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The 3-5 last-place Bears have a bye week. For us, that means a free Sunday without needing to watch our team showing everyone why they will continue to be cellar dwellers. I will be attempting to mow my lawn one last time before putting into the shed for the winter.

Feel free to add whatever else is going on in your mind. SHOW DA FIRE AND PASSION, MY FRENDTS.

7 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    The Bears are a rookie-laden (rookie-infested?) roster. If John Fox truly shows no interest in at least trying to develop a competitive football team out of them, then maybe it’s time for a mid0season heave-ho. Nobody expected a playoff team from this mob (I had them pegged for 0-16) but some of the losses were flat out inexcusable.

    I know there are very few soccer fans around here, and Imma let you finish Fro, but I gotta unload this: The US Men’s Soccer team not qualifying for the World Cup is extreme bullshit. This team was much better than being the fifth placed team out of the six in the Hexagonal.

    A brief TO-DO list that Team Yankee really needs to develop in the next four years:

    1) A no-shit roster of America’s 30 best players

    2) A coach with a modern soccer philosophy, complete with an actual strategy, at least two base formations (4-2-3-1, 4-4-2, whatever), and in-game tactics to adjust to their opponents

    3) Properly integrating the players into whatever “system” the coach dictates

    4) Developing a killer instinct/conquering army mentality for the regional qualifying process. I’m getting damned tired of seeing this team trying to hold on for their dear lives every time they play Mexico. Also, how the fuck do you barely manage a 1-1 draw in Honduras, then completely shit the bed at last place Trinidad and Tobago? Team Yankee needs to start developing some brass testes along with their soccer skills; fuck this losing games to scrub teams on the road.

    5) This “growing brass testes” needs to start YESTERDAY; fuck this bullshit where you host the Gold Cup and get embarrassed by Jamaica and Honduras on U.S. soil.

    Speaking of soccer, it was nice that the Fire made the playoffs (even got a home game out of the deal), but man did they fill their diapers over the last two weeks of the season. Johnny Five need more input.
    Goes for you too, Red Stars.

    Somebody please sound the reveille and the call to arms for the Black Hawks?

  2. Nemo Says:


    One major problem is that US men’s soccer seems to always play down to weaker opponents, but rarely elevates its game against stronger opponents. Do you recall them needing to eke out a 3-2 win against Martinique in the Gold Cup? There are more people in the city limits of St. Louis than in all of Martinique!

    I would think with a population of over 300 million, the US could will itself into being a soccer power. I bet more kids play soccer than little league and youth football combined. But yeah, most people don’t care until the tournaments are underway and then it’s too late. We don’t care enough about hockey to win in the Olympics either.

    I don’t know much about complex strategies in soccer-I’m just glad I know the rules, but I know that Bruce Arena a second time around is not the answer to success in the future. We need to develop some talent to play with Christian Pulisic-he looks like he’s going to be amazing, but he won’t be able to do it all by himself. With WC expanding to 48 qualifiers in 2026, I am concerned that not much will be done and qualifying (in a watered down field) will be considered enough.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    The Chicago Fire (and Passion) took a crap in the last couple of months. They were no where near as strong. I wasn’t sure if the injury to Schweinsteiger kept him limited. But, they hadn’t been consistently good since August.

    The Blackhawks lost to the Canadiens earlier tonight. They are having trouble scoring. While the defense has improved the last week or so, it hasn’t mattered because they can’t score. And the standings show that many teams are all bunched up for playoff spots. Maybe some space will be created eventually, but the Blackhawks have not put together a winning streak longer than two games yet. It’s very uncharacteristic of them.

    I know it’s only 15 games in. You can’t clinch a playoff spot this early, but you can sure lose one.

  4. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey, Fro, move over the Packers are pursuing the bottom of the Division with alacrity! Look out Bears, we’re a comin for ya!

    Still can’t play defense and still want to hang on to Dom Capers.

    Still can’t find a running game.

    Still can’t keep he O-line healthy.

    Rodgers injury exposed McCarthy for the below average coach he always was and always will be.

    Kinda sounds like the Bears don’t it!

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    Stay away from us. This basement has been ours the last few years and while it’s a bit chilly, it gets us closer to witnessing the firing of management.

    In all seriousness, I actually like Aaron Rodgers. Bears fans probably like him way better than Favre. I don’t root for injuries, especially to people who aren’t jerk offs. But, it sucks for you guys. I figured Hundley would have been ready.

    All that being said, don’t be surprised if the Bears still lose to the Packers this Sunday. These are the Bears after all and they are the ones who are known for finding ways to lose.

  6. Pie in the Sky Says:

    McCarthy would be a damn good coach if he weren’t so stubborn. Won’t fire his DC (even though there have been many, many great ones who’ve been available since that 49ers playoff asswhooping). Took years before he finally fired ST Coach Slocum. Always goes ultra-conservative with big leads (cost us against Seattle in playoff loss). Doesn’t change practice / conditioning habits despite the same reoccurring issues for the past 8-9 years.

    Packers starting to look like the Colts when they lost Manning. Went from a playoff team to 2-14.

    Never understood why they didn’t keep Matt Flynn. Dude was perfect as a backup.

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Aaron Rodgers 1, McCarthy 0.


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