The more things change, the more they stay the same: Packers 24 Joke-Of-A-Professional-Football-Franchise 23


Well, here it was. The Joke Of A Professional Football Franchise was all ready to take the field on National Television in enemy territory.

For years, I’ve always wanted to go to Lambeau. This time, I finally did. Good friend of the site, Jimmy D. was nice enough to get me a ticket and we had great seats. The people up there were amazing and very welcoming. I was completely blown away by the atmosphere.

Everything was great in the first half. The defense was playing well. Trubisky lead the offense down rather easily on two drives. The defense looked like an actual defense. Khalil Mack was all over the place with a sack, forced fumble and an interception off backup DeShone Kizer. 17-0 at halftime.

A 20-0 lead with about five minutes to go in the third should was looking great. Then, the wheels fell off. The Joke Of A Professional Football Franchise turned into what we all knew and loved. The Packers get three drives with a field goal and three straight touchdowns all in a span of about ten minutes or whatever it was. The defense turned into the “I-Pass Defense” and the offense gave me nightmares of the past three regimes.

And here we go with the idiotic head coach of this Joke Of A Professional Football Franchise named Matt Nagy. “We’ll learn from it.” “We’ll grow from it.” “We’ll get better.” Sound familiar?

This is the same head coach that was the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs last year when they blew a 21-3 lead against the Titans in a playoff game. He also said to the media in his introductory press conference that he was going to “grow” from that experience. Yep, sure did. He was offensive coordinator and that term actually means he was offensive to actual offensive coordinators. 3rd and 1 late in the game and they call a pass? RUN. THE. DAMN. BALL.

This is it, ladies and gentleman. Blown leads are going to be the “new” way the Bears lose games from now on. With that idiot at the helm, it’s more of the same frustration. It’s just finding new ways to lose.

Next week, another Nationally Televised game against the Seahawks at home. Barf. Your thoughts in the thread.

5 Responses to “The more things change, the more they stay the same: Packers 24 Joke-Of-A-Professional-Football-Franchise 23”

  1. Dave Says:

    Is it wrong to look at this with a “glass half full,” attitude? Bears lost by 1 point to an elite quarterback and there were ZERO offensive turnovers which plagued the Jay Cutler era year in and year out. The Bears will win games this year, perhaps quite decisively. Yup, until I see a major egg-laying by this team, the glass is half full. I enjoyed the game despite the loss, which I never could really say in previous years.

  2. Pie in the Sky Says:

    NFL has a major coaching mentality problem.

    These comebacks aren’t that impressive anymore. 28-3? 20-0? 16-0? 31-3 (Packers had this lead a few times the last few years)? No problem. Defense goes in prevent. Offenses go in three-and-out prevent mode. 20-3 is 24-23 in 15 minutes.

    Then you got the 1-yard/goalline issue you mentioned. The ATL vs PHI game is a perfect example. Atlanta gets down to 1-yard-line on opening drive. They take Julio out of the game for 3rd and 4th down. Why? God probably doesn’t even know. They throw to their shittier hands RB then ran a sweep on 4th down. Dan Quinn loses at least 2-3 games every game because he has no idea when or how to run 4th down / red zone offenses. Remember when he was randomly going for 4th-and-longs deep in his own territory against NE last year on SNF?

    You’ve got a coach in Buffalo who honestly thinks Nathan Peterman is an NFL quarterback. Anyone who has zero football expertise can tell otherwise. Not an NFL head coach though.

    Coaches all too worried about outsmarting the opponents instead of letting their players win the game. Players’ knees and ankles are exploding at an alarming rate. I spend more time worrying about the next injury than enjoying these games now. Nobody knows the rules of the game…not even the officials.

    I could go on but I’mma stop there.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Same ol’ Bears, same ol’ shit.

    Trubisky leads DaBears for a TD on the opening drive. Then they settle for FGs. By the end of the third quarter, it’s mostly three and outs.

    Da Bears offense can’t stay on the field long enough for the defense to get a breather, let alone score, so Khalil mack and Co. are probably gassed by the fourth quarter.

    Discount Double-check gets hot…and Da bears lose another close and winnable game.

    Trubisky has a long way to go. Mack can’t score a TD every game.

  4. Fro Dog Says:


    What you’ve listed are textbook examples of a coach that beats his own team. It’s stupidity at it’s finest. The Bears have done this for years. It’s not that they lose. It’s how they lose. This game took it to another level.

    Dan Quinn is an idiot for not running the ball late in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Likewise for Pete Carroll against the same team a couple of years prior.

    And I agree about the injuries. Conditioning and changing the rules of the game at a constant rate does that.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Barf indeed.

    So disappointing, but not unexpected (to me).


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