Open thread.


Your thoughts on the Super Bowl and anything else.

30 Responses to “Open thread.”

  1. Robert Says:

    Moe has been hired as an asssistant gm of the yankees

  2. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    How can a franchise with so much success hire a man with so much failure?

  3. genrebuster Says:


  4. MadCityMac Says:

    You guys are fucking kidding me, right? This is no way to fuck with somebody on their 53rd birthday!! If it’s true, 100 losses for the fucking Bronx Bombers in 2012? Hee hee…

  5. MadCityMac Says:

    Just thought of this- if it is true, he must have naked pics of Brian Cashman, right? Or Hank Steinbrenner?

  6. Pie In The Sky Says:

    Yes! Finally someone who will take Alfonso Soriano and all $54 million off that contract off our hands! Bwahahaha.

  7. MadCityMac Says:

    Pie, I didn’t think of that! Hmmm…

  8. genrebuster Says:

    Pie…that’s not a bad idea. Given “the reality”, who knows…

  9. The Ghost of Irish Yeti Says:

    Durrrrrrr…You guys are all idiots! When Jim Hendry was in Chicago, he helped win three division titles! That’s three more than any of you will ever get!!! Get a life LOSERS!

  10. genrebuster Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

    hey Ghost, how many beans are there in the “nether-world”?

  11. MadCityMac Says:

    WOW, 3 division titles. That’s really something to hang your fucking hat on! And how many fucking years since winning the World Series? Oh yeah, this year will be 104 years; 3 divison titles- whoopty fuckin’ do! Championships are what it’s all about pencil dick!

  12. Robert Says:

    And how many playoff games did the cubs win in 2007 and 2008

  13. genrebuster Says:

    I found this very instructional; highly recommended for “Ghosts”, too.

  14. Fro Dog Says:

    Excellent video Scott. I highly recommend it!

  15. Robert Says:

    All you hawk fans as you know i aman oiler fan but i have to ask you what did you think of sam gagners performance last nite

  16. Fro Dog Says:


    The Blackhawks have been to say the least, embarrassing these last two weeks. Sam Gagner, who only had 22 points going into that game, gets 8. The Blackhawks are in trouble if they don’t make a trade for a defenseman soon. They are sliding towards the bottom of the playoff race.

  17. genrebuster Says:

    Thanks Fro! And Mike, I meant to wish you a happy birthday…and many more!

  18. Robert Says:

    Got 3 more points tonite against the wings

  19. MadCityMac Says:

    Scott, thanks! Robert, I never thought I’d see the day Sam Gagner would put up 8 points in a game. Nothing against him, but it’s just not an everyday occurance. Thought I’d heard the other day that there have only been 3 other 8 point games since 1989? And 2 of those were from Mario Lemeuix! I still remember Darryl Sittler getting his 10 point game (6 goals, 4 assists) a number of years back for the Maple Leafs- I think that’s about the last time anything good happened for that organization. Not like it’s been 104 years since they last won anything of note, but it’s been since 1967 since the Leafs last won the Cup.

  20. Yeti Says:


    I missed you Friday

  21. Fro Dog Says:

    I missed you too Yeti. It was a fun night even though the Blackhawks sucked ass. I think at least three bottles of Malort were finished within the game.

  22. chucky Says:

    Is it me or has this been one of the worst, most boring and tedious Super Bowl pre-game shows ever? At this point it’s been 4 and a half hours of total, unwatchable bullshit, with another 2 hours to go. What’s the point in all this? To put us to sleep before the goddamn game even starts? Or are they trying to kill the ratings for the game? I’d rather watch repeats of Jersey fucking Shore than this garbage. And I fucking hate Jersey Shore.


  23. Fro Dog Says:

    Our friend Chucky is at it again. Good work my friend.

    I watched the Bruins/Capitals game earlier but I just wasted two hours watching the Illni lose to Northwestern in basketball. That is horrible TV. The Ilini have to be the most bi-polar college basketball team this season. They beat Ohio State and Michigan State; yet, they lose to shitty teams like Purdue, Minnesota and Northwestern. I think it’s time for Bruce Weber to take a hike. I’ve seen enough.

  24. Fro Dog Says:


    On MTV2, the Lingerie Bowl is on. That will excite most of us here. How this league doesn’t get more recognition is beyond me.

  25. chucky Says:

    Damnit Fro!!! Too late.

    The most nauseating thing I saw today was in the beginning of this pre-game tripe. More undeserved fawning and praise of St. Teblow. I hate that cocksucker more than Lovie and Dusty…combined. Says a lot, doesn’t it? I’m hoping somebody ends his fucking career next season.

    Here is a link to one of my favorite websites. Scroll down to #47. Sums up how I feel about that douchebag perfectly.

  26. MadCityMac Says:

    Gawd, I’d give my left nut for cable. The highlight for me was Lenny Kravitz in the pre-game. Chucky, I’m right with you; I would have stuck a gun in my mouth if it wasn’t for beer- I know you don’t drink. How’d you get through it? I hate Madonna’s music- fortunately I found something briefly on PBS that got me through halftime. I was hoping at least NBC would have a hockey game today, but nooooooooooo, we need 5 FUCKING hours of pre-game. Really?

  27. chucky Says:

    Mac…I have one of those little portable DVD players. They’re really cool. I played some of my Boston Legal DVDs while the pre-game was on mute. I turned up the volumn sometimes to see what was going on, but nothing was worth my time. Why don’t they go in depth into the seasons the Giants and the Patriots had to get to the Super Bowl. No, they have to take us to some bullshit high school, and do an interview with Archie and Olivia Manning. WHO FUCKING CARES ABOUT THAT SHIT?!?!?! I SURE AS SHIT DON’T!!!

    I hope to hell that NBCs rating were in the toilet for that debacle.

  28. MadCityMac Says:

    I guess one upside to the game was I genuinely like Al Michaels, and Chris Collinsworth doesn’t really bug me. If I’d had to listen to Joe Buck for 4 hours or so, I very well may have stuck my head in the oven. Chucky, I’m getting one of those portable DVD palyers, and I also need a new player to hook up to the TV, AND, when May rolls around and I make my last car payment, I’m getting a dish.

  29. chucky Says:

    Mac….You can hook up those portable DVD players to your TV. They have the same connections as your TV, so save yourself some money and don’t buy another player for your TV.

  30. MadCityMac Says:

    Sweet! Thanks Chucky!


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