Calling all idiotic Bulls fans: How confident are you now?


It’s rant time. I figured it would come sooner or later. I was originally going to post a rant last week after the Bulls shit their pants against the fucking Pacers. I decided to wait until now because real fans knew they were going to lose Sunday against the Heat. The fans who are idiots along with the “experts” actually think the Bulls have a chance to beat the Heat in the playoffs have another guess coming.

Let’s just start with last week’s game against the Pacers in which the Bulls lost. Let’s play with stats (Cue Yeti). 12 fucking turnovers which turned into about 20 points for the Pacers. Six missed free throws. How many points did the Bulls lose by? Five. There you go. Oh. They also had a ten point lead at halftime then everything fell apart.

Then they play the Milwaukee Bucks. They win but still played like shit. The game was much closer than it should have been. They had 15 turnovers and wait for it…they missed 11 free throws. I said this last year but you can get away with that shit against teams like the Bucks, but when you play the next team I am about to talk about, it will cost them.

That brings me to Sunday’s game against the Heat. It was a game that the Bulls never lead in and they continuously had to play catch up. First problem I have are the amount of dunks the Heat had. The worse one was when that piece of shit LeBron James literally jumped over John Lucas for a slam. What the fuck was that? The defense was terrible until the fourth quarter. Next up: turnovers. How about 15 of them? I don’t how many points the Heat scored off of them but I am guessing it’s around 20 as well. That is way too  many.

Then we get to the last point which is, you guessed it: free throws. The Bulls missed eight of them. Even before Rose missed the two free throws at the end of the game, six were missed and that is fucking terrible. Ronnie Brewer missed two. Joakim Noah missed three of them. How in the fuck do they miss this shit? IT’S THE EASIEST FUCKING THING TO DO IN SPORTS.

In order for the Bulls to win games against actual teams, they have to play nearly perfect basketball. From free throws to turnovers, they have to keep them at a minimum. I don’t know what it will take to make some fans aware that the Bulls are simply not good enough to overcome their deficiencies like other teams. We all saw on Sunday what happens when there a lot of missed free throws and just flat out, stupid turnovers. I bitched about this all last year and at the end, it was all true. They can have fun getting away with this shit against the Bucks or Nets. When they play a team like the Heat or even the Sixers, they will pay dearly.

This team is full of problems. Luol Deng is going to be an idiot and not have the surgery. Not doing this is going to worsen his condition and be a problem in the playoffs. If he gets the surgery, he will get to rest his legs and have his wrist fully healed by the start of the playoffs. Richard Hamilton is also stupid with his decision of playing despite realizing that he will better if he sits out longer with a groin injury. Joakim Noah isn’t as good as people think. Omer Asik is fucking terrible. By far, the worst hands in the NBA. When he actually holds onto the ball, he continues to do this pump fake instead of just dunking the ball which results in him getting fouled and promptly missing two free throws. Fuck him.

Also, can someone tell Carlos Boozer to stop yelling at his teammates on the court? If you turn up the sound, you will hear him yelling at his teammates “Gimme Dat” while going for a rebound or “Dunk that shit” on the other side of the court. Carlos Boozer is a fucking idiot and an annoying prick on the court. How is that not a distraction to his teammates on the court? To top it all off, he is horrible at playing defense.

Who thinks the Bulls have a chance with these assholes on the team? Not me. The only way they have a chance is if they actually work on their issues like turnovers or missed free throws. One would figure that they had a whole summer and then some to work on it. Instead, it’s the same old shit. If they aren’t going to fix this shit, then the team really needs to make a trade. Dwight Howard sucks at free throws but he can at least get to the line 20 times a game and will get the other team in foul trouble. He is a guaranteed 20 and 15 guy. He plays great defense and doesn’t play like an idiot on the court. The Bulls cannot go into the playoffs with this team.

That’s it for my rant on the Bulls. In addition to this wonderful game I watched on Sunday, I was treated to a waste of money by ordering the WWE Royal Rumble. Usually, it is the most exciting pay-per-view of the year. There are only two pay-per-views that a few friends and I order every year and those are the Rumble and WrestleMania. This year, many fans have agreed that it was the worst one of all time. From start to finish, a total disappointment. All three announcers entering the match? Sheamus winning the Rumble? That guy is Omer Asik bad. Letter to WWE: I want my estimated $60 back.

One Response to “Calling all idiotic Bulls fans: How confident are you now?”

  1. Raymond Says:

    I watched the game as well and I was surprised the Bulls had a chance to win it, and then lost it. I will not be that hard on the Bulls. The fact it, Deng was not playing and he usually guards LeBron pretty well. He knows all his moves (the Caveman basketball)…

    Another fact it, the Bulls do not have a player who can create his own shot when time is tough (with the exception of Rose). So for them to win in the playoffs, they have to play perfect team basketball and everyone has to score. The problem is, there will be times that things do not work out and not everyone is at the top of his game. Then you need that one individual who can take matters into his hand, just like good old MJ times.

    At this point, Bulls need at least someone at the Caliber of Toni Kukoc, or Ray Allen, a player with a high IQ who can knock down shots when needed. Krover is too streaky and goes hot and cold, and Hamilton is passed his prime. Too bad they let Gordon go. If they had him instead of Hamilton or Krover, I think they could have beat the Heat. Gordon is totally wasted in Detroit, while he is a guy who can put up 20 points for the Bulls every night. I think he is the type of player they are badly missing. I hope they can find a way to bring him back this year. It will be nice to see him knock down threes when the Caveman Bron is guarding Rose.


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