Let’s see what the Cubs are made of…this is it.


My frendts: Clearly, reports of the Brewers fading away haven’t panned out…and the Cardinals are now lurking only 3 games back.

Yes, the Cubs have been saddled with injuries all year long, affecting key players expected to make a difference. But they are not alone: this is something that all teams must deal with. They just can’t keep it going. The weather postponements have likely affected them….I had a bad feeling when the game that Lester started Fri 9/7 was cancelled. They responded by dropping both games of the 9/8 doubleheader. Sun 9/9 was again postponed. Mondays response? Carl Edwards Jr. wild pitches in the winning run in a loss to…the Brewers.

I haven’t had the luxury of seeing many games this year on tv, but I keep up online and thru box scores. Seems to me the pitching has far too often been inconsistent (again) and same goes for the hitting. Hot and cold.

Daniel Murphy appears to be calm…

I was very young at the time…but I faintly remember the infamous 1969 choke job (the Ghost of Leo Durocher just crapped in his grave). Please….not again.

Your thoughts and rants welcomed.



5 Responses to “Let’s see what the Cubs are made of…this is it.”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Good Lord I hope this team can right the ship…like TONIGHT.

  2. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Brewers—like a lot of teams, most specifically the Oakland A’s entire rotation—are getting some unbelievable contributions from their pitchers. So many pitchers are getting people out despite regularly giving up hard contact and rarely striking out batters. Wade Miley with a 2.23 ERA is absolute BULLSHIT.

    NL doesn’t have a dominant team. Best we can hope for is that the Cubs get hot at the right time. If they can reach the WS, I think it’ll depend on matchup. They aren’t beating Houston though.

  3. genrebuster Says:

    DVX…the lord heard you TONITE, thank doG. Quintana has been very strong against the Brewers all year.

  4. Dave Says:

    There was also that collapse in 2004 which led to an on air argument between Steve Stone and Dusty Baker over situational hitting, I believe that got Steve Stone fired from Cubs broadcasting. Should have fired Dusty but that didn’t happen until the 06 season. A few recent games vs Brewers and Nationals have reminded me of that year. They were so good in 2004 until late September, then they lost the Division, then the Wildcard as well.

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    This does remind me of 1969, Genre. I blame this on Maddon. I just think the clown parade this guy puts on doesn’t hold up season after season. He got us the 2016 title. I’m grateful for that. But, this team has the talent to win more than one WS title. But, Maddon isn’t the guy this team needs. Joe Girardi is available, he’s a disciplinarian, and that is what this team needs.


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