The Draft is upon us. How will Ryan Poles fuck this up?


Certainly, him signing Trevor Semen is already a sign that this disast-era isn’t going to go well. And here I was thinking Jerry Angelo was the worst. Sheesh.

Here are the picks for the Bears. Who should they draft? It doesn’t have a specific player. But maybe a certain position? From the six that they have, they should not trade down for anybody. Just play with the cards that are dealt. May I suggest in this order: Offensive line, wide receiver, offensive line, secondary, linebacker, secondary. And sign more undrafted secondary players because I’m certain the ones they draft will end up being shitty.

Round 2: No 39

Round 2: No. 48 (from LAC) 

Round 3: No. 71 

Round 5: No. 148 (from HOU) 

Round 5: No. 150 

Round 6: No. 186 

6 Responses to “The Draft is upon us. How will Ryan Poles fuck this up?”

  1. chucky Says:

    Fro, you asked how will Ryan Poles fuck this up?

    By my count, six ways to Sunday. After all, this is the Chicago Bears we’re talking about.

  2. Nemo Says:


    The Cubs beat the Pirates 21-0 today. I have been wanting revenge on those bastards since September 16, 1975 when the Pirates scored 9 runs in the 1st inning and beat the Cubs 22-0. I hope as many Pirates fans are still alive today so they can feel the humiliation I felt as a little kid.

  3. dvxprime Says:

    Hey fellas,

    Picked MLS doubleheader over Bulls playoffs today. Bulls are getting dragged right now (down 19 with less than 3 min. left). Pretty much a good choice.

    Cubs and White Sox are off to mediocre starts.

    I agree with FroDog’s hopes for the draft. Maybe Poles has actually assessed WTF the Bears really need and plan accordingly. Maybe the new coaching staff will make a competitive team out of draft picks, UFAs and whatever the hell they signed in free agency (if they did get any worthwhile FAs).

    Then again, rookie GM and rookie GM hired by Teddy Bear and a diversity expert who knows as much about football as Phillips (i.e. NOTHING).


  4. Gw welsh Says:

    Well he could have had booth over Gordon but I only had him slightly ahead not mad, brisker was my second highest safety success here but you could have had Jones at 150 and you didn’t trade down. His free agency had three misses committed before physical, offered to little for a great free agent, and signed a PR nightmare wr. All blunders then he brings in c guys promised do good I got you. Personally I’m not impressed but my bears owners are not football people and are easily dooped. Fire Ryan and Matt part two already!

  5. chucky Says:

    How much longer do we have to sit back and watch Jed Hoyer and David Ross fuck up the goddamn Cubs. This is a fucking joke. The last two games in Milwaukee they were outscored 20-2! Fuck this shit about them having the best BA, or the best OBP in the majors. This team flat out sucks donkey dick.

    Fire Jed Hoyer! Fire David Ross!

  6. chucky Says:

    What can I say about this except………this makes me sick.


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