Ideas on how to fix pro wrestling: The TNA part.


There are many issues concerning certain storylines and mismanagement of certain talents. The ways to fix pro wrestling in my opinion will be divided in two portions: What needs to be fixed in TNA and what needs to be fixed in WWE.

On to TNA:

Developing a character: This part is something that is very important when a wrestler is coming up through the system whether being in a minor league territory or in the big company starting out. Jim Ross has went on record many times throughout the years saying the best way to get noticed in the ring is to be yourself. When I attended TNA Bound For Glory in 2008 in Hoffman Estates, I heard Randy Savage’s music and as soon as a I heard the crowd cheering, I said to my friend sitting next to me:

“Holy crap, is that…Wait. That guy is black.” Instead of Randy Savage, it’s a turd name Jay Lethal. What the fuck.  He talks just like him. He wears the same ring attire as him. And he has a beard like him. If wrestlers just be themselves whether that’s being a douche, I can at least respect that as a fan.

Abyss: OK. I am not doubting this guy’s ability to be a monster. However getting back to the character part, this guy should not be dressing up and acting like Mick Foley when he played Mankind back during the late 90’s. This is one of TNA’s problems. They need stop trying to recycle certain wrestling characters. I think if Abyss just takes the damn mask off and just goes out there to wrestle, he will have a fan in me and many others.

The senior citizens on the roster: This issue is TNA’s biggest. This is why the ratings have been shitty. This is why the most loyal of fans are already pulling the plug on TNA. Nobody wants to see a 60 year old Ric Flair take his shirt off and want to fight. Nobody wants to see Kevin Nash and Scott Hall walking around with their stupid shit every Monday night like it’s 1995. The last time I saw the Nasty Boys wrestle were in the mid-90’s. They should have stayed there. Instead, Hulk Hogan brought them in to limp around the ring for a few months before mercifully getting released last month.

Speaking of Hulk Hogan, I am sick and tired of seeing him trying to make a comeback. Hulk Hogan was probably one of my favorite wrestlers growing up but now, I have lost almost all respect for the guy. He is ruining TNA. Instead of the young guys getting their call-up, we have to deal with morons like the Nasty Boys, Nash, Hall and Flair take away their chance. Enough already.

If those bastards want to be there to help out younger guys by managing them or just training with them, so be it. But please. I do not want to see any of them in any more matches.

Blood: Blood isn’t cool. It never really was. I didn’t realize how stupid busting someone up was until a few years ago. Everytime I turn on TNA, I see Ric Flair bleeding a lot from the head. It’s awful. Nobody wants to see this shit especially when it happens to the looney tune known as Ric Flair. It’s not believable. It’s disgusting and people tune out because of that.

A.J. Styles: This guy is one hell of an athlete. He is a TNA original and he’s a great wrestler with a lot of years left in him. But I wish TNA would just let this guy go back to being the phenomenal one. Get him away from Ric Flair. Because really. It’s hurting his credibility. I don’t mind him as a bad guy but they need to get Flair away from him.

Hire a financial adviser for young wrestlers: I am sure Dixie Carter can find a way to get a couple of these people to work for their company. The reason I put this in here is because when I see idiots like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan still trying to wrestle, I read more into why and I find out it’s because these idiots didn’t know how to manage their money when they were younger. Flair was married three or four times and now, he is still giving plenty of his cash to his ex-wives. Hogan was only married once but once he got divorced, it cost him quite a bit.

It’s simple: TNA can hire a couple financial advisers to help wrestlers set up a retirement fund early. This also leads to them getting insurance (Wrestlers make six figures on average each year; they can afford it) and if they get married, make sure they get a prenuptial agreement. Wrestlers should keep in mind that they never know when their wife may go psycho, divorce them and take half or even all their money along with their kids. We as fans would figure that some of these young guys realize that if they don’t think about their future, that they could end up like Ric Flair. Not pretty.

Last but not least…

Hire Jim Ross: If WWE is stupid enough to let this guy go, it will be TNA’s gain. J.R. doesn’t have that many years left him to call wrestling, but I am sure TNA wouldn’t mind him in there. He is one of the best announcers in the last 20 years. He makes some crappy matches somewhat pretty good by the way he calls it. I like Mike Tenay as an announcer, but Ross is as good as it gets.

That is it for the TNA portion. If any of you have any other comments, feel free to discuss them. I am sure I missed a few.

7 Responses to “Ideas on how to fix pro wrestling: The TNA part.”

  1. fallscountanywhere Says:

    This is wonderful!

    I agree that a lot of the problems come from trying to reinvent people and their characters. They thought people like Flair would be draw for audiences, but watching him ruins a lot of the ideas and memories of peoples’ childhoods!

    COMPLETELY agree about AJ and the blood.

    As for the financial advisors, that would be a wonderful thing for WWE as well. I’m reading a book though that explained part of the issue of insurance and stuff: the wrestlers are seen, legally, as independent contractors, not employees, which has a lot of implications with contracts and retirement funds and stuff. I’m not sure of all of the details of course but I thought it was interesting.

    I still cannot believe WWE doesn’t want JR on their broadcasts. It makes zero sense to me. Fans of all ages love him and I really don’t think he is “dated” in any way. If anything, his experience and knowledge help the current product more than anything.

  2. Fro Dog Says:


    I watched E:60 last year on ESPN and they talked about wrestlers being independent contractors and how they basically waive their injury rights and what not in the contracts.

    However, I myself am self-employed or independently contracted. I own my own business and I just started my retirement funds and other insurance stuff this year. I don’t nearly make as much as they do and I still found a way to get it done. You figure if they make six figures, they should be able to afford it.

  3. chucky Says:

    Nicely done FroDog. My compliments. Some things I agree on. some I don’t. Here we go.

    1) They have had some character development at times, but one thing (I think) has ruined all of it. Vince Russo. Everything that asshole has touched has turned to absolute shit. You mentioned Black Savage. Don’t forget Stone Cold Shark Boy. Plain old Shark Boy was bad enough, but give him some DNA from Steve Austin and you have a massive clusterfuck.

    2) This year may well destroy Abyss and his wrestling career. They didn’t morph him Mankind. No, they turned him into goddamned Evad fucking Sullivan!!!!! For the love of all things holy, this guy could the greatest demented monster from hell if used right. He’s a fucking joke thanks to the asshole Hogan.

    3) The old bastards: You know by now that Hall and Nash won the tag titles from Morgan and Joe. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Hogan, Flair, Hall, Nash, The Nasty Girls, hell, even the Dudleys (I refuse to call them Team 3-D) these cocksuckers have no shame. Go home and retire already! These bastards can barely walk any more.

    4) I don’t mind the blood as much as some people…IF IT’S DONE RIGHT!!! Not every fucking week just to counter WWE’s PG programming. Which is all this is. Flair and Hogan both had some excellent steel cage matches 20-25 years ago. So did other wrestlers. But when Flair comes out to do a promo, not getting the shit kicked out of him backstage and his forehead looking like raw hamburger, that’s garbage. Then simply rapping his knuckles on his head and bleeding quarts just doesn’t get it done.

    5) This is where we disagree. There is no financial consultant in the world who can tell any of these guys to stop cheating on their wives. And that is where much of the problem lies. Hogan was banging his daughters best friend. Who just so happens to look just like….HIS DAUGHTER?!?! What a sick bastard this guy turned out to be. Flair is working over wife number 4 now. Why does he do this? What the fuck is his problem? This is like Tiger Woods. Look, screw all the women you want. Who cares? Just don’t marry any of them. You guys see Flair 3rd wife Tiffany? She was fine. And Flair is fucking nuts.

    6) Noooooooo Jim Ross. PLEASE NOT HIM!!!!! I’m sorry, he’s done. His announcing has been annoying as hell to me for years. If they hire him for talent relations and nothing on camera, that might work. Then again, it might not, considering he thought Mike Knox was the second coming of Bruiser Brody.

    7) Here is two ideas from just my head. First, fire Vince Russo. The stench of him is everywhere in TNA. This should be the first order of business, right after cutting loose the old guard.

    8) And second, hire these two guys. Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman. I know Corny made some “comments” on his website about Russo that may have been inappropriate, but he said them about Russo, a guy who singlehandedly nearly destroyed wrestling. I hate that bastard too. And those two guys are freaking geniuses. If anybody could turn this company around it’s them. As it stands now, in my opinion, TNA is doomed. It will not suceed. And that’s a shame.

    What do you guys think?

  4. chucky Says:

    I don’t how that stupid yellow smiley guy ended up on my post. Should have been an “8)”.

  5. Fro Dog Says:


    Good thing you followed up with your own comments on this. I almost forgot Russo was even there. He alone pretty much trashed WCW towards the end when Turner told Bischoff to take a hike. Bischoff and Russo in the same building is a recipe for disaster.

    I actually thought (And still might think) that Bischoff is the guy if TNA is going to go anywhere. Unfortunately as I mentioned before, he might be out of ideas. He is basically under a one-year deal with this company. It’s low cost in TNA’s mind so there is nothing to lose. There is also nothing to lose with Cornette and Heyman stepping in. But for that to happen, Bischoff has to go due to his differences with Cornette. This supposed “work in progress” with developing TNA is not progressing.

    And as far as Flair goes with his marriages, as a wrestling fan it doesn’t bother me what he does in his personal life. However, I had no idea he was cheating on his wife. I would have figured it was a lady just out to get his money. But what he does in personal life does affect his business life. Divorces = More years of him wrestling.

  6. chucky Says:


    Did you see the last DVD that the WWE put out on Flair. He openly bragged about how he “lived the gimmick” of the Nature Boy. Big ass parties in hotel bars, girls till all hours of the night. Tully Blanchard also talked about it in the Horsemen DVD. Now whether or not Flair calmed his lifestyle down later in life I really don’t know. I was really just speculating. That type of lifestyle is tough to stop. But wife #3 didn’t last very long and there is no obvious reason for them to split unless he was still “livin’ the life of the Nature Boy”. What I truly don’t understand is why these guys need to cheat. Tiger Woods wife is damn good looking. So were Flairs second and third. Hogans wife wasn’t bad, in all honesty, she started looking a bit like a plastic mannequin in her later years. But still, in my world, you should NOT even think about marriage if you want to go go around banging every woman in sight. I’m not against doing that, just don’t get married. It’s just going destroy you financially.

    Another guy who got taken to the cleaners was Johnny Carson. I don’t think he ever cheated on his wives, but his divorces cost him a goddamn fortune. Sorry, but no woman is worth that.

  7. fallscountanywhere Says:

    Fro, good to know about the independent contractors thing. Thanks for the info and also good for you!

    I forgot Russo was there, too, actually…

    Chucky, I agree that these guys should stop getting married if they don’t want to “settle down.” It doesn’t make sense and frankly it’s very selfish; I can’t imagine it makes the wives feel good, even if it is a money thing. But either way. I just want him to stop wrestling so bad.


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