Surprise, surprise.


Well, today was something I wasn’t expecting. Jerry Angelo, Mike Martz and Shane Day are all out the door. I am not really sure what Shane Day did wrong but I welcome any changes that are being made right now. The way I see it, everyone is at fault for this failure of a franchise. I was pissed that Ted Phillips and Lovie Smith are still here but some idiots gone are better than none. If Tim Ruskell takes over as GM, the Bears will continue to suck. He was in the Seattle Seahawks organization and is the one responsible for their recent failures.

The Bears must find someone that has a proven track record of success  to take over as the general manager. It doesn’t have to be another general manager, but maybe someone who is known to scout talent well. As my previous post goes, the Bears have all of those needs for this team to compete next year. And as far as Lovie Smith is concerned, it’s Super Bowl victory or get fired next year because the new general manager will probably want his own guy in charge anyway.

As far as this site is concerned, it will stay at Fire Jerry Angelo for now. Some dick bags already registered the .com, .org, and .net domains for Lovie Smith. I was thinking of “Go away Virginia McCaskey” but decided not to in fear that the old bitch may actually “go away” and therefore, I’ll probably feel responsible. Call me superstitious.


23 Responses to “Surprise, surprise.”

  1. genrebuster Says:

    how about

    Not very creative, I know 😉

  2. genrebuster Says:

  3. Sanchez Says:

    This gets a lot worse…how f’d up is it that Lovie stays and now is part of the search for his boss!!!??? Read around it’s got Phillip’s finger prints all over it. That guy is the biggest dip shit when it comes to football.

    It’s time to start –

  4. chucky Says: sounds good. I still like But after that press conference yesterday maybe we should target Phillips. I am wondering one thing though. That old senile bitch, Virginia McCaskey, has had a hard on for Lovie Baker for years now. I’m beginning to think Lovies source of power is coming directly from her. I know what you said about being superstitious Fro, but maybe we should go after her too, somehow. Something along the lines of “ would work. Any of those suggestions work for me.

    1)….Clueless in Chicago

    2)….Because we like our team

    3)…. Because you already have all the money you need you old bitch!

    I like em all.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    …Yep. I vote for #1.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    #2 is good, too.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Fire Ted Phillips seems to be the front-runner although I am going to give it some thinking. I saw the press conference yesterday and Phillips sounding like a turd.

  8. chucky Says:

    Well, the good news just keeps on coming! I know this is off subject, but I don’t care, and I know you wanted this too.

    (WSCR) Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting the Cubs have officially traded Carlos Zambrano to the Maimi Marlins.

    I guess Ozzie is crazier than we thought! Let’s bust out the champaign!

  9. genrebuster Says:

    Actually, I’m not surprised that Ozzie would take Zambrano.

    If this is true and Lil Z is really gone, then that is cause for GREAT celebration!

  10. Matt Stairs Superfan Says:

    I had to see it to believe it!

    It’s being reported that Rickett’s agreed to eat $16 million of that contract. I say fuck it. Whether or not he was on the team, Rickett’s was going to pay him anyway. I have supported Z throughout his career and most of his rants were when the team completely sucked. I would be pissed too. It is unfortunate but something had to happen. That being said, he is better off being Miami’s problem.

    Soriano’s sorry ass is next. He can go suck in left field for someone else.

  11. Pie in the Sky Says:

    They even got a player him (Chris Volstad). I know he’s sucked for the past three years but he’s only 25 and was considered as one of MLB’s best prospects in ’08. He started off good in ’08. Not sure why he fell off though.

    If there’s any way they can figure out what’s wrong with him then this deal his highway robbery. But just getting rid of Z is a win for them anyway so…

  12. Joe Says:


    I’d always go for:

    But how about:

    Hell will freeze over before the Bears start throwing money around.

  13. Fro Dog Says:

    I wouldn’t say the Bears are cheap with the exception of the Matt Forte situation. They spend much more money than some other teams. The problem is, they put the money in the wrong places and in large amounts. Some players deserve the money, others don’t. They don’t spend the money or their draft picks for that matter, wisely. Luckily, Angelo is out the door but we aren’t certain that the next guy will do any better.

  14. chucky Says:

    Nice name change Fro. I hope you are right about Lovie being next. I think we should keep the heat up on the Bears to shit-can this assclown and Ted Phillips as well.

    One more thing Fro….I listened to most of Boers and Bernstein this afternoon. If anyone is thinking I’m just “Whistling Dixie” with the Lovie Baker/Virginia McCaskey love affair, download the podcast from this afternoons show. They really seem to believe it as well. That and how weird the Bears are at conducting their business. They are a bizarre bunch, that’s for sure.

  15. Lovie Smith Says:

    ….rest up, Ginny…it’s going to be a looooong offseason….

  16. jimmyd Says:


    I picked up some tickets for a concert coming up in March down in Milwaukee. I’m thinking it’s gonna be an awesome show. The show is BREAKFAST IN AMERICA W ROGER HODGSON:THE LEGENDARY VOICE OF SUPERTRAMP! I can’t freaking wait.

    Jimmy D.

  17. ambrose Says:

    Looks like Mike Tice is our offensive coordinator now.

    Not really sure how I feel yet. I mean, anyone’s better than Martz. But then I think about his coaching run in Minnesota and get a bad feeling.

  18. Fro Dog Says:

    Tice isn’t the head coach, so I am not too pissed off about this. I still wish they would have found someone else but Tice did work well with the line. I know running the offense is totally different, but he’s no John Shoop and has had some success as a coordinator.

  19. Joe Says:

    The Bears can still bring in Jeremy Bates to be the Quarterback Coach. THAT would b a good sign.
    But if Tice–and the new GM–don’t immediately start bringing new talent to the O-line, it’s going to be another year of beat-the Bears-quarterback-to-death.
    The FIRST thing this team needs is a franchise left tackle. Before a wide receiver, before a DT. Fortunately, Mel Kiper says this is an excellent year in the draft for OTs. Three of his top ten overall picks are OTs.
    I saw a mock draft that says the Bears should have a shot a Mike Adams from Ohio State, a top five OT who is one of the best pass blockers in the country.

  20. Joe Says:

    Another thing–as the new GM walks into Halas Hall on his first day–before he even gets to his office–he should cut J’Marcus Webb and arrange a firing squad for Frank Omiyale.

  21. Joe Says:

    I left this on the Trib blog:

    From what I’m reading, one of the reasons Lovie promoted Tice is that they have the same philosophy: run first, no matter what.
    The tipping point will be who they pick as QB/passing coach.
    They called the Titans to inquire about quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator Dowell Loggains, because he has a history with Cutler at Vanderbilt. But the Titans will not let him leave, unless it was for an OC position.
    And Tice wants Dirk Koetter, who is offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach with the Jaguars, so he’s in limbo now. And will probably be in the hunt for other OC positions with other teams that have fired their head coaches
    So, we have no idea who they’re going to get. Are they still going after Jeremy Bates?
    This is the problem: if Lovie won’t take a guy who wants to pass all the time, even though he led an offense that was second in the league and averaged 33 points a game, he’s digging his own grave. He should be looking for people who can give him the most points and right NOW. But we all know Lovie’s stubborn.
    Whoever Lovie picks as QB coach could inform the new GM just how ready he should be to fire Lovie a year from now.

  22. Payton J Pickett Says:

    “The Bears must find someone that has a proven track record of success to take over as the general manager. It doesn’t have to be another general manager, but maybe someone who is known to scout talent well.”

    you request this and the best Ted and Lovie can come up with his with Tim Ruskell?

  23. dumb ass Says:

    ted phillips best yes man ever , probably eats virginias snatch to keep his job . lovie now de facto g m . why put a winner on the field when suckers like me will keep buyin season tix and goin to every home game and some away . my money is runnin ouut


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