Respect goes out to Jerry Jones.


I know some out there may not like Jerry Jones. Whether it was the way he treated head coaches since taking ownership of the Cowboys in the 80’s or even the way he handles business. For me, I always thought of him as someone who was controversial. Maybe it was a negative stigma that was placed on him because of what people said about him in the media.

That being said, he’s an owner who gives a damn about his football team. He cares about winning. His decision-making with player-personnel can be debated. However, it’s no secret that cares.

What has transpired over the last few months to now is a breath of fresh air.

Yesterday, Jones hired a prominent lawyer to handle a lawsuit against the NFL. The reason? Roger Goodell’s contract, which is due to expire after next year. He is trying to block that smug bastard from getting an extension through other owners.

For the last several years, a bunch of us on here have mentioned our issues with the NFL. Whether it’s the constant rule changes (for the worse), horrible TV deals or even the advertising/political argument (let’s try to stay away from this one), it’s a problem. The blood of all of these problems are on the hands of Roger Goodell. Yet, the rest of the owners don’t give a shit because their pockets are being filled by the billions.

Roger Goodell is nothing but a kiss-ass because his salary is basically a leftover from the pie of what the owners make. If $45 million a year is leftover for this idiot, that’s a shame.

Goodell doesn’t give a damn about the players. He doesn’t care if teams play games four days later on a Thursday or even the next day. He will still do it and the owners will follow suit.

To see Jerry Jones oppose this is a big deal. He’s the one with a voice and us fans are the voiceless. He is echoing everything we are thinking. And yes, maybe this is also because Ezekiel Elliot was suspended and it’s hurting his team. That’s another discussion for another day. But, I highly doubt that is the sole reason for this lawsuit. Jones would not spend millions for a lawyer just for that.

In closing, we all should give Jones some respect and be happy someone is fighting back at the other owners and Goodell. I don’t know what will happen in this lawsuit. But, it’s good to see that something MAY change.

Your thoughts in the thread.

14 Responses to “Respect goes out to Jerry Jones.”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    “He is trying to block that smug bastard from getting an extension through other owners.”

    The problem is the other owners want Goodell. They believe his decisions, especially the political, are in step with America. Like all huge corporate bosses, these “Dons” don’t care if it hurts the country, and they don’t care who gets hurt, as long as thy get their cut. Richard Sherman just went down last night with an Achilles tear, and he’s out for the season. All players say it is Thursday Night Football, but Goodell and the owners say, no it isn’t. If Thursday nights keep bringing in the cash, then nothing will change.

    Fro, as long as the money keeps pouring into their bank accounts, nothing will change.

    That is the only thing corporate bosses care about…the bottom line.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Roger Goodell went from being Robocop to being an ED-209 (or Robocop II, if you followed the movie series). He went from establishing law and order and good order and discipline to shooting way to much and fuck the questions. Everything from Bountygate on has been a mess and PR nightmare for fans, players, and coaches. Between the lousy games (players with shortened rest/healing time plus coaches with reduced practice and game planning), the abominable Color Rush uniforms (WHY???) and increased injuries, Thursday Night Football has been torture porn football PLUS. Goodell also seems to have this massive boner for NFL overseas, when the game back in the states is coming apart at the seams.

    Jerry Jones is a cash money monster as well as a fame whore, but if he’s making a move to oust Goodell “for the good of the game,” best wishes to him. If the lawsuit forces Goodell to change his ways in exchange for keeping his job, so be it.

  3. Nemo Says:

    Fox need to go today if the Bears lose this game.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    If the Bears lose this game, John Fox will get a contract extension.

  5. chucky Says:

    And I’ll blow a brain vessel.

  6. Cbears523 Says:

    Coaching staff needs to be fired right now. Their mismanagement of the offense right now is embarrassing. Let’s just tell them what plays we are running and we will be just as predictable as we are right now

  7. Nemo Says:

    The Packers could bring in the water boy on 4 and inches and still get the first down.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Why did I have the feeling that the defense was going to take a shit in this game and that Hundley was going to be great?

    Oh, my bad.

  9. Cbears523 Says:

    Embarrassing showing from the bears. Defense can’t stop a nose bleed and the offense can’t do anything. They look like last year

  10. Fro Dog Says:

    I fucking knew it.

  11. Cbears523 Says:

    We all did. We all saw it from a mile away. Seems like any packers qb can make us look like pussies

  12. chucky Says:

    Holy shit! I think Hampton and O’Bradovich are gonna murder someone tonight. They are PISSED!

  13. Fro Dog Says:


    I didn’t listen to it as I was still working. But damn. I fear for O’Bradovich. This team is going to kill him!

  14. chucky Says:

    Fro….you aren’t alone. There were callers on the show telling OB the same thing. Hampton too. I’ve never heard them that pissed off. They were calling for Fox to being fired immediately.


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