with a heavy piece of mining equipment”…excellent!

    I had a great time hanging with Fro in Chicago, and plan to make it back more frequently. I may be back in Chicago for a visit Oct 20-23, will know soon and keep you posted,

    If that’s not enough time to plan, let’s look ahead. To some extent, I have to work around work schedules and it can be complicated…but I will flex greatly to see you guys in person if we can plan ahead. Fri-Mon is generally easiest, but I can make some Thu work, too.

    Let’s do it…it would be BIG FUN.

    I greatly enjoy contributing to the site, and will try to do more (broken record) – have attempted on numerous occasions to get in touch with “Albert” and “The Ghost of Leo Durocher”, but those assholes must be very busy as they’re not responding.

    chucky. I’m genuinely sorry to hear that you must endure yet another surgery. I will raise several glasses in your honor. Hoping you get some relief, and a quick/complete recovery, my frendt!

    Fro, my frendt….THANK YOU so much for keeping the site going. And thanks to all of you guys who take the time to comment. And to those of you who may be reading but haven’t yet posted…please jump in anytime!

    Things are different, now that it’s been 8 months since the Cubs won a WS…instead of 108 FUCKING years. And they are playing well of late…

    ….tick tock…tick tock…tick tock…tick tock

    p.s. WTF happened to bobby d? (I never wonder about Jimmy Hoffa anymore…)

  8. genrebuster Says:

    I overlooked the man in the ref shirt…EXCELLENT.

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    You like that?

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    Also, I did forget a couple of names in the “thank you” part of this post. I noticed Robert chimed in. I am sorry buddy! Also, our friend Nemo down that way. He hasn’t posted much lately. I pray he’s doing well.

  11. erniesarmy Says:

    “And I don’t wanna hear any bullshit from Ernie that it’s too far to travel from LA. Fuck that, you should be looking for ANY opportunity to get out of that fucked up state.”

    Jimmy D! My frendt! You certainly know California! How bout takin’ Gov. Moonbeam off our hands. I’ll even throw in a couple of lower tier prospects. If I can gain a few extra dollars I would love to meet you guys in Chicago. Right now, I can’t afford it.

    Cubs lose 0-3 after winning the night before 16-4. That’s what I mean by inconsistency. It’s either the offense that poops out, or the pitching – I heard Russell is playing with a lead glove lately. They just can’t seem to gain any consistency. Been going on all season long. You can’t win championships playing like that.

  12. dvxprime Says:

    Fro Dog, THANK YOU for being such a generous host here in the Darkest Corner of the Internet. A lot has changed since you opened the doors; some good (GO CUBS GO!!! BLACK HAWKS!!!) and some bad (damn near everything else in Chicago) and it’s good to have a place to celebrate, or vent your spleen.

    And THANK YOU to all the contributors here at Fire Everybody…chucky, ernie, Jimmy D, generebuster, and all the rest. Y’all inspire me.

  13. dvxprime Says:

    “Let’s keep the train moving!”

    Did someone say TRAIN???

  14. dvxprime Says:

    Whoops, damn YouTube.

    No, wait let’s try this one:

  15. genrebuster Says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DVX, yeah man!


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