It’s never easy: Bears 16 Cardinals 14


This game had all of the ingredients for a loss. The Bears were on the road, the offense still wasn’t all that great and when they are picked as favorites to win, they generally don’t. Oh, and Dick Stockton was calling the game. Yes, the original Kiss Of Death To Chicago Sports was there calling the action. He called Cody Parkey “Cody Parker” and certainly, this was going to be a very disappointing day. But, they pulled it out and now, are in first place.

First quarter – That was bad. The defense looked like it was turning the clock back a few years and the offense couldn’t get any points. Parkey missed a field goal and Trubisky fumbled the ball for a turnover. Sam Bradford had two touchdown passes and by then, it was 14-0.

The defense They were outstanding in the second half. Sherrick McManis, Eddie Jackson and Bryce Callahan all had interceptions. Just amazing. I know, they pissed down their own legs in the first quarter, but good to see them bounce back despite it getting interesting at the end of the game.

Khalil Mack – I will say he is a guarantee to be in every recap I post no matter how shitty the rest of the team plays. This guy is just amazing. With the Cardinals driving to add onto the 14-13 lead, he caused the fumble on Bradford with him scrambling. The Bears drive  Sacks, forced fumbles and interceptions. Shit, put the guy at quarterback, too.

Mitchell Trubisky – I am not going to roast this guy like others would (and should). He’s put in this position by the franchise. He had an interception today, but that was tipped. He made a couple of nice passes and was able to spread the ball to many different players.

Referees – Okay, this is getting fucking ridiculous. Too many horrible calls. When Rosen was sacked to end the game, I was holding my breath thinking a flag was going to be thrown for roughing the passer. This is what the game has become now in the NFL. It’s sitting around waiting for flags to be thrown rather than just being entertained. Clay Matthews was called for basically playing football all season and he’s been called for roughing the passer when it was clear he wasn’t being malicious. Roger Goodell is a fucking idiot and he’s making the game even more dangerous. Something needs to be done. Fuck this.

Okay, now, Fitzmagic and the current, first-place Buccaneers come to Chicago next week. Hold onto your balls. The bumpy ride continues.

6 Responses to “It’s never easy: Bears 16 Cardinals 14”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    1) Da Bears have drafted a game manager for their franchise QB. Holy shit are we in for a tough 2~3 years.

    2) Nice of the Bears defense to make big 4th quarter stops after not showing up in the first quarter.

    3) Ryan Pace supposedly hired Matt Nagy and drafted Trubs to make DaBears offense more dynamic…or at least find the end zone on a more regular basis. I know it’s only the first three games of the season, but WTF already???

    4) Not going to listen to 670’s post game show much anymore. Arks and Co. just aren’t the same, and between “Go Cubs Go” and “1-877Cars4Kids,” the commercial breaks are driving me NUTS. This is why people pay hundreds of dollars a month for Sirius XM…or put in audio book CDs or something.

    5) In other news, can anyone see the Cubs losing the division title this week and being the away team in the Wild Card game? Jus’ sayin’…

  2. Cbears523 Says:

    Trubisky looks rough but he basically has a bunch of gadget players around him. Cohen and gabriel are nothing but gadget guys. I feel like the bears need to pound the rock more and do play action off that down the field. They get too cute everytime. When we get Shaheen back I say we do more 2 tight end sets and make the defense defend the rush and pass. Not just the pass with no threat of a run. Too many bubble screens and not enough Jordan howard

  3. Fro Dog Says:


    Streaming of The Score is just awful. The repetitive commercials are just brutal. I only use it because I am too cheap to buy an actual radio these days. With all the changes to the hosts during the weekdays, it’s almost un-listenable. I am desperate for things to be like they were back in the mid-2000’s with how great some of the hosts were.


    I cannot agree with you more about the play-calling. The first quarter did go in the favor of running the ball much more. They need to do more max-protect of Trubisky to give him time to throw. He’s good on the run, but throwing in the pocket needs to be worked on big time.

  4. Cbears523 Says:

    I feel like our run game is the strength of the offense and they ignore it for cute gadgets. We hired nagy for a west coast style offense and not a college offense

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    “In other news, can anyone see the Cubs losing the division title this week and being the away team in the Wild Card game?”

    I can…easily! Their pitching isn’t good enough, and their hitting is way too inconsistent. They will have a difficult time going 4-3 during this home-stand, probably will end up 3-4 or worse. And they need to go 5-2 at least.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    Speaking of “the bumpy ride…”



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